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TABLE: Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy exams descriptions and comparative interpretation.
Subject ID
Day 2
Changes in GI segments, and aspect in the
second SBCE
Day 30
Small bowel
Improved in duodenum,
Normal small bowel mucosa. Distal small bowel stricture.
similar, normal
mild abnormality
Healed gastric erosions. Delayed gastric emptying of the capsule endoscope without
Improved, mild
visualization of the small bowel after 8 hours of recording.
Normal capsule endoscopy examination without evidence of gastroduodenal erosions
Improved, mild
Improved in duodenum
or ulcers.
Multiple tiny red spots in the proximal duodenum and jejunum.
similar, normal
similar, normal
Grossly normal gastric examination. A circular narrowing in jejunum, with some
No change, significant
similar, normal
ulceration. Multiple small linear erosions. Possible capsule retention.
Multiple tiny red spots in proximal small bowel. A linear ulceration and a small
Worsened , significant
similar, normal
additional ulceration in the terminal ileum.
A focal erythema in the gastric antrum/distal body. Mid-to-distal jejunal ulceration. iIeal
similar, mild
Worsened, significant
erosion and ulcerations.
Stomach grossly unremarkable. Duodenum bulb erosion, multiple tiny red spots
Improved, mild
similar, mild duodenal
throughout the entire small bowel. Proximal colonic ulceration.
Non-specific mucosal changes in the duodenum and proximal jejunum, with mild,
Slight worsening. Mild
patchy, duodenal mucosa, and also cracked earth appearance. Mild linear erosion in
similar, normal
the terminal ileum.
Focal antral erosions and erythema. These changes are non-specific for a mild case of
Minimal worsening,
Improved, mild
gastritis. Essentially normal small bowel, with some distal debris obscuring a part of
mild abnormality
the examination.
Normal gastric mucosa. A tiny red spot in the proximal small bowel. Phlebectasia in
Improved, mild
the distal small bowel. A small reddish streak in mid-to-distal small bowel. The exam is
similar, normal
essentially unremarkable.
Slight worsening.
Mild, diffuse, antral gastritis. Denuded mucosa, erosion, ulcers from proximal jejunum Slight worsening,
to distal ileum. Probable mild colonic inflammation
mild abnormality
Slight worsening.
Normal stomach. Some non-specific villous changes in the jejunum, with 2 ulcers in
similar, normal
the distal jejunum/proximal ileum where there may be post op changes.
Irregular Z-line. Very mild gastritis. Mild scar tissue or stricturein the proximal-mid
Uncertain of any
ileum. Two small patches of whitish discoloration in the proximal duodenum. This may Minimal worsening,
changes, mild
be due to some non-specific mild injury of the mucosal area. Couple of tiny red spots mild abnormality
in esophagus.
SBCE description
Duodenal erosions, moderate intra-luminal narrowing in the distal ileum (possible ileal web)
Multiple superficial gastric antral,duodenal and jejunal erosions. , and large
lymphangiectasia in mid-distal ileum.
Gastric erosion with coffee ground stain, duodenitis and lymphangiectasia in the proximal
and mid small bowel. phlebectasia in mid and distal small bowel.
Multiple red spots in the duodenal bulb, with a small patch of erythema in the terminal ileum.
One or two erythematous strictures in jejunum. Two or three additional small shallow linear
ulcerations of the small intestine. Delayed capsule passage.
The capsule endoscopy is essentially normal, with a few incidental tiny red spots.
Very mild gastritis. A small patch of erythema at the mid to distal small bowel.
Mild Gastritis. Mild duodenitis. Very minimal erythema in the terminal ileum.
Numerous, small, focal denuded mucosa in the duodenum and proximal jejunum. A piece of
foreign matter was probably a pill or some form of undigested food.
One tiny red spot in the stomach. A couple of tiny red spots in the proximal small bowel. Two
to three focal erosions and possible shallow ulcerations in the mid small bowel.
Mild antral gastritis. Phlebectasia in the mid small bowel. Large amount of debris in the midto-distal small bowel, obscuring a significant portion of the small bowel.
Normal stomach. Poor study quality due to a large amount of luminal small bowel debris.
Probable healed small ulcers/scars in mid jejunum. Tiny ulcer in the proximal ileum
Normal stomach. Very trivial findings of minimal erosion denuded mucosa and blunted villi in
the small intestine. .
Normal stomach. Multiple tiny red spots. Small erosion near the ligament of Treitz.
Very mild gastritis with lumpy bumpy gastric mucosa. A small focal area of the denuded
mucosa within the proximal duodenum. Probable mild superficial erosion in the area of the
distal jejunum. A small area of either focal inflammation or AV malformation at the distal
An essentially normal study.
Diffuse antral gastritis/mild. Tiny duodenal ulcer. Dark mucosa
Mild gastritis. Erosion and ulceration in jejunum.
Tiny nodular mucosal fold in the proximal stomach. Probable focal scar tissue in the
proximal jejunum. One or two areas of either circumferential scar tissue or slight
narrowing in the ileum.
A rapid small bowel transit, with less than 1 hour of duration of small bowel recording.
Overall, the entire study appeared to be grossly unremarkable.
Small antral gastric erosion. Mild small bowel erosion/ulceration at proximal to mid
jejunum. Dark ileal mucosa.
Failed small bowel examination, unable to give impression on the small bowel
Improved, mild
Improved, mild
similar, normal
similar, normal
similar, mild
similar, non-specific
Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy exams were evaluated by a blind GI specialist with initial descriptive report. By the end of the study, reports were returned to the same specialist who gave his interpretation on the significant
changes between exams by each GI segment (stomach, and small bowel).Abbreviations: ID, identification number; GI, gastrointestinal; SBCE, small bowel capsule endoscopy; and N/A not appropriate.
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