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A proper nutrition diet for school based children
Elle Rivera
1946 National School Lunch Program
A federal government child nutrition
program that has set standards set by the
USDA base on the Dietary Requirments for
Competitive Foods
Schools often have second options for
lunch that are chosen over the NSLP by
the students.
Examples are vending machines,
snack bars, and pizza sales.
School Meals
Schools have the power to reduce the
number of over weight and obese
children by promoting exercise and a
proper nutrition.
 School lunches are an important factor
in promoting healthy eating habits.
Nutritious enough?
Answer: NO!
School lunches are often made of
processed food that are high in fat,
sugar and salt
 Snacks such as chips, ice cream, and
candy are offered daily
 Not many options of fruits and
 Water is not usually offered as a
beverage option
A Balanced Meal
Components of a meal
Provides structure to bone, muscle,
and skin
Source: Meat, eggs, beans
 main energy source for all cellular
Source: sugars from fruits, grains
and starchy vegetables
Energy yielding nutrient. Lipids are also
used for cushion and shock absorber.
Source: foods that contain unsaturated
A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and
Folate; have many different important
functions in the body
Source: A variety of foods
Calcium, fluoride, iodine, iron,
potassium etc.; have many different
important functions in the body
Source: A variety of foods
Water is used in cells, organs, and
tissues to help regulate the body's
temperature and to maintain bodily
 Source: Fluids and food that contain
Changes In School Lunch
Do away with competitive foods
 Snacks should no longer be offered
 More vegetables and fruits
 Milk should be changed from whole milk
to 2% and skim
Water should be offered as a beverage
 No more processed foods
 Whole wheat bread no white bread
 Lean meats
Nutritious enough?
These changes will give a proper nutrition
diet for all school aged children.
Hopefully they will continue a healthy diet
with the comprehensive health education
the physical education department
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