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A device that converts electrical
signals into sound
What is electricity?
A form of energy
Non-static electricity is the movement of
electrons, usually in a wire
What is a sound wave?
A pressure wave traveling in a medium
Air molecules get compressed and as the air
molecules spread out, they in turn compress the
adjacent air causing the sound wave to continue.
Electricity creates a magnetic field
Current is the flow of Electrons
I = electrons/time
A changing magnetic field creates
electricity in a wire
Electricity and Magnetism are related
A moving/changing magnetic field can
produce current.
Moving electrical charge (current) can
produce a magnetic field.
How does sound vibration get
converted into electrical signals?
Sound vibrates diaphragm,
which moves coil
Electrical current
corresponds to the
pattern of the sound
This device is commonly called the Microphone
How do electrical signals get
converted back into a sound wave?
When an electrical signal from
an amplifier is sent to the voice
coil, a magnetic field is set up
around the coil. The permanent
magnet in the speaker will push
and pull on the coil in a way that
matches the incoming electrical
The coil is attached to the
speaker’s cone. As the cone
moves and vibrates, a sound
wave is created.
This device is commonly called a Speaker