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NJR2 - 100 Delawanna Ave., Clifton, NJ
Why NJR2:
NJR2 (100 Delawanna Ave.) is one of the most network-rich,
interconnected colocation centers in the New York City metro area.
Located just 11-miles outside of Manhattan, this 211,000 sq. ft. data
center is an ideal location for financial services firms looking to run
low-latency back office operations or for enterprises seeking a lower
cost location outside of New York City. NJR2 is also a more affordable
location to host business continuity/disaster recovery, storage back-up
or other networking applications.
• Access to over 60 financial
In addition to providing access to hundreds of leading domestic and
international carriers, Telx customers can also connect directly to
financial exchange networks like SFTI, BATS, ARCA, and others.
Customers at NJR2 can directly access other Telx customers located in
Telx’s other New York and Northern New Jersey facilities by leveraging
the Telx Metro ConnectSM solution. NJR2 also provides access to the Telx
Internet ExchangeSM and other peering exchanges.
ecosystems via NYC2
• Cost-effective connectivity to NYC1,
NYC2, NYC3, NJR1, and NJR3 via
Telx’s Metro ConnectSM
Direct access to SFTI Network via
NYC2 connectivity
Access to the Telx Internet
ExchangeSM - Telx’s IXP for fast,
reliable and high performing
internet or VoIP access with lower
IP transit costs
At NJR2, you will have direct access
to hundreds of leading providers and
businesses within the Telx Global
Make Strategic Connections
About Telx
Facility Specs
Telx, Digital Realty’s (NYSE:DLR) Colocation and
Connectivity line of business, fuels infrastructure,
interconnection and business progress. With
industry-leading 100% uptime and 100% ontime service delivery SLAs, Telx helps companies
build more agile businesses faster with reduced
infrastructure complexity and broader reach to
new markets. Telx colocation and connectivity
products serve a broad range of industries from
network dense Internet/Cloud Gateway data
centers located across 13 US markets: Atlanta,
Charlotte (NC), Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles,
Miami, New Jersey, New York, Phoenix, Portland,
San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Seattle. With more
than 50,000 network connections, Telx enables the
hybrid cloud strategies of our customers, and the
interconnection of more than 10 million square feet
of data center space around the world.
7 stories; 211,000 (sq.ft.)
Telx Owned
179,000 (sq.ft.)
Flood Zone
Zone X (Unshaded): Outside 500
year flood plain
Zone 2A
Utility Power Capacity
11,000 (kW)
UPS Power Capacity
4,950 (kW)
UPS Redundancy
N+1, 2N
Power Density
175 (W/sq.ft.)
DC Power
Not Available
Generator Power Capacity
9,000 (kW)
Generator Redundancy
N+1, 2N
For more information
Connect with the Telx Global Ecosystem
To learn more about the NJR2 location and how it can
help your business, please contact Telx at [email protected]
or visit:
At NJR2 you can connect directly to many leading providers and businesses. Below is a
sample of the companies available.
Bat Blue
C3 Holdings, LLC
Cooling Redundancy
Membrane and Reinforced Concrete Decking
Roof Rights Available - ICB
Floor Loading
Up to 200 (lbs/sq.ft.)
Fiber and Building Entry
Multiple Diverse Entrances
Peering Exchanges
Telx Internet Exchange
Campus Environment: 24x7 manned security
Full PTZ and Infrared Camera Systems
Biometric and Photo Badge Access
Man Trap into the Data Center Suites
Elevator Authentication
Crash-rated, Anti-climb Fence
SOC2, SOC3, HIPAA, and PCI Compliant
NexGen Networks
Optimum Lightpath
Company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.
Telx | 1 State Street, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10004 | P. 877.321.TELX |