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2016 Corporate Partner
NOTE: 340B Health does not independently evaluate the services offered by Corporate Partners and
does not endorse a particular Corporate Partner or service. In addition, this list is not an exhaustive
list of all companies that provide 340B-related services. Rather, 340B Health intends for this list to be
a resource for member hospitals to help them to evaluate the 340B-related services offered by some
Revised 06/30/16
Pinnacle Leaders
Sentry Data Systems
Verity Solutions
Pinnacle Corporate Partners
Macro Helix
Platinum Corporate Partners
American Health Care
AmerisourceBergen Corporation
Avita Specialty Pharmacy
Cardinal Health
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
Intelligent Compliance Solutions
Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions
Ponoman Healthcare Consulting
The Alinea Group
Visante, Inc.
Gold Corporate Partners
CCN Pharmacy
eAudit Solutions
R&S Northeast
StoneBridge Business Partners
Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions
Silver Corporate Partners
Health Management Associates
Huron Consulting Group
Morris & Dickson
Murer Consultants
Southwest Consulting Associates
Bronze Corporate Partners
Health Enterprises
Hudson Headwaters Health Network
Integrated Pharmacy Services
Jesse Glidewell 340B Consultant
Paventia Health
340B Health, a non-profit organization of over 1,000 hospitals in the 340B drug
discount program, is pleased to share with you a compendium containing
descriptions of each of our corporate partners.
340B Health has compiled this resource to enable our member hospitals to readily
connect with the many corporate partners that provide products and services
that directly benefit 340B hospitals. The compendium is organized into the six
levels of 340B Health corporate partnership: Pinnacle Leader, Pinnacle Partner,
Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
We think you will find the compendium to be an indispensable resource in getting
valuable support in the many operational and implementation-related dimensions
of 340B.
If you have any questions about this resource or about corporate partner
opportunities, please contact Lee-Anne Gabrielli at (202) 552-5856 or
[email protected].
340B Health
1101 15 Street, N.W., Suite 910 – Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: 202-552-5850 – Fax: 202-552-5868
NOTE: 340B Health does not independently evaluate the services offered by Corporate Partners and does not endorse a
particular Corporate Partner or service. In addition, this list is not an exhaustive list of all companies that provide 340Brelated services. Rather, 340B Health intends for this list to be a resource for member hospitals to help them to
evaluate the 340B-related services offered by some companies.
Pinnacle Leaders
340B Program Compliance. Are You Audit Ready?
It was great to connect with industry leaders during the 12th Annual 340B Coalition Winter Conference!
As a pharmacist, clinic director, or C-suite executive, one of your top priorities is to provide safe and
cost-effective care, and ensure regulatory compliance.
RxStrategies’ 340BPlus Split Billing, Compliance Plus (Self-Audit Portal), Contract Pharmacy and
Specialty Pharmacy solutions are key to a comprehensive and compliant 340B program.
For more than a decade, RxStrategies has provided innovative solutions to assist providers in meeting
the challenges of a compliant 340B Drug Pricing Program. Learn more at or
contact 877-464-3879.
LinkedIn | Twitter
Is your WAC spend out of whack?
Based on the way many 340B solutions accumulate eligibility and replenish inventory, you may be
missing out on 340B savings. Sentry helps you manage your crosswalk differently. With flexible and
dynamic mapping, and tracking for each 11-digit NDC, we’ll help you maintain the audit trail needed for
compliance – all while optimizing your drug spend.
Need more control over compliance?
There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Sentry’s solutions operate on the configuration options you’ve chosen,
based on the unique requirements of your organization’s policies and procedures. Sentry’s rules-based
engine automatically applies the options you choose, eliminating much of the risk associated with highly
manual processes, so there are no surprises. You’re in control.
We are the next generation of 340B. Visit our website to learn more.
Verity Solutions (formerly Talyst 340B) offers a variety of products to help improve your 340B savings.
From our split billing and contract pharmacy software/services to our audit and compliance services; we
have the right solution to meet your individual needs. A successful 340B program has two goals —
stretching resources to care for vulnerable patients and maintaining HRSA compliance. Over the past
decade, Verity Solutions customers have saved more than a billion dollars in drug purchases utilizing our
software and services while remaining compliant with ever-changing HRSA regulations. With a
longstanding reputation as a leader in 340B processing and management, Verity Solutions will partner
with you to help you optimize your savings, stay compliant, and ensure that you are audit-ready.
With hundreds of hospitals and integrated healthcare customers, Verity Solutions is improving
healthcare with innovative software and services to help caregivers better serve patients. If you would
like more information, please visit or call us at 1.800.581.1378.
Pinnacle Partners
Simply put, we are 340B experts
Partner with Macro Helix, 2015/2016 KLAS Category Leader for 340B Management Systems
Navigating the ever-changing and complex 340B program can be challenging, not to mention time
consuming. Between staying up to date on the latest regulatory, clinical and coding changes to
managing and tracking the patient billing process, replenishing drug inventory, and preparing for
potential audits, your hospital has to stay compliant.
We provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for covered entities and contract pharmacies:
340B ArchitectSM – Maximize your 340B program participation and maintain regulatory
NDC ArchitectSM – Improve your hospital’s organization efficiency and charge accuracy
We are the 2015/2016 KLAS Category Leader for 340B Management Systems, and we offer audit
support and services, prescription assistance programs and specialty contract pharmacy partnerships
that help you navigate the operational, financial, and regulatory complexity of today's 340B
Learn more by visiting us at
PSG is a nationally recognized 340B services provider offering a comprehensive portfolio of compliant
340B solutions that includes innovative split-billing solutions, contract pharmacy administration and
uninsured patient programs.
We take a consultative approach to building and delivering innovative technology-enabled solutions that
are reliable and compliant. Our technology is highly customizable leading to better compliance and
efficiency for your organization. PSG’s diverse team of health care industry experts have a deep
understanding of 340B allowing us to meet the unique needs of your organization where service is never
By offering a complete choice for 340B services, PSG helps you:
 Navigate the regulatory landscape
 Simplify workflow solutions
 Optimize program results
Are you ready to experience unwavering service, superior compliance and truly innovative technology
for 340B? Then contact PSG today.
As The Covered Entity Company, Wellpartner provides our clients with 340B optimization solutions. Our
approach focuses on collaboration with covered entities to develop custom 340B solutions that focus on
the entities’ specific strategic needs.
Wellpartner’s optimization solution focuses on:
Contract Pharmacy Services
Specialty Pharmacy
Exclusive Specialty Network Access
Hospital Inventory Management Software
Real-Time Transparent Reporting
Consistent Claim Qualification
Self-Audit Tools
If you’d like to learn more about our enterprise solution, please e-mail us at [email protected].
Platinum Corporate Partners
Consider American Health Care for all your 340B needs. We help your patients and outcomes be their
American Health Care’s Services:
 340B Drug Programs
 Pharmacy Benefit Management
 Population Health Management
Experience Our Program
Complete 340B Support with no hardware, software, or other up-front costs
Significant and Sustained Savings through improved patient access to prescription
Uninsured Patient Advocacy through our Affordable Medications Program which
provides discounts on non-340B medications and other in-store promotions
Improved 340B Drug Access through a national network of 340B pharmacies
Complimentary 340B Virtual Inventory Solution requires no hardware, software or
investment costs
About American Health Care
 A premiere 340B provider to health centers and hospitals nationwide
 Three decades of award-winning evidence based healthcare
 Specialized 340B programs
 Customized 340B pharmacy networks
 A national pharmacy benefit manager, managing over 3 million lives nationwide
 Improved Ashville model population health management sites in 49 states.
 Complete population health management from the chronically ill to the healthy.
 Proprietary DOCSTM technology provides patient health records and creates a road
map for patient care.
For additional information, please contact:
American Health Care
[email protected]
AmerisourceBergen is driving innovative partnerships with global manufacturers, providers and
pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain. As part of
the largest global generics purchasing organization, the leading specialty pharmaceutical services
provider and the partner with more community and health system pharmacy relationships than any
other—we’re well positioned to help healthcare organizations capitalize on the dynamic changes in
healthcare. From product commercialization and distribution to pharmacy, provider and manufacturer
solutions, we’re working with stakeholders every day to enhance patient care.
AmerisourceBergen. Where knowledge, reach and partnership shape healthcare delivery.
With over $135 billion in annual revenue, AmerisourceBergen is headquartered in Valley Forge, PA, and
employs approximately 18,000 people. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #16 on the Fortune 500 list. For
more information, go to
Avita Pharmacy Solutions provides 340B “Specialty Pharmacy” programs. If you are interested in getting
options for your organization contact us today! We can assist you with:
Accounting, 340B & Pharmacy
Audit Readiness
Custom Data Reporting
Policy and Procedure Assistance
PBM & Card Services
Inventory Replenishment Model
Pharmacy Dispensing- Onsite or Home Delivery
Dedicated Account Management
If you would like a dedicated account manager to contact you, please visit our website at
or e-mail one of our account managers at [email protected]. You may also call our 340B hotline,
3 Reasons to Act:
1. Our implementation department works hand-in-hand with clients, making it possible to ready
their 340B program within only 120 days
2. Customer service managers are individually assigned to each of our clients to provide proactive
3. Our PEOPLE are backed by Cumulus, one the most transparent and compliant technology
platforms on the 340B market
With the next OPA registration period looming, this is the perfect time to get moving. To get started, fill
out the contact form or simply call us at 1-888-345-6424. We look forward to helping you launch your
340B program.
For every great journey, choose an expert guide. Schedule a meeting with a 340B guide today.
Didn’t make it to our booth at the 340B Coalition Winter Conference, but still have interest in reserving
your complimentary initial program consultation with one of our 340B subject matter experts? Contact
us at [email protected] and let us know.
Learn more about how the dedicated team of 340B experts at Cardinal Health can provide a clear and
comprehensive evaluation of your facility’s 340B program – and help you protect your hospital’s
critically important program savings. Visit our website at or view our
340B Journey pamphlet.
With both HRSA and drug manufacturer audits on the rise the pressure is increasingly mounting to run a
fully compliant 340B program. Knowing that it is not “if” but “when” your facility will be audited, we
know there is a smarter way forward.
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) understands this fact. We have been the leader in managing
and assessing 340B programs since the program was established in 1992. No one knows more about the
intricacies of managing a compliant 340B program than CPS. With our proprietary software, 340B
SMART, and our consulting and compliance services, your facility will be prepared for any upcoming
audits. Our audit and compliance services ensure that your program is generating the most savings for
your organization and stays in full compliance over the long term. To learn how you can SMART-ly
manage your 340B program, visit today!
If you are not prepared in this heightened environment of compliance, you could put your 340B
program at risk or face a lengthy audit process. Whether it is a review of policies and procedures or a
full audit readiness review, Intelligent Compliance Solutions (ICS) can support your needs today and help
you prepare for what lies ahead.
340B Audit Readiness Review helps you understand what needs to be assembled to prepare for
an audit
Singular-focused Compliance Reviews (Policy, Contract Pharmacy, Vendor Reviews) focus on a
specific area of your 340B program to ensure compliance
On-going Compliance Advice delivers the most current information about the changing 340B
landscape to help you anticipate required changes to your 340B program
Non-compliance Corrective Action Plan Review provides full sight into areas where action is
required to minimize risk or exposure
Our experts at ICS ensure you are prepared.
Contact us today at [email protected]
Partnering for Better Health
Navigating the ever-changing and complex 340B program can be challenging, not to mention time
consuming. Between staying up to date on the latest regulatory, clinical and coding changes to
managing and tracking the patient billing process, replenishing drug inventory, and preparing for
potential audits, your hospital has to stay compliant.
Macro Helix’s 340B ArchitectSM provides a sophisticated and intuitive solution to meet your 340B needs.
When you combine this powerful engine with McKesson’s strategic support and account management,
the result is unmatched.
Learn more by visiting us at
Maxor currently provides pharmacy consulting, management, staffing, information systems and
purchasing expertise to a multitude of 340B entities, including Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)
systems, as well as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s), Consolidated Health Centers (CHC’s) and
children’s hospitals. Additionally, Maxor provides third party administration services for a number of
covered entities and 340B contract pharmacies.
Maxor has over 13 years of experience implementing 340B pharmacies and pricing programs. From
procurement and pharmacy management to 340B auditing, Maxor has a proven track record of success
when it comes to ensuring that our clients’ programs are set up and managed according to all applicable
laws and regulations. For more information, visit or
PDMI is a national 340B administrator, providing 340B programs designed around regulatory
compliance, comprehensive reporting, and timely inventory replenishment. We have assisted numerous
Covered Entities and their Retail and Contract Pharmacy partners with 340B program start-up or
expansion, allowing them, and their patients, to realize the benefits and savings that the 340B program
PDMI can assist you and your current or potential pharmacy partner with a feasibility analysis which
results in a specific illustration of your 340B program prior to going live. This simulation provides you, as
the Covered Entity, a view of your 340B savings, and the data to permit you and your pharmacy to
negotiate, or monitor, a fair dispense fee.
We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your program with you. For more information on
PDMI’s 340B program, please visit us at
Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions (PHS) offers consulting expertise and business support to healthcare
providers of all shapes and sizes. Our consultants support hospital leadership and clinical staff with all of
the challenges of today’s healthcare delivery in mind – patient safety, rising costs, decreasing budgets,
personnel shortages, and regulatory compliance.
Engagements are tailored to clients’ particular needs and are scalable to grow as required. Our extensive
knowledge of health systems includes expertise with: ambulatory care, specialty pharmacy program
development, supply chain efficiency, 340B implementation and compliance, patient assistance
programs and pharmacy staffing support. For more details, go to
Ponaman Healthcare Consulting offers expertise in 340B and other government programs including
extensive experience in operations, audits, assessments, vendor procurement, and implementation of
340B Programs. Through knowledge gained in providing project management and onsite support to a
number of clients during HRSA 340B compliance audits, Ponaman Healthcare Consulting has expanded
our understanding of the current regulatory environment, which has allowed us to provide a customized
approach to developing, implementing, and auditing 340B Programs.
Ponaman Healthcare Consulting partners with clients to navigate the complex 340B environment and
create solutions to promote program integrity and regulatory compliance. Our team will work with you
to develop or optimize your 340B Program utilizing proven methodologies and highly-qualified
professionals. Call us today at 480-421-9965.
Challenges in pharmacy are nothing new, but you’re facing an abundance of them right now. It’s time to
consider automation. Thousands of pharmacists partner with ScriptPro for technology to help take care
of their business. We're the only company to offer Perfect Integration: a full suite of products on the
same platform, from point of entry to point of sale.
When you’re considering automation for your pharmacy, look to ScriptPro for: efficient design that
works for 340B pharmacies, safety that protects your patients, service that is second to none. Take your
time and weigh all your options. ScriptPro now offers the Compact Robotic System (CRS) that fits in 7
sq. ft. area and uses the same dispensing technology as the SP 200/100 and 50. More information at, or call us at 808.673.9068.
SUNRx can help you simplify your 340B program implementation, expand access to care in your
community through contract pharmacies, comply with the changing 340B regulations, and serve the
uninsured with the lowest prices available. 340B. Simplified.®
The Alinea Group (“Alinea”) provides management consulting and audit services to the country’s leading
healthcare organizations with a focus on pharmacy enterprise solutions. Alinea has worked in the
pharmacy consulting space for the last 20 years, and more specifically, pioneered the Pharmacy
Operational Enhancement (“POE”), 340B, Pharmacy Audit, and Specialty Pharmacy Service teams at
Ernst & Young, LLP. We are trusted advisors who specialize in helping our clients overcome operational
challenges, assess and mitigate regulatory risk, and engage innovative strategies to unlock new
opportunities for growth. We provide independent professional services and are vendor agnostic. Our
only goal is to be objective and help ensure our client’s success.
Our 340B Services:
 Independent 340B Compliance Reviews and Integrity Audits
 340B Implementation and Strategy Services
 HRSA, Manufacturer, and State Medicaid 340B Audit Response and Corrective Action Plan
 340B HRSA Audit Preparation and Policy & Procedures Development
 Attorney-Client Privilege Engagements and Legal Counsel 340B Remediation Assistance
 Material Breach Root Cause Forensic and Big Data Analytics
Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions:
340B Audits, Implementation, and Advisory
Pharmacy Revenue Cycle
Specialty Pharmacy Strategy and Implementation
Pharmacy Cost Containment and Operational Improvement
Healthcare and Pharmacy Big Data Analytics
Team Background:
Alinea’s Pharmacy Enterprise Solutions team is a diverse and tenured group comprised of healthcare
audit professionals, regulatory experts, clinicians, pharmacists, former hospital administrators,
healthcare information systems experts, and data analysts to name a few. Prior to joining Alinea, Alinea
professionals served as leaders at some of the nation’s most highly regarded hospital systems,
pharmaceutical companies, supply chain distributors, managed care organizations, and management
consulting/Big 4 audit firms.
1-866-535-7972 | | [email protected]
Visante's focus is to help covered entities prepare for a HRSA 340B Program audit.
Our stem to stern assessment reduces financial risk and identifies compliance issues that jeopardize
your 340B Program.
Visante’s professional teams are composed entirely of experienced executives and clinical professionals
who have a thorough understanding of today’s healthcare complexities and technologies.
340B Drug Discount Program Consulting Service Options
 Comprehensive 340B Program Assessment and Integrity Audit Readiness Review
 Contract Pharmacy Independent External Audits
 Split-Billing Establishment, Implementation, Assessment, and Corrective Action Plans
 Internal Audit Support Services
 On-Site HRSA Audit Support
 340B Program Optimization
 Annual Check-up for Recertification
 Online Training & Subscription Service
Comprehensive Pharmacy Consulting Services
 Specialty Pharmacy Development and Implementation
 Employee Prescription Benefit Management
 Medication Reconciliation
 Meds-to-Beds Program Development
 Ambulatory Pharmacy Services Assessment
 Pharmacy Department Opportunities Assessment
Our 340B support services are framed entirely around Covered Entity compliance. We welcome the
opportunity to discuss your 340B Program needs in more depth.
To learn more, please contact:
Kristin Fox-Smith, MPA, Vice President, Hospital and Health System Services
[email protected] 801-201-3681
Alana Columbo, Senior Director, Business Development
[email protected]
Doug Miller, PharmD, Senior Director, Hospital and Health System Services
[email protected]
William Wood, RPh, Senior Consultant and 340B Specialist
[email protected]
Gold Corporate Partner
Coordinated Care Network Pharmacy is a proactive 340B Contracted Pharmacy that provides a proven
specialty home delivery service model to 340B Covered Entities and their patients. We specialize in 340B
pharmacy solutions that result in significant patient adherence and retention outcomes and industry
leading 340B regulatory compliance.
By using CCN, Covered Entities are able to:
 Receive 340B discounts on drug purchases
 Provide significant discounts to uninsured patients
 Increase convenience and patient compliance
CCN provides:
 Specialty pharmacy fulfillment
 Adherence tracking and reporting
 Monthly patient refill reminders
 24/7 access to CCN pharmacists
 One-on-one care representative for every patient
 Customized home delivery services
Call 1-877-301-2526 or email Dave Giannangeli at [email protected] to receive a free analysis of the clinical
adherence and financial benefits of the CCN Pharmacy program.
Finally, Affordable 340B Pharmacy Software Solutions That Won’t Break Your Budget!
340B Virtual Inventory Software
Virtual Inventory System That Helps Qualified Entities Take Advantage of 340B Contract Pricing
Purchasing Opportunities.
Designed For Any Pharmacy Size or Budget – Even Retail Pharmacies
Works With Any Wholesaler
Turn Key Implementation
Creates Split, Replenishment or Alternate Supplier Purchase Orders and Credit/Rebills
Verifies Accuracy of Price Paid for Each Drug Purchased
Compliant Solution for HRSA GPO Exclusion
Contract Management Systems
Real-Time Systems That Helps Pharmacies Ensure Pricing Accuracy
Invoice Analysis & Reconciliation System
Performance Monitoring System
Price Increase Notification System
MedAssets (NASDAQ: MDAS) helps healthcare organizations to improve financial strength through
innovative revenue cycle, spend and clinical resource management solutions that enable improved
margins, cash flow, quality of care and patient satisfaction. More than 4,200 hospitals and 122,000 nonacute healthcare providers currently use the company’s Web-based technologies and evidence-based
solutions to help capture revenue, control cost, increase regulatory compliance and optimize
operational efficiency to improve the care delivery process. As a result, the company manages annually
$50 billion in healthcare supply spend and touches over $365 billion in gross patient revenues. For more
information, please visit
If you’re running a 340B program, you know these four pain points are critical concerns:
Adherence to the GPO exclusion rule
Eligibility validation
Preventing Medicaid duplication discounts
Preventing diversions
PatientCraft provides service solutions that are based on science. We can help alleviate your pains and
help keep your 340B program healthy. For more information, please contact Lisa Tonkinson at
[email protected].
Please keep R&S in mind for your future supply chain needs. Our primary business focus is to offer 340b
qualified entities products to provide consistency in care and pricing at no risk. Not only are we the 4th
largest US supplier of Women’s Healthcare Products, R&S is also a preferred supplier of infectious
disease, HIV, STD and TB products. At R&S, we understand the challenges facing the CHC, FQHC, and
FQHCLA facilities in servicing their patient population.
Benefits & Features
340b product purchase under APEXUS, PHS, and AFAXYS contracts
FLEXIBLE Payment Terms
Elimination of Single Source Supply
Web Based Ordering System
CSOS for C-2 ordering & C-III to C-V medications
EDI capabilities with numerous existing established interfaces
Audit and Compliance assistance programs Understand Contract Pharmacy Relationships
Dedicated support staff, not random customer service
Price comparisons to determine where they can acquire the best price
NO Minimal Order volume in size or financial requirements
National full service wholesaler
Meet all Federal and State Track and Trace Requirements
Find out more at or call us at our Kentucky office at 866-228-9758 or at our
Pennsylvania office at 800-262-7770
StoneBridge Business Partners specializes in investigatory and analytical business consulting. We
deliver specialty compliance auditing, fraud and forensics auditing services, government contracting
services, business valuation, merger and acquisition consulting, litigation support to institutions,
government organizations, federal agencies and contractors, non-profits, and businesses.
340B Consultation and Audit Services
Our professionals stay informed by aligning themselves with strategic partners in the 340B arena
industry and staying on top of recent 340B developments. Our professionals have attended the 340B
University and participate in continuing education opportunities related to 340B.
StoneBridge can help your organization by determining whether your program is working effectively and
in accordance with 340B program requirements. Some specific areas that we consider in our review
The existence of product diversion/duplicate discounts being claimed
Assess adherence to guidelines with respect to eligible patients and prescribers
Evaluate recertification procedures and eligibility validation
Assess adequacy of program recordkeeping and adherence to HRSA guidelines
Assess your internal controls as they relate to the adherence of stated policies and procedures
Determine adherence to GPO prohibition guidelines (if applicable)
Assess your relationship with contract pharmacies
Review the inventory model employed and the ability to segregate 340B inventory transactions
Assess and test the billing effectiveness involving patient/transaction eligibility
Assess adherence to state Medicaid requirements and/or analyze the potential benefit of
Medicaid carve-in status
Adherence to orphan drug guidelines
Contact via Website:
340B Independent Auditing: Through our experience supporting hospitals going through HRSA 340B
audits (i.e., 12 on-site HRSA audit supports), previously managing 340B programs for our own
hospital(s), managing 340B programs for clients, providing over 80 external 340B audits for numerous
clients over the past two years, and educating on 340B at multiple conferences and trainings nationally;
we have a deep understanding of how to set-up and maintain a compliant 340B program. Let us help
you do the same.
Contract Pharmacy Track & Trace Solutions: Partnering with Drug Track IQ, we provide DSCSA (Track &
Trace) cloud based 3T document solution to ensure your contract pharmacy operations remain
compliant with FDA requirements. You can visit us at: or contact us via email:
[email protected] or phone: 385-282-5065.
Silver Corporate Partner
CompleteRx is a leading provider of innovative hospital pharmacy management solutions to acute care
hospitals. Our experienced team serves hospitals nationwide, offering guaranteed performance
commitments for regulatory compliance, nursing satisfaction and customized pharmacy specific metrics.
Pharmacy Management
CompleteRx is a full service pharmacy management provider. We guarantee savings and financial
performance thru a capitated fee structure. CompleteRx is at-risk and accountable for drug cost
increases, drug shortages, pharmacy staff recruiting, and PRN needs.
Transitional (Interim) Leadership
CompleteRx Transitional leaders are proven hospital pharmacy experts who provide immediate,
stable leadership while a hospital recruits for a permanent Director of Pharmacy.
Performance Improvement Consulting Services
Risk Management Safety
Technology Integration
Operational Efficiencies
Cost Containment and Revenue Management
Health Management Associates (HMA) is a consulting firm operating in 12 states and specializing in the
fields of health system restructuring, health care program development, health economics and finance,
program evaluation, data analysis, and health information technology and exchange matters. HMA is
widely regarded as a leader in providing technical and analytical services to health care purchasers,
payers, and providers, with a special concentration on those who address the needs of the medically
indigent and underserved. HMA has provided technical support and policy analysis on 340B for more
than a decade to hospitals, FQHCs, HRSA, foundations, Medicaid agencies, and corrections
organizations. Our staff include many Medicaid and CHIP directors and other high level officials, policy
and regulatory leaders from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and experts in Medicaid
pharmacy procurement and policy, employer sponsored pharmacy benefits and PBM services, 340B
implementation and operation, and more. For more information, please click here.
Huron Healthcare’s team of seasoned professionals brings the most complete 340B consultation and
implementation services available, drawn from more than 75 engagements. Nationwide, we have
helped 340B pharmacies realize more than $150 million in annual savings.
Our 340B experts understand the intricacies, opportunities, and potential pitfalls of the 340B program.
We have extensive experience in all aspects of 340B operations including inventory management,
ordering processes, extraction files, charge code mapping, eligibility criteria, reconciliation mechanisms,
compliance requirements and audit trials. Our solution also includes a rigorous audit of operations with
benchmarks against industry best practices.
Our expertise, combined with our unique, multi-disciplinary approach, creates unparalleled value and
sustainable results for the organizations we partner with. We also have a strong focus on education and
training for all 340B stakeholders, which is critical for sustaining a high-performing program.
To learn how Huron Healthcare can deliver significant 340B performance improvement for your
organization, visit us on the web at or contact one of our
professionals at 866-229-8700.
Keenan is a privately held insurance brokerage/consulting firm with extensive 340B experience in policy,
auditing, analytics and pharmacy operations. Our team of experts can help you navigate the operational,
financial and regulatory complexities of today’s 340B environment while enhancing program savings and
clinical performance.
Keenan’s 340B Compliance and Management Solutions include:
Compliance audits
Self audit tools and protocol
Financial and internal operational review
Education and training
Learn how our 340B Compliance and Management Solutions can support your 340B needs by
contacting: [email protected] or 310.212.0363 ext 3235. You can visit our website at
As a recognized leader in pharmaceutical distribution services, we are fully committed to delivering
premier quality and industry leading innovation. We offer the following services:
Leading technology solutions
Unique barcode solutions
Unequaled inventory levels
Advanced internet applications
Valued partnerships
For more information, please visit
Founded in 1985, Murer Consultants, Inc. is a national legal-based health care management consulting
firm that specializes in all aspects of 340B. Murer Consultants is a recognized leader in 340B benefit
assessments, strategic development, and compliance assurance. Our 340B program services span across
all covered entity types (disproportionate share hospitals, children’s hospitals, FQHCs, community
clinics, etc.) as well as contract pharmacies, and include:
Independent 340B program audit
Initial 340B program feasibility
Compliance oversight and management
HRSA/OPA audit support and resolution services
Registration and implementation
Split-billing software logic mapping
Administrative and pharmacy services contracts review
340B education, training and orientation
Policy and procedures
340B financial review
340B retail pharmacy review
Corrective action plans and manufacturer repayment
Voluntary disclosures
With clients in 42 states, Murer Consultants represents more than 500 health care providers, ranging
from large multi-hospital health care systems and academic medical centers to mid-sized physician
group practices. We continually apprise our clients of regulatory developments, assess the impact on
the 340B program, and help to plot responsive courses of action that ensure ongoing compliance with
340B regulations, maximizing program benefit, and minimizing unnecessary administrative costs.
Let Murer Consultants help your facility identify areas of improvement and provide necessary steps to
achieve full compliance and maximize savings.
Please contact: Daniel Avants, J.D.
Vice President
(t) 708-478-7030
(f) 708-478-7094
[email protected]
Murer Consultants
19065 Hickory Creek Dr., Ste. 115
Mokena, IL 60448
Premier is one of the nation’s largest performance improvement alliances of approximately 3,400 U.S.
hospitals and 110,000 other providers. Using the power of collaboration and technology, we play a
critical role in reducing costs and improving quality in the U.S. healthcare industry.
We bring together hospitals, health systems, physicians and other healthcare providers with the goal to
lead the transformation to coordinated, high-quality, cost-effective care. Owned by healthcare
providers, we operate a leading purchasing network and also maintain clinical, financial and outcomes
databases based on 1 in every 3 U.S. hospital discharges.
Helping our members reduce costs and improve quality, we offer an integrated platform of solutions
that addresses total cost management, quality and safety improvement and population health
Use QS/1 ’s NRx® Pharmacy Management System to manage single or multiple 340B programs. There
is no need for a separate system, and QS/1 is an approved member of the 340B Prime Vendor Program.
With QS/1, 340B programs are easy to set up. Create formularies and automatically reorder drugs from
your wholesaler. Our customizable reporting meets the requirements of contract Federally Qualified
Health Centers (FQHC), government and external auditors.
For more information on how QS/1 can ease audit worries for 340B, visit, or call 866-537-1013.
Southwest Consulting Associates (SCA) was established in 1989 as a healthcare compliance and
reimbursement firm that primarily offers three services (340B program integrity services, Medicare DSH,
and S-10 uncompensated care reporting). We have over 400 clients nationally in 41 States that have
engaged us for one or more of our services.
SCA’s 340B business model includes a strategic affiliation with a leader in pharmacy support services
with pharmacists who have “hands-on” experience implementing and managing 340B programs for
hospitals and health systems ranging in size from small Critical Access hospitals to large academic DSH
hospitals. This affiliation model enables SCA to provide a wider and deeper level of services in the most
effective and cost efficient manner possible.
Our team consists of pharmacists, financial experts, data analysts, hospital professionals and compliance
experts. This team provides a strong clinical, financial, and compliance approach to our 340B practice.
Our pharmacy team has experience implementing the 340B program in large health systems before
moving into the auditing and compliance industry.
SCA’s practice offers services including:
Annual Independent External Audits
Quarterly Data Reviews of Contract Pharmacy Arrangements
340B qualification, enrollment, certification, recertification
Policy and procedure guidance
Staff training
HRSA audit support including remediation plans.
Please visit our website for more information or contact us at
[email protected] to learn how SCA can help your organization.
Bronze Corporate Partner
Your partner in proactively managing and sustaining a compliant 340B program
340B Monthly Compliance Review Service
Together we can take the complexity out of managing your 340B program. Our simple, remote 340B
monthly compliance service provides a high touch solution, reducing your risk of noncompliance while
maximizing your program benefit.
Reasons to partner with Health Enterprises:
• Satisfies HRSA recommendation for an independent annual audit
• Scheduled monthly review of report and program developments
• Substantial savings over the cost of most annual audits
• Frees hospital staff to focus on core operations
• Provides a comprehensive monthly compliance report
• Proactive approach to program management
• Program developed and overseen by pharmacists with 340B expertise
• Potentially eliminates the need to hire a 340B coordinator
• Expert analysis and recommendations
• Access to policies and procedures including self-auditing procedures
Detail Driven. Our dedicated 340B team is always available to provide insight. Give us a call (1-855-835340B) or send us an email ([email protected]).
We’re in this together, so let’s do it right. Now more than ever the integrity of the 340B program is
paramount. This is our intent as both a program participant and management services provider.
This means when you engage us to perform a compliance assessment, independent audit or provide
management services for contract pharmacy arrangements, we use the same approach to your program
as we do with our own.
What can Hudson Headwaters 340B Pharmacy Services offer your health care organization?
In-depth auditing and compliance services
Detail driven pharmacy management services
Consulting services from subject matter experts
We look forward to future conversations about your 340B program.
Managing a Compliant 340B Program can seem like a daunting task…..
With Our Experience, We Can Help!
Integrated Pharmacy Services, LLC offers a unique suite of 340B solutions that allow you to effectively
manage your patient populations and optimize the benefits of the 340B drug purchasing program, while
supporting compliance through challenging regulatory requirements. We provide you with unmatched
guidance to ensure you can optimize 340B opportunities to improve your organization’s financial and
clinical outcomes. With over 10 years in the 340B industry, IPS consultants provide a vast background of
industry knowledge to achieving an integrated platform of pharmacy services.
Our comprehensive 340B solutions include:
Tailored 340B compliance reviews focused on complete compliance review which includes
verifying patient eligibility, contract pharmacy, child sites, inventory purchases, and Medicaid
billing for compliance with applicable state laws.
Ongoing compliance reviews which includes continued support through quarterly compliance
reviews. Quarterly Web-based meetings to review reports. Discuss regulatory compliance.
Full implementation guidance for newly eligible 340B hospitals providing the necessary
support for identifying eligible outpatient areas, choosing inventory management software,
forecasting 340B savings opportunities, and developing appropriate policies and procedures.
Full implementation assistance in contract pharmacy providing the support from registration,
contract negotiation, implementation, forecasting, and consultative support.
Robust 340B contract pharmacy analysis which includes a full business revenue forecast and
helps you identify key pharmacies for contracting partnerships including specialty pharmacies.
Customized retail pharmacy assessments for hospitals and health systems interested in opening
their own retail pharmacy.
Through our relationships with many technology providers in the 340B marketplace, Integrated
Pharmacy Services can support and help develop out a completely managed compliance solution.
For more information contact: Rita Baskett, RPh, MBA/MHA 704-408-1744
Brian Wilson, FSA 704-564-4747
Integrated Pharmacy Services, LLC|2404 Palm Boulevard|Isle of Palms, SC 29451|
340B Consultation and Audit Services
As the name implies, we serve a small number of clients. Services can be flexible based on each client’s
340B needs and objectives.
A 340B program can be managed but cannot be demystified or made simple. We provide services to
relieve significant portions of the 340B management burden.
Specific Services:
Risk audits, recommendations for corrective action, follow-up audits
Consultation that includes other agency requirements, including CMS, FDA, DEA and FTC
Policies and Procedures are developed as required to meet covered entity needs.
o Compliance with general 340B requirements
o Compliance plans
o Audit guides including self reporting and material breach standards
Procedure development that extends to issues that indirectly affect the patient or entity
Experience Based Services:
Business owner and primary consultant/auditor has been fully engaged in 340B as a federal
program manager and private consultant, auditor and data manager since 1997.
Decades of prior experience with electronic health information systems provide clients access to
in-depth consultation and analysis of audit results.
Contact via Website:
A pediatric-focused pharmacy business services and consulting firm.
Paventia Health is built on years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a strong focus on the
future of pediatric pharmaceutical utilization. Paventia Health strives to develop programs and services
that provide Children's Hospitals with efficient access and acquisition of medications to treat pediatric
patients within the continuum of care.
Paventia Health serves to connect Children’s Hospitals with the pharmaceutical industry to increase
efficiencies, develop products and services to meet pediatric needs as well as develop and implement
pharmacy strategies to prepare for the future in the rapidly changing pharmaceutical marketplace.
Paventia Health provides a wide range of services to assist Children's Hospitals in maintaining a
competitive approach to the constantly changing pharmaceutical landscape.
Our Consulting Services
 340B Drug Discount Program Support
 Clinical Product Evaluation
 Pharmacy Legislative/Regulatory Support
 Drug Utilization Reviews
 Therapeutic Interchange Analysis
 RFP Strategy, Design and Execution
 Contract Negotiation Support
 Group Purchasing Organization Value Audits
 General Business Planning and Development
 Market Analysis
 Opportunity Identification
 Operational Requirements and Gap Analysis
 Business Plan Development
 Implementation Project Management
Contact via Website: