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Mollusks Practice
1a.) Label the following picture.
1.) Excurrent siphon
2.) Incurrent siphon
3.) - - - - - - 4.) Foot
5.) Hinge (shell)
6.) Heart
7.) Posterior adductor muscle 8.) Gill
9.) Intestine
10.) - - - - - - -
11.) Gonad
13.) Esophagus
14.) Anterior adductor muscle 15.) Stomach
12.) Mouth
16.) Mantle
b.) What class does the above picture fit into? ___bivalva___
2.) The Latin word “molluscus” means: ___soft___
3.) Name three animals that are considered to be mollusks: __snails__, ___slugs__, ___squids___.
4.) What is the larval stage of the mollusk called: ___trocophore__
5.) What are the four parts of the mollusk body? __foot__, ___mantle__, __shell__, ___visceral mass___
6.) Do all mollusks have a shell? ___no (octopi)___
7.) In what part of the body do you find the mollusk’s internal organs? ___visceral mass___
8.) What is the radula? __tongue like fleshy tissue on cartilage with very hard teeth like protrusions__
9.) What animals have a radula? ___mollusks (nautiluses, snails, slugs)___
10.) How do clams and oysters get their food? filter feeders with gills trapping and cilia transferring to mouth
11.) Do land snails and slugs have gills? __no__ Where do they usually live? __moist cool places__
12.) What type of circulatory system do clams and snails have? __open__
13.) Nephridia remove what substance from the body? __ammonia___
14.) What type of mollusk can perform simple tasks and be trained? __octopi__
15.) How does the octopus move? ___jet propulsion or tentacles___
16.) How does a snail defend itself? _toxins, bad tasting, or hiding_ An octopus? __ink and camouflage__
17.) Name two animals in the Gastropod class: __snails and slugs__
18.) Gastropods are mollusks that move using a muscular __foot__ located on the __ventral__ side.
19.) What gastropod is brightly colored (and is poisonous!) ___nudibrachs___
20.) What CLASS of mollusk has two shells that are held together by powerful muscles: __bivalves__
21.) How do scallops move around? ____flapping two halves of shell___
22.) Name four animals in the class Cephalopoda: __nautilus__, ___squid__, __octopus__, __cuttlefish__
23.) What is the only cephalopod that has an external shell? __nautilus__
24.) What is the internal shell found on squid called? ___pen___