Download Spiritual Science of Crystal Healing – Introduction

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Spiritual Science of Crystal Healing –
Introduction with Dawn Silver
Friday, October 30
Cost: $40
140 N. LaGrange Rd., Ste. 17
LaGrange, IL 60525
• In this class we shall explore the cosmic origins of
crystals as seen thru the eyes of spiritual
science and learn effective ways to utilize gemstone
energies for your well being and their natural
vibrational medicine healing. You will learn
which stones are best suited for you
ancestral patterns. We shall cover various
techniques including: sympathetic resonance, the
spectrograph (bio-illuminations of gems via color
emanations), elemental signatures and cultural
aspects, including Vedas and Anthroposophy.
• This class combines the best of all levels of
the Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing
• The workshop fee includes your personalized
astrological chart prepared by Dawn with extensive
Dawn Silver is an Astrologer, Naprapath and
author of the Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone
Oracle, recipient of the Coalition of Visionary Retailers
Award. She studied spiritual astrology with the late Helen
Francis Blue. Dawn teaches her series Jewels of the Lotus
Crystal Healing internationally.