Download Sailwind Apartments – Winter Haven Florida is looking for a HVAC

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Sailwind Apartments – Winter Haven Florida is looking for a HVAC
certified maintenance technician
Job Description: The Maintenance Technician is responsible for
safely maintaining the physical condition and appearance of the
community. He or she should be able to diagnose problems and
make minor repairs in the following areas: electrical systems,
plumbing, appliances, flooring, carpentry, heating and air systems.
Maintenance Technicians are also expected to be knowledgeable
and skilled in the
safe use of hand tools and small power tools. HVAC certification is
required. Some early evening, weekend, and on-call shifts will be
Qualifications: Experience repairing and or maintaining the majority of
the following: air conditioning, appliances, electrical systems,
plumbing, pools, and painting/drywall repair.
Drug test, criminal background check and reliable transportation
Must be HVAC Certified.
Benefits: Great benefits, pay based on experience