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C.T.M. Sistemi di Parcheggio
Via Mercantini 16 20158 – MILANO –
Tel- 02.39310635 – Fax 02.39324082
P.I. 07241220156
Models: Cover B1, B1S, Free, A1, Rotocover rotating and moving with or without coverage.
Models with single or multiple pantographs carefully designed for different solutions and to serve different levels of
parking underground or in elevation with maximum safety for maneuver.
Systems included:
Electrical low voltage.
Device arrest car.
Valve rated to overload.
Hydraulic Valves Safety operating during ascent and descent.
Group hydraulic engine Hp. 4 220/380 Volt.
Construction characteristics:
Steel frame FE 430B fully galvanized fire.
Frame, placed on the pavement, which includes the lifting system part of the electrical and hydraulic.
Two or more pantograph (according to overcome the gap) linked together by torsion bars and a trapeze at the
base. Two platforms (one lower and one higher than just for plants with cover) appropriate to the parking of
motor vehicles and related to the pantograph.
A mechanical system synchronization, horizontal motion by a hydraulic cylinder, which ensures perfect alignment
of the two hydraulic cylinders vertical or oblique both during lifting during descent. Each hydraulic cylinder is
powered by a high-pressure piping and is equipped with a safety valve. Electrical system rise and fall, complete
with picture, Landing with commands that include working for a man to be put to the gates and doors where it
operates the facility in order that the mountain does not work if the same are not closed, or closures will not open
if the plant is not in the planPortata variabile da kg. 3000 a 6000.
CE construction in accordance with European regulations.
They are called Rotocover when these plants are mounted on a roundabout which allows rotation and lateral
translation of the car in order to facilitate the release of same in different direction from the input with desired angle.