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Separation Technologies
Seawater Flush Guns
Seawater flush guns are
provided in order to assist
in helping to maintain steady
fluid flow for seawater
injection into the VCD.
Vibration Switch
If excessive vibration occurs
during operation this unit
will automatically shut off to
prevent damage.
KEMTRON’s carbon fiber
poly-chain does not require a
quarterly replacepement. The
carbon fiber tensile cords
are length stable and can
withstand shock loads that
frequently lead to belt failure.
Continuous Duty Vertical
Cuttings Dryer
As our industry evolves, we are faced with an increasing
responsibility to protect the environment in which we
operate. Concurrently, government agencies continue
to increase the limitations on the
discharge of contaminated drill
cuttings to the environment.
To support the goals of both
the industry and regulators,
KEMTRON has developed a
rugged Vertical Cuttings
Dryer (“VCD”).
Achieving Results
Typical linear motion shaker
cuttings maintain a liquid content on
average between 15% to 25%. When properly
managed, KEMTRON’s VCD will lower the liquid
content below 5%. This can be done while
managing 40 tons (36,000 kilograms) per hour of
drilling cuttings.
Easy to Use and Maintain
This unit was designed to be durable and easy to use.
KEMTRON’s VCD features a poly-chain which can withstand
harsh environments thus not requiring a quarterly replacement.
Offshore Continuous Duty
Vertical Cuttings Dryer with
Seawater Flush Guns
BEFORE – Drill cuttings prior to
feeding through a VCD.
AFTER – Drill cuttings after being
processed by a VCD.
1. As referenced in EPA Compliance Cost Methodology for BAT/NSPS Cuttings Dryer Technology, performance data from 23 wells revealed that the Synthetic On Cuttings (SOC)
was reduced from 11.7% to 4.15% by weight after being processed.WSM discards ranged from 6% to as low as 1% oil by weight. Based on these averages, a 65% reduction
in fluid discharge can be achieved. 10050 Cash Road • Stafford, Texas 77477 • +1-888-536-8766 •
Separation Technologies
Key Features
and Benefits
Rugged Design
Rugged proprietary
wedge-wire screen basket
designed to reduce blinding
and frequent replacement.
Rig Safety
Total noise levels do not
exceed 85 dB and all rotary
components are fully guarded
and balanced.
Packaging &
KEMTRON’s VCD is capable
of being provided as a standalone device or as a packaged
system that easily integrates
with existing solids-control
Cuttings Handling
The use of screw conveyors
allows solids to enter the
VCD relatively intact,
therefore, providing greater
separation and improved
screen life.
KEMTRON’s VCD is fed via screw conveyor, vacuum system, or rotary-lobe solids pump from
the flow-line shaker discharge. Drill cuttings are fed into the hopper and distributed along
the inner wall of the screen with the aid of the rotor. The liquid phase, or “filtrate,” passes
through the screen openings while the vertical scrapers scrape the accumulating cake solids
towards the bottom of the VCD for disposal. The centrate gravity flows into a containment
tank and is then pumped to a high speed decanter centrifuge for low gravity solids removal.
Upon discharge, the dried cuttings are then safely discharged to the environment, collected
for further treatment, or are staged for offsite disposal. KEMTRON’s VCD significantly
improves liquid phase recovery, therefore paying for itself.
KEMTRON’s VCD can be operated with soft start or with a variable frequency drive (“VFD”)
controller. Soft starts can be provided within a NEMA 7X explosion-proof enclosure. VFD
controls are provided in a NEMA 4X enclosure and include an operator-friendly human/
machine interface (“HMI”) and programmable logic controller. KEMTRON’s in-house panel
shop can customize your system, regardless of the application or the service conditions.
Cuttings Dryer Specifications
Feed Capacity:
40 TPH
(10 kg/s)
Maximum G-Force:
430 G’s
Bowl Speed:
900 rpm
Rotor Differential
Motor Horsepower:
Additional Specifications
Stainless steel screen basket with
wedge wire.
Vibration and hydraulic resevoir
pressure sensors.
10,500 lbs (4,763 kgs)
75 hp (45 kW)
460V / 60Hz or 380V / 50Hz
3 Phase
Telescoping stand with discharge
Decks with handrails can be added,
upon request.
10050 Cash Road • Stafford, Texas 77477 • +1-888-536-8766 •