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Battery with Energy Management
Model BAT-U01-EM
The DIVELINK Model BAT-U01-EM is an
intelligent battery containing advanced technology.
charge condition during charge or
CUTS OFF CHARGE current when fully
charged, then goes to TRICKLE CHARGE.
Compensates for aging and temperature.
Turns off display when not in use.
Dead Short Circuit Protection.
System Highlights
May be left on FAST CHARGER indefinitely.
CHG-QC1-120 is shown above: Full charge in just over one hour!
Divers know how much charge is left in battery even when submerged.
Intelligence inside battery LEARNS the charge / discharge characteristics and SELF CALIBRATES.
Charge Status Lights
Charge Status Lights
The 5 indicator lights in a row indicate charge status. When all lights are ON, then 100%
charge is indicated. Lights will turn off after one minute when the battery is disconnected
from the charger or DIVELINK communicator, or when the communicator is turned OFF.
80 100
The FULLY CHARGED light indicates that the battery is not accepting any more charge.
It will turn ON when the battery pack is ready to be used. It will flash off occasionally to indicate a trickle charge. This
light is useful when batteries are continuously plugged into a charger for the purpose of charging 100% and then standing
by for immediate use.
Battery Type:
Battery Rating:
Battery Life:
Short Circuit:
Current Capability:
SANYO N700AAC NiCad (Nickel Metal Hydride)
700 mAH matched cells
Over 6 hours. (Nickel Metal Hydride Over 12 hours)
Continuous Short Circuit is allowable
Up to 400 mA continuous current is available at room temperature
9.6 Volts under load
May be used with - DIVELINK CHG-U01-xxx (14 hour charger).
- CHG-QC1-xxx (quick charger).
- CHG-QC4-xxx (gang charger for 4 batteries).
Head Mounted COM-FFx communicator with BAT-U01-EM
The BAT-U01-EM energy management battery is a direct replacement for BAT-U01 supplied with DIVELINK head mounted COM-UCxx
or COM-FFx series communicators. When ordering COM-UCxx or COM-FFx2000 series communicators, order OPTION-EM to
upgrade the normally supplied BAT-U01 battery pack to BAT-U01-EM.
Also available is the Nickel Metal Hydride energy management battery pack BAT-U01-EM-NIMH for double the operating time.
Alternately order OPTION-EM-NIMH to upgrade BAT-U01 to BAT-U01-EM-NIMH when ordering with communicators.
Car and multi-chargers also available.
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