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 Prince of Denmark and student in Germany
 Son of Gertrude and Old Hamlet
 Nephew and stepson of Claudius
 Is angry, deeply analytical, and feigns madness
 Queen of Denmark and Widow of Old
 New King of Denmark and new husband of
 Wife of Claudius
 Uncle and stepfather of Hamlet
 Mother of Hamlet
 Is clever, scheming, and gregarious (social/
 Is caring and deeply concerned
 Horatio’s friend and Ophelia’s boyfriend
 Extent of culpability (fault) is left unresolved
 Brother of Ophelia and son of Polonius
 Poor student in Germany and Hamlet’s
truest and most loyal friend
 Is a student and away at school in France for  Loyal confidant who comes to visit Hamlet
for his father’s funeral
most of the play
 He knows Hamlet is feigning madness
 Headstrong; vengeful
 Asked by Hamlet to tell his story to future
 Knows how to fence and use a sword
The name comes from Latin root orate, to
speak publicly
 Obedient daughter of Polonius and sister of
 Councilman of Denmark; Chief advisor to
 Hamlet’s girlfriend
 Poisoned his brother, Old Hamlet
 Persuades Laertes to murder Hamlet
 Paid spies of Claudius who are inseparable
 Transparent to Hamlet
 Ex-friend of Hamlet
 Are asked by the king and queen to come to
Elsinore and ascertain the reasons for Hamlet’s
 Their names mean “rose crown” and “gold star"
 Was a good King of Denmark and married to
 Now trapped in purgatory; mysterious
 Is loving, innocent, naïve, and confused
 Father of Ophelia and Laertes
 Murdered by his brother, Claudius
 Used by farther to spy on Hamlet
 Cynical and suspicious and loves to spy
 Sad and angry and calls for vengeance
 Experiences complete psychological unraveling
 Is verbose and highly talkative
 Protective of Gertrude