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Ugly Stove Contest!
Is your electric kitchen stove old,
inefficient and less than becoming?
Enter the “Ugly Stove contest” and a chance to win
a brand new stainless steel ENERGY STAR stove!
To enter:
Email a photo of your ugly kitchen stove to:
[email protected] Please include your name,
physical and mailing addresses, phone numbers and the age of
your ugly stove.
The deadline to enter is Thursday April 21, 2016 at 6pm
Pictures emailed will be shared on social media leading up to the
2016 Northern BC Home & Garden Show. Judges will pick the
pictures of the top 10 ugliest stoves to display at the home show
and the ultimate winner will be a Viewer’s Choice. The picture
with the most votes, wins.
The draw date for the winner is Sunday April 24th at 3pm
and the winner will be notified by phone and email.
Entrants must reside within 100 km of Prince George and agree to
have their photo used for promotional purposes, as well as to
delivery arrangements (there is no charge to enter, to win, or for
delivery service). The winning stove is electric only.
Eligible entrants must have a working kitchen stove located in the
home and are responsible for its removal and to accept the newly
won stove as is in the condition delivered.
Voter’s choice
determines the
See the submissions
and vote in Kin III