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The Melchizedek Method of Axiatonal Alignment
In the Holy Order of Melchizedek, Axiatonal is a Baptism of Light and Sound. It is connected to Sacred Geometry, the Star
of Tetrahedron and the Star of David. Axiatonal Alignment is more than a healing modality it is an initiation into Divine
Awareness. As a healing modality Axiatonal opens blocked energy pathways/meridians that hold back the Divine flow of
Love from Father to Mother. Axiatonal Alignment will assist you to remember your Divine connection.
Axiatonal Alignment reconnects one to the golden Axiatonal Lines -- a very subtle cosmic lattice/grid of light that is infinite
in nature and interconnects all things with Divinity. Axiatonal Lines exist throughout this Universe, all the Galaxies, our
Solar System, our Planet and our bodies. They not only connect all of our body parts much like the Meriden System, but
they connect us to the Earth, Stars, Galaxies and to the Divine Mind Itself.
Every living organism has an Axiatonal system. Axiatonal Lines control the renewing functions of our body and connect
with the cosmic grid that is everywhere in the Universe. When you extend the acupuncture lines of the body, and connect
them to the cosmic grid, it aligns the body to the Axiatonal Lines of the living universe and the person's higher self.
When the Human Race chose to separate from the Divine Source as our ego grew all so important, we disconnected
from the Divine Mind. This damaged the Axiatonal Lines preventing us from reconnecting to our Divine Source. This is
the mythical story of the exile from Eden. The Earth is Eden when we are connected to The Divine Love that is
everything everywhere at all times. Axiatonal repairs the damage of separation so we can be one with “ALL THAT IS"!
Priests in the Order of Melchizedek and the office of the Christ have been working with Axiatonal Alignment to reconnect
beings to the Divine Source as individual beings are ready to reconnect to Divinity. This is the same method used by
Jesus (Sananda) when he would touch the tops of individual’s heads (Jesus/Sanada is a Christ and a Melchizedek
Priest). Reconnection of your Axiatonal Lines through this method or another is necessary for Ascension.
Axiatonal is an intensive energetic technique that incorporates meridians and energy. It opens blocked meridians allowing
the free flow of energies that may have been trapped due to our resistance or denial of a spiritual experience (every
experience is a spiritual experience). As we open to the free flow of energy we will release all cellular memories that we
have been afraid to examine. This may result in memory flashbacks that we can look at from a different perspective. We
may see that our judgment of those moments came from a distorted perspective. We can now see the experience for
what it is rather than what we made it to be. When this happens a healing begins at the cause level.
Fear, judgment, hatred, loathing, lusting, resistance and denial block the flow of Divine Love/energy. We hold onto things
and stop moving forward through issues. Our bodies get backed up causing cancer, heart dis-ease and other physical
maladies that keep us from experiencing the Divine Love all the time. Fear keeps us in separation. Ascension happens
when we become the Love. Baptism by water cleansed you of your guilt and shame of separation. Axiatonal repairs the
damage the ego caused.
What does the average person experience from Axiatonal Alignment? It could be as simple as being more aware of your
surroundings, seeing things you never saw before, feeling more attuned with the world, experiencing an increase in your
senses, an enhancement of various types of initiative awareness, or feeling better physically. It could be an improvement
of major illnesses, a deep profound relaxation, a sense of total peace within oneself, a "lightness" as if all the weight of the
world has been lifted, balancing of the male and female sides of the body, highly motivated, deep concentration, dreams
clearer and more vivid, answers to problems being given in dreams, more focused, feeling a connection to the "ALL".
Axiatonal Alignment integrates the Whole Body bringing it into balance and harmony. It can be used alone or combined
with any other healing therapy (when used with any other healing modality, it takes that therapy to a deeper level). The
Axiatonal procedures align the body's energy vertically, horizontally, then sew it all together, and finally give it the delicate
gift of golden light energy from the Creator into the crown Chakra, through the body, reconnecting one with Mother Earth.
Axiatonal changes the lives of all who experience it... to experience this therapy once is to be a believer.
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