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Restaurant for rent - Agios Stefanos Avliotes (Property ID 341)
Price: €20,000
Situated 2 minutes from the beach of Agios Stefanos, Avliotes. A popular family
resort with a large number of return visitors each year. The resort has a large
sandy beach with shallow water, perfect for families and young children.
Location: Agios Stefanos,
There are 2 options for rent here.
Area: North West Corfu
Option 1 - Restaurant/ bar/ grill room.
A 3 star restaurant in excellent condition. Refurbished in 2005 with fully fitted
commercial kitchen, and dining area. There is seating inside for 150, plus
another 50 can be seated for dining in the outside areas.
There are also additional lounge and swing areas outside for just coffee or
drinks. The business is current and everything is therefore in place and ready to
The rental price for the restaurant only is 17.000 euros for the year.
Option 2 - Restaurant/ bar/ grill room plus rental studios.
The ground floor is the restaurant and travel office area. ( description as above )
The first floor has 5 studios for rental ( 2 beds per studio )
5 rooms of 25m2 each
The rental price for both the restaurant and rooms is 22.000 euros for the year.
For further information and photos please contact us.
Email: [email protected]
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Phone: +30 6973 214
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