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July 29, 2009
Did You Know…
Inside Colombia
Colombia is a Latin American Leader in
Apparel Production and Fashion
Colombian Designers Make Their Mark
on the Fashion Industry
Colombia is home to many celebrated fashion
designers, including Silvia Tcherrassi, Esteban
Cortazar, Hernan Zajar, Ines Vanegas, Paula Alvarez,
Francesca Mianda and more.
Textile Exports – 2008
Tcherrassi, a native of Barranquilla, is by far one of
the most internationally renowned Colombian
designers. Her glamorous couture collections have
been showcased in the fashion capitals of the world –
Milan, Paris and New York.
Source: DANE (National Department of Statistics)
Over the past five years, textiles and apparel have
comprised 12 percent of Colombia’s non-traditional
exports, on average.
Colombia also imports textiles and garments, and the
United States is the country’s second largest source
of textile imports.
Tcherassi also outfits numerous international
dignitaries and has received numerous honors,
including the Spanish Vogue lifetime achievement
award, the Miami Fashion Week “New Star in Fashion
Award” and the Order of Arts and Letters from the
French Government.
For more information on Silvia Tcherrassi and her
couture collections, visit:
The more than 6,000 companies in Colombia’s
apparel and textile market had combined sales of more
than $4 billion in 2007. In addition, the apparel
industry grew by 11.8 percent between 2006 and
Colombia is a central Latin American hub for apparel
production and fashion.
Photo: Sylvia Tcherrassi
What’s News
Fashion Takes Center Stage at Colombiamoda in Medellín
Yesterday marked the beginning of one of the most important annual fashion events in Latin America –
Colombiamoda, which brings together more than 400 international exhibitors who showcase their creations,
ranging from menswear and women’s clothing to fashion for children, sportswear and swimwear. The threeday event is organized by Inexmoda, Colombia’s Institute for Export and Fashion, and is taking place at the
International Convention Center, Plaza Mayor, in Medellín.
Get to know Colombia.
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