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"ode to Duke Ellington"
OST "Camille 2000"
Piero Umiliani
< This is one of the most original tributes to
Ellington artistry !Every time Maestro Piero Umiliani
is asked who was his biggest inspiration, his eyes get
wider and shinier and he replies: Duke, of course.>
8 019991 210611 CD
8 019991 210604 2LP
Piero Piccioni
<This is the original release of a 70’s amazing OST
by Maestro Piero Piccioni. Some of the tracks are so
funky you wouldn’t know. The whole score is an amazing
musical experience leaded by one of the most ubiquitous
Film Music composers ever.>
8019991551202 CD
8019991551196 2LP
8 019991 210536 CD
8 019991 210529 2LP
8019991552025 CD
8019991552032 2LP
OST "La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte"
<Gianni Ferrio most intriguing score. The title theme is a
monster track. When you hear it you wonder if Maestro
Ferrio had the time machine when he wrote it. This is a
‘Thriller’ masterpiece. Featuring Italian pop star Mina.>
OST "Colporovente"
Piero Piccioni
<Be ready for Maestro Piccioni Experience into Driving
Jazz, Obscure Funk, Spacey Psychedelia and
Experimental Moods. You will not believe the strength,
richness and versatility of the music contained in this
album. The live recording of the main theme is widely
considered an all time masterpiece.>
Gianni Ferrio
8019991551295 CD
8019991551226 2LP
OST "La Decimavittima"
Piero Piccioni
<The movie starring Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula
Andress is a Classic! Well wait until you hear this futuristic
score. Great Italian Pop singer Mina shows the way for
a Timeless musical experience that perfectly fits the
Piero Umiliani
< Space Age Bachelor Pad Music with an ear to
the future! More than just a talented mimic of
styles, his talent can produce musical travelogues
of marvelous invention. - Byron Werner - >
8019991210451 CD
8019991210444 2LP
OST "Una Farfalla con le Ali Insanguinate"
Gianni Ferrio
OST "il Dio Sotto la Pelle"
Piero Piccioni
<Mystery is the word for this amazing and suspended
orchestral score. At times you have reminiscences of
great Nelson Riddle 'Route 66' style. A must for all the
cinematic jazz boys out there>
8019991552063 CD
8019991552070 2LP
8019991210611 CD
8019991210604 2LP
OST "Big Guns"
<Gianni Ferrio features here as a guest great
Ornella Vanoni vocals and a series of exhilarating
'gangster movie' themes. Funky, Jazzy, Beat and
Psychedelic moods all over the place.
8019991210499 CD
8019991210482 2LP
"The Future Sound of Lesiman"
<Lesiman is with no doubts the most creative, experimenting and eclectic OST Composer featured on Easy
Tempo catalogue. His musical imprint is unique but really
loud and communicative of emotions. A true new experience
in rhythms and melodies.>
Gianni Ferrio
8019991551455 CD
8019991551448 2LP
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