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Museum Marvels
Match the Title to the correct picture:
(write in the Title to the left of the photo)
 FeNi The Meteorite
 Priscilla The Mastodon
 Snooty The Manatee
 The Milky Way Galaxy
Description Word Bank:
manatus Milky Way Galaxy
Name: __________________________________________________________
Description Word Bank:
 fossils
 iron
 elephant endangered
 mammal  billions  nickel
 planets
Born in 1948, he is the world's
oldest living manatee in captivity.
Despite having no natural
predators, manatees are
_____________________________ meaning
they are at risk of becoming
extinct. Although their nickname
is the "sea cow" manatees are
actually more related to this land
mammal: __________________________
This object gets its nickname
from the two elements
_____________(Fe) and ___________(Ni)
which make it so heavy and
dense. It is 4.5 billion years old
(the oldest thing you could ever
touch!) and can help us answer
questions about the origin of our
planet and solar system.
Found deep underwater in the
Aucilla River, this prehistoric
_____________________ lived in
Florida during the Ice Age 12,000
years ago. Its bones were turned
to stone and are now called
A collection of ______________ which
orbit around a star is called a
solar system. Our solar system
has eight planets. Galaxies are
much bigger. Galaxies are
collections of _______________
of stars!
Match the title to the correct picture:
(write in the Title to the left of the photo)
 Saw Palmetto
 Florida Limestone
 Student Choice!
This rock is called _________________
because it is composed of many
small pieces of other rocks, shell,
bone and sand which contain
calcium oxide, also known as lime.
It forms slowly over time as layers
upon layers of sediment are
squeezed together by _____________.
Your Turn!
When you visit the museum,
explore all the different objects
and stories the museum tells.
Choose 1, sketch it out and write a
few facts about
what makes it special.
What will you choose?
Description Word Bank:
 baskets
 pressure
 limestone
Found all over Florida, this plant
has thick, sharp green leaves
which help protect it against
animals who wish to eat it. The
____________ created from its dried
leaves can be used to make
fishing nets and ____________ by
early Florida Natives.