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custom chandeliers
Alison Berger is an artist whose
medium is light and whose material is
glass. Whether designing light fixtures,
objects, furnishings or large-scale
sculptures, she uses age-old glass
blowing techniques to create glass
forms that transcend time and capture
light. The shapes are often inspired
by alchemy pieces, astronomy, botany,
instruments and units of measure.
In addition to an array of sconces,
pendants, floor lamps and specialty
furniture pieces, Berger continues
to conceive a wide range of custom
chandelier installations.
Every Alison Berger chandelier is custom designed, incorporating
different configurations in height, canopy shape, pendant number
and style. Each design is individualized and site specific to create
a chandelier that is suited to the client’s environment.
thread by thread
All custom chandeliers go through a collaborative process,
with the final design and production approval given by Berger
to ensure a piece that absolutely reflects the artists intent
and fits perfectly into the final interior design.
The text inscribed upon the
surface refers to various topics
regarding light, atmosphere, star
rotation, and the various cycles
of the moon. The shadows,
acting as a memory, are as
integral to the piece as the
crystal itself.
The Lenses are hand-poured
castings. Like a gem whose true
quality is revealed through the
cutting of the stone, these castings
are transformed through hours of
grinding and polishing to create their
unique faceted surface. Each facet
is a window into a constellation of
bubbles that form as a desired result
of the casting process.
A colored glass is applied to the crystal
surface that when exposed to the flame
of the furnace oxidizes to give the
appearance of a sterling silver finish.