Download Spanx Slim Cognito shaping mid- thigh bodysuit

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Spanx Slim Cognito shaping midthigh bodysuit
Very Smooth
The Slim Cognito shaping mid-thigh bodysuit by Spanx is designed to
comfortably shape the body and has detachable straps that can attach to a
bra. The reduced tension at the seams stops bulging and discomfort and a
cotton gusset opening is built in.
My Personal Review:
I brought this product after reading various reviews of other similar
products that were uncomfortable and hard to put on. I took a leap of faith
and purchased it.
True to its word, SPANX is very comfortable and works miracles in the
smoothing department. The product does not have full control. Perhaps I
should have purchased a smaller size. But I looked so much better in my
clothes wearing it. Its hard not to wear it daily. The only problem I have is
using the restroom. The opening does not extend far enough back. The
other issue is if I pull it down to use the restroom then I have problems
reconnecting the back and side loops.
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