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Why i-models Are Right for Your Organization?
Why i-models?
• Effective and efficient sharing and distribution of information is critical to the
success of every project and when done well, this can demonstrably reduce errors,
compress the project schedule, and reduce project costs.
• Sharing and distributing information across a distributed project enterprise
is difficult given the diverse data sources and formats that are required to
complete a project.
• i-models and the supporting tools and technology were created to facilitate the
sharing and distribution of information regardless of the source and format of the
information, enabling users to provide the information mobility required by their projects.
What’s an i-model?
• i-models are a medium for information exchange within projects associated with the lifecycle of infrastructure assets.
• i-models enable information to flow easily, completely, and accurately between and within design, construction, and operations environments.
• i-models handle all component information, including business properties, geometry, graphics, and relationships.
• i-models are open, providing standard interfaces for business, engineering, construction, and operations applications from multiple vendors.
What Makes an i-model Unique?
• i-models know what they contain, so no application knowledge is required to interpret or query the content.
• i-models know their origin. They contain their source, date, scope, purpose, and history.
• i-models are secure. They are read-only and support digital signatures.
• i-models are precise both geometrically and geospatially.
• i-models are open. Free applications, plug-ins, and interfaces are available for viewing, query, and integration.
An SDK is available for third-party software vendor and user-developed applications.
How Do I Create an i-model?
Bentley provides application plug-ins to create i-models directly from software applications,
• Over 70 Bentley Products
• Civil 3D*
• Revit • SketchUp*
• AutoCAD*
• Rhino*
Bentley provides publishing solutions to automate the creation of i-models for:
• All applications with available plug-ins, Plus:
• SmartPLANT
Bentley provides a software development kit to allow any third-party software vendor or user to create
i-models from their application.
How Do I View an i-model?
Bentley provides tools and technology to view and query i-models:
• Adobe Reader: The Adobe Reader i-model plug-in can embed an i-model in a PDF so that the graphics and data contained in the i-model
are available in Adobe Reader.
• Bentley Navigator: Bentley Navigator is designed for high performance i-model viewing. It provides a rich environment for viewing graphics as
well design and business data. It’s also designed to create and manage markups or perform clash detection on i-models.
• Mobile device applications: Multiple applications are available, appropriate to specific workflows, to interact, view, query, and mark-up i-models.
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How Do I Consume i-model Data?
Bentley provides multiple options for accessing the data in an i-model:
• Bentley Navigator or Adobe Reader
Allows you to see and query the data, while viewing a 3D model or 2D drawing
through standard functionality available in both applications.
• i-model Transformation Services
Provides capabilities to aggregate, relate, filter, and re-format the content of
i-models based on user-defined configuration rules in order to organize the
information for specific end uses.
• i-model ODBC Driver
Provides an industry standard interface that allows you to access and use the
data in familiar tools such as Excel, Access, Visual Studio, Crystal Reports.
It can be configured to map complex, design-oriented content to be easily
consumed by business-oriented applications.
• i-model Software Development Kit (SDK)
Provides portable application programming interface (API) for accessing all
the content contained in an i-model from third-party software vendors or user
developed applications.
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