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Prof. Atanu Rakshit
Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak
Email: [email protected]
Phone – M - +918295164400, Off - (01262) 228513
Executive Summary
Dr. Atanu Rakshit post graduated from I I T, Kharagpur in 1976 and obtained Ph.D. degree in
Computer Science from Calcutta University in 1984. In 1979, Dr. Rakshit joined Department of
Computer Science, University of Calcutta as faculty member. He had served Department of
Computer Science in various capacities for 7 years. Subsequently Dr. Rakshit joint NITIE in 1986
as Assistant Professor. In NITIE, Dr. Rakshit was professor and Head of IT Group. He was also
Head of Advance Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (AMCE) and Microsoft Lab. Dr. Rakshit
was also the Member NITIE Board of Governors. He has served NITIE in various capacities
for more than 12 years. He has joint International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT),
Pune as Professor and Dean (Academic) in 2004. Subsequently he was the Deputy Director and
Professor in ASCT Group in the Institute and served the institute for more than 7 years. Before
joining The International Institute of Information Technology, Pune during 6 years (1998 to
2004) he has severed few IT Companies. Some of them are M/s Vistaar Systems Limited, (USA
based IT Product Company) as Vice President, M/s Global E-Secure Limited (Subsidiary of
GTL) as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), M/s Datamatics Limited as Vice President (for two
SBUs - E-Business and System Software), M/s Corcomp Infosystems as Director. Since
September 01, 2011 he has joined Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak as Professor. The
areas of specialization for Dr. Rakshit are Cloud Computing, SOA, Business Process
Management, EAI, Data Warehousing and Data Mining.
Dr. Rakshit has more than 32 years of Teaching, Research and Consulting experience in the area
of Information Technology. He has dealt with many subjects during his postgraduate teaching and
research activities like – Cloud Computing, Business Process Management, Service Oriented
Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, DBMS,
Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, ERP, BPR through IT, Software
Project Management, LAN and Internetworking etc. Dr. Rakshit was also visiting faculty in many
leading academic institutes like – IIT Mumbai, SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai
University etc.
Since last 25 years Dr. Rakshit is actively involved in providing consulting services to various
areas of E- Security, E-Business, E-Commerce, Total Network Solution, Application Software
Development, BPR through IT, System Integration. Some of the major clients are – Wisekey
(Switzerland), Codeworks (USA), Kawasaki Steel (Japan), ICICI Prudential, Air India, MRPL,
Gharda Chemicals, Hindulco, Cochin Refinery, Coal India etc.
Dr Rakshit is Fellow of Computer Society of India. Dr. Rakshit in his credit published many
papers in the International/ National Journals and Conferences. Dr. Rakshit has guided and
produced three Ph.D. scholars in the area of IT and presently one student has submitted the thesis.
He has chaired many International Conferences in India and abroad. He is the reviewer of
International journals in UK and USA. Dr. Rakshit is the member of IEEE.
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