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University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
200 Union Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: (612) 839 4759
621 5th Avenue SE, Apt 26
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Email: [email protected]
Obtain a full-time position in Data Mining research with novel applications, especially on bio-medical domain
such as mining electronic medical records (EMR) and computation biology.
Ph.D. Candidate: Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN.
Expected Graduation Date: April 2015.
Advisor: Vipin Kumar & Michael Steinbach.
CGPA: 3.97/4.00.
Thesis Title: Finding Interpretable Integrative Biomarkers from Multi-Source Biomedical Datasets:
An application to Clinical and Genomic Data.
Areas of Expertise: Data Mining, Healthcare Informatics, Computational Biology.
Bsc (Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering (2007), Bangladesh University of Engineering &
Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.
CGPA: 3.76/4.00.
Advisor: A. S. M. Latiful Hoque.
2012.06- 2012.08:
2009.08- Present :
2008.08 – 2008.12:
2010.05 – 2010.08:
2008.08 – 2008.12:
2007.07 – 2008.06:
2007.05 – 2007.08:
Summer Intern, Robert Bosch LLC.
Advisor: Soundararajan Srinivasan and Jo-Anne Ting.
Project: Discriminative pattern mining technique for sparse categorical data.
Research Assistant in the Department of Computer Science,
University of Minnesota.
Advisor: Prof. Vipin Kumar.
Teaching Assistant in the department of Computer Science,
University of Minnesota.
Course: CSci 5523: Data Mining.
Summer Intern, Robert Bosch LLC.
Advisor: Juergen Heit, Healthcare Telemedicine project.
Project: Extracting features from survey data using clustering techniques.
Teaching Assistant in the department of Computer Science,
University of Minnesota.
Course: CSci1113: C/C++ for Engineers.
Instructor, Department of Computer Science,
Stamford University, Bangladesh
Software Engineer, Afrigis Bangladesh Limited.
Sanjoy Dey, Pranjul Yadav, Bonnie Westra, Gyorgy Simon, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kumar.
Learning Patient Heterogeneity in Predictive Models for Improving Patients Health Status: An
application to Home Health Care Electronic Health Records (Under preparation).
Sanjoy Dey, Rohit Gupta, Michael Steinbach, and Vipin Kumar. Integration of Clinical and Genomic
Datasets: a Methodological Survey. Briefings in Bioinformatics (Under review). Tech report is
available at UMN TR 13-005.
Sanjoy Dey, Katherine Hauwiller, Pranjul Yadav, Michael Steinbach, György J. Simon, Vipin Kumar,
Connie W. Delaney, Bonnie L. Westra. Predicting Improvement of Health Status of Home Health
Care Patients: A Holistic Data Mining Approach. AMIA Annual Symposium 2015. An extended
version is under preparation for Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.
Sanjoy Dey, Jacob Cooner, Bonnie Westra et. al. Mining Patterns Associated with Mobility Outcomes
in Home Health Care. Nursing Research 2015.
Sanjoy Dey, Gyorgy Simon, Bonnie Westra, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kumar. Mining Interpretable
and Predictive Biomarkers from Multi-Source Electronic Medical Records. SIAM International
Conference on Data Mining (SDM) 2014.
Sanjoy Dey, Michael Steinbach, Rohit Gupta, and Vipin Kumar. Predictive Models on Integrating
Clinical and Genomic Data: a Methodological Survey. Book Chapter in Healthcare Informatics,
CRC Press 2014.
Sanjoy Dey, Jeremy Weed, Joanna Fakhoury, Jacob Cooner, Gyorgy Simon, Michael Steinbach,
Bonnie Westra, Vipin Kumar. Data Mining to Predict Mobility Outcomes for Older Adults Receiving
Home Health Care. AMIA Annual Symposium 2013.
Sanjoy Dey, Gowtham Atluri, Michael Steinbach, Angus MacDonald, Kelvin Lim, Vipin Kumar. A
Pattern Mining Based Integrative Framework for Biomarker Discovery. ACM Conference on
Bioinformatics, Computational Biology (ACM BCB) 2012.
Bhargava, Maneesh, Sanjoy Dey, Trisha L. Becker, Michael S. Steinbach, Baolin Wu, Sang Mee Lee,
L. Higgins et al. Protein Expression Profile of Rat Type Two Alveolar Epithelial Cells During
Hyperoxic Stress and Recovery. American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular
physiology 2013.
Maneesh Bhargava, Trisha Becker, Kevin Viken, Pratik Jagtap, Sanjoy Dey, Michael Steinbach,
Baolin Wu, Vipin Kumar, David Ingbar, Peter Bitterman, and Christine Wendt. Proteomic Profiles in
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Differentiate Survivors from Non-Survivors. PLoS One 2013.
Bonnie Westra, Sanjoy Dey, Gang Fang, Michael Steinbach, Kay Savik, Cristina Oancea and Vipin
Kumar. Interpretable Predictive Models for Knowledge Discovery from Home Care Electronic Health
Records. Journal of Healthcare Engineering, vol 2(1), p 55-74, 2011.
TaeHyun Hwang, Gowtham Atluri, MaoQiang Xie, Sanjoy Dey, Changjin Hong, Vipin Kumar, and
Rui Kuang. Co-Clustering Phenome–Genome for Phenotype Classification and Disease Gene
Discovery. Nucleic Acids Research 2012.
Gowtham Atluri, Sanjoy Dey, et al. "Invited: Discovering combinatorial biomarkers." IEEE 2nd
International Conference on Computational Advances in BioMedical Sciences (ICCABS), 2012.
Bonnie Westra, Michael Steinbach, Sanjoy Dey, Gang Fang, Kay Savik, Cristina Oancea and Vipin
Kumar. Knowledge Discovery in Data Bases to Predict Improvement in Oral Medication Management
for Home Healthcare Patients. Poster at MNRS Annual Conference 2010.
Md. Sadiqul Islam, Sanjoy Dey, Gourab Kundu, A.S.M. Latiful Hoque. A Solution to the Security
Issues of an E-Government Procurement System. 5th International conference on Electrical and
Computer Engineering (ICECE) December, 2008.
System and Method for Clustering Data in Input and Output Spaces. US Patent No. 13833022. Filed
on 3/15/2013. Inventors: Juergen Heit, Sanjoy Dey, Soundararajan Srinivasan.
Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) from the graduate school of University of Minnesota.
Student travel grant for the conferences SIAM data mining conference 2012, 2014; ACM BCB conference
Ph.D. forum at SIAM data mining conference 2012.
4th position in IEEE student paper competition 2007 Bangladesh for the paper “A Framework for Secure
Database Management in an e-Procurement System” based on my undergrad research.
Two times Deans Merit List Award for academic excellence in B. Sc. Program. (2004 & 2007).
University Merit Scholarship-Awarded by BUET for three semesters.
Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh– Awarded for the recognition of
excellence in the public examination. Receiving since 1999 to 2005 (except 2001).
3rd position among 1200 students in High School merit list of Notre Dame College, Dhaka.
Programming Language:
Operating Systems:
Database Server:
Matlab, R, Python, Perl, Java, C/C++, C#, JSP, 80x86 Assembly
language, Verilog, VHDL, Shell Programming, SQL, J2ME.
Linux, Windows.
Oracle, MySQL, SQLite.
Integrative mining of health disparity patterns from large-scale electronic medical records of
Minnesota Type-2 diabetes mellitus patients. (Summer 2014-Current)
Advisors: Prof. Vipin Kumar and Dr. Michael Steinbach, Department of computer Science.
Collaborators: Bonnie Westra, Gyorgy Simon, Department of Nursing; University of Minnesota; John
Chandler, Chief Health Information Officer, Hennepin County Medical Center, MN.
Finding relationships among diagnosis codes (ICD-9) and the patients’ health status from
OASIS home care survey questionnaires. (Fall 2012- Spring 2014).
Advisors: Prof. Vipin Kumar and Dr. Michael Steinbach, Department of computer Science.
Collaborators: Bonnie Westra, Gyorgy Simon, Department of Nursing; University of Minnesota.
Integrative biomarker discovery to find clinical and genetic factors related to mental diseases.
(Spring 2011-Fall 2012)
Advisors: Prof. Vipin Kumar and Dr. Michael Steinbach, Department of computer Science.
Collaborators: Prof. Kelvin O. Lim, Department of Psychiatry; Prof. Angus McDonald III,
Department of Psychology; University of Minnesota.
Extracting features from electronic survey data using clustering techniques (Summer 2010)
Advisor: Juergen Heit. Robert Bosch LLC, Research and Technology Center, Palo Alto, CA.
Biomarker discovery from quantitative mass spectrometry data (Spring 2010- Fall 2012)
Advisors: Prof. Vipin Kumar and Dr. Michael Steinbach, Department of computer Science.
Collaborator: Dr. Chris Wendt, Professor of Medicine; Prof. Michael Wilson, Department of
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Minnesota.
Predictive modeling for improving the performance of oral medicine management and
ambulation of home healthcare patients (Summer 2009-Spring 2010)
Advisors: Dr. Michael Steinbach and Prof. Vipin Kumar, Department of Computer Science, University of
Minnesota. Collaborators: Prof. Bonnie Westra, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota.
Data Mining (A), Machine Learning(A), Advanced Algorithm and Data Structure (A), Pattern
Recognition(A), Statistical Genetics and Genomics (A), Inference of Biological Networks (A), Data
mining for Bioinformatics(A-), Architecture and Implementation of Database(A).
Journals: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, IEEE Transaction on Knowledge Discovery
Conferences: ACM SIGKDD 2009-15; SDM 2010-14; ICDM 2009-14, DMHM-PAKDD 201012, BioKDD 2010-11.
Available upon request ([email protected]).
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