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ilker Köse
Director of TTO at Istanbul Medipol University
[email protected]
Skills & Expertise
Strategic Planning
Software Project Management
Data Mining
Business Intelligence
Information Technology
Data Warehousing
IT Management
IT Strategy
Healthcare Information Technology
Software Engineering
Web Services
Project Management
Web Applications
Software Design
Data Modeling
MS Project
Director of TTO at Istanbul Medipol University
November 2014 - Present (10 months)
The aims of Technology Transfer Office (TTO) are increasing the awareness of the academicians and
students about R&D projects and funds, giving Project Management Office services to all projects and
transferring the produced technologies to the private sector.
Lecturer at Istanbul Medipol University
September 2010 - Present (5 years)
Lectures given: - Medical Informatics - Advanced Medical Informatics - Data Mining - Quantitative Decision
Making Methods - Information Technologies & Tools
Member of the Editorial Board at SD Platform
January 2007 - Present (8 years 8 months)
Responsible from the section of medical informatics
R&D Director at CompuGroup Medical - Turkiye
August 2009 - October 2014 (5 years 3 months)
CGM is the leading company in claim management and reimbursement business in health insurance domain
in Turkey. R&D Department was organized at the end of 2009 in order to improve the innovative capability
of CGM to meet the requirements of keeping market leadership in the sector. As R&D Department,
our focus is to discover new win-win ideas for the sector and make them valuable products. In health
insurance domain we are dealing with smart claim management systems, fraud and abuse detection, disease
management, medical underwriting and health payment models (DRG, etc). Main methods that we use are
data mining, algorithm design, information visualization and knowledge management. The R&D department
consists of three main expertises, that each of them is a complementary to remainings, such as software
development, business intelligence, and medical information management.
IT Consultant at Ministry of Health - Turkey
August 2003 - July 2009 (6 years)
As a World Bank consultant, I was the Project Manager of the information system projects of MoH, such as
Health-NET (Saglik-NET), Family Physician Information Systems, Central Hospital Booking Systems, etc,
which are the most important and nation-wide projects of Turkey.
Chief Information Officer at Istanbul Transportation Co
August 2000 - August 2003 (3 years 1 month)
Electronics (Signalisation and Control) Engineer at Istanbul Transportation Co
August 1999 - August 2000 (1 year 1 month)
(Native or bilingual proficiency)
(Professional working proficiency)
(Elementary proficiency)
Gebze High Technology Institute
PhD, Data Mining, 2007 - 2015
Activities and Societies: Electronic Fraud & Abuse Detection on Private Health Insurance Systems
Gebze High Technology Institute
MSc, NN, HCI, Algorithm Design, 2000 - 2003
Activities and Societies: Drug Design by Using Artificial Neural Networks
Istanbul University
BSc, Electronic Control Systems, 1994 - 1999
Activities and Societies: MP programming, control systems
Development of an optimization platform to insurance companies for contract-bargaining with health
August 2013 to Present
Members:ilker Köse, Kemal Kilic, Tukan #enel, Biray BÜYÜKARKIN
This project aims to find the optimized prices of the contracts signed between health insurance companies and
health providers. The users of the product are both insurance companies and TPA companies.
Development of a multi-variable route planning decision support system for site visit to healthcare
June 2013 to November 2014
Members:ilker Köse, Kemal Kilic
This project aims to organize optimal routes and resources for the site visit of team members for both contract
bargaining and trainings instead of each customers.
Ontology Based Medical Information Management System
June 2012 to February 2014
Members:ilker Köse, Dr. P#nar Yolum, Tukan #enel
This project aims to ontologically manage the medical information in order to maintain the electronic claim
processing system. There are two fold: Medical Information Management System, and Ontology Model. The
ontology was modeled on the medical lists (let say aliases) such as disease groups, policy exclusions, etc.
Risk Based Medical Underwriting System for Health Insurance Companies
March 2011 to January 2013
Members:ilker Köse, Kemal Kilic, Tukan #enel, Mehmet Bilcin PMP®, P#nar Horuz
Underwriting is the risk evaluation function for any insure candidate run by the health and insurance experts
of Health Payers. Most generally this function is held with respect to a paper based guideline and/or an
application that emulates the guidelines. his project aims to predict the correct premium for insure candidate
regarding to the past damage data with respect to some risk groups (diagnosis, etc). I involved this project
as Project Manager. This project is funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
Human Readable and Semantically Sensed Rule Definition for ECP Systems
May 2011 to November 2012
Members:ilker Köse, Mehmet Göktürk
This projects aims to maintain a human-readable payment rules to be drived by the electronic claim
management system, Claimer ECP of CGM.
Fraud and Abuse Detection Suite (eFAD Suite) Development Project
2009 to 2011
Members:ilker Köse, Aytul Ercil, Kemal K#l#ç, Mehmet Bilcin, Murat MET#N, Yücel Saygin
This project is and R&D project funded by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of
Turkey) and eFAD Suite is the product of this R&D Project. eFAD Suite is an integrated solution for health
payers to detect the claims that has abnormal features. Within the project we proposed a novel approach to
filter suspicious ones among millions of claims and we published papers describing our method. I involved
this project as the Project Manager.
Saglik-NET (Health-NET)
2006 to 2009
Members:ilker Köse, Hakan Özer, SONER KIRICI, Yakup Arslan, MURAT GUREL, Erdinc Sabur, Ahmet
Özçam, Dr.Songül Do#an, Nihat Yurt, Dr. M. Mahir ÜLGÜ (MD, MBA)
Saglik-NET is a nation-wide integrated e-health project of Ministry of Health (MoH) of Turkey. It covers
more than 1.000 hospitals. Saglik-NET is one of the first project that HL7 v3 is used for messaging between
hospitals and MoH. The first phase of Saglik-NET aims to collect standard data sets from heath providers to
create an electronic health record of each citizen. This database enables knowledge management of policy
makers. The second phase will be the sharing of those data with hospitals and data owners (citizens) via
a portal. Saglik-NET introduced a couple of national medical informatics standards in Turkey; such as
Minimum Health Data Sets, National Health Data Dictionary and Health Coding Reference System, etc. I
involved this project as the Project Manager.
Family Physician Information System
2003 to 2009
Members:ilker Köse, Hilal Ince, Tugba Caglayan, Erkin KALAYCI, Murat MET#N, Kadir Evciler, Sinan
Korukluoglu, Dr.Songül Do#an, Volkan BÜLBÜL
FPIS is a client-server based medical information system for primary health care services. One of the most
important unique features of FPIS is that it is a an integrated with a centralized system of Ministry of Health
(MoH) which is gathering information from all family physicians over all the country (now ~22.000 clients).
The integration is held via web services and HL7 schema was used. FPIS is not only an IT project. Besides,
it set some standards to exchange data between family physicians and MoH for all other FPIS that can be
developed by private sector in Turkey. I involved this project as a Project Manager from the beginning.
TIS (Transportation Information System)
2000 to 2003
Members:ilker Köse, Hakan Özer, SONER KIRICI, Ersin Eker
TIS is an ERP Project which is covering all procurement, maintenance and management processes of Istanbul
Ulasim Transportation Company. As head of IT department I personally involved the management board of
this project and wrote a module for my department
An interactive machine-learning-based electronic fraud and abusedetection system in healthcare
Applied Soft Computing August 11, 2015
Authors: ilker Köse, Mehmet Göktürk, Kemal Kilic
Actor-Asset and Network Based Approach for Detecting Frauds and Abuses in Health Claim
Authors: ilker Köse, Mehmet Göktürk, Kemal K#l#ç
Turkey’s National Health Information System (NHIS)
e-Challenges 2008
Authors: ilker Köse, Nihat Akp#nar, Murat Gürel, Yakup Arslan, Hakan Özer, Nihat Yurt, Yildiray Kabak,
Asuman Dogac
Stockholm, Sweden
The Use of HL7 CDA in the National Health Information System (NHIS) of Turkey
IHIC 2008
Authors: ilker Köse, Yildiray Kabak, Asuman Dogac, Nihat Akp#nar, Murat Gürel, Yakup Arslan, Hakan Özer,
Ahmet Özçam
Molecular Modeling in the ETOSAR Software
International Modelling & Stability Conference 2003
Authors: ilker Köse, Natalia Shvets
A Problem-Oriented Database as a Tool for the Data on the Structure-Activity Relationships
Accumulation, Integration and Exchange
12th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks 2003
Authors: ilker Köse, Natalia Shvets, #brahim So#ukp#nar
Çanakkale, Turkey
Problem Oriented Database Design For Molecular Modeling and Publishing on Web
Gebze High Technology Institute 2003
Authors: ilker Köse, Natali Shvets
M.Sc. Thesis
A Microcontroller System for Demand Controlled Vantilation Systems
Istanbul University 1999
Authors: ilker Köse
B.Sc. Engineering Project
Independent Coursework
SUN Intermediate Administration SOLARIS 9OE
SUN_Advanced System Administration SOLARIS 9
IT Project Management
ORACLE - Introduction to SQL
ORACLE - Data Warehouse Design
ORACLE - Data Warehouse Fundamentals
.NET C# Programming
.NET MS.NET Framework
.NET Windows Programming Visual C#
.NET XML Web Services
Web Programming with Java
Java Ajax-Spring-Hibernate
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Microsoft Certified System Engineer
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
Turkish Art Music, Turkish Sufi Music, Calligraphy (with Arabic Letters), Playing Ney (reed flute)
ilker Köse
Director of TTO at Istanbul Medipol University
[email protected]
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