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TotalView to Offer Customers Decision-Centric, Action-Oriented Dashboards
March 19, 2014 - Assure, the leading provider of analytics for Application Lifecycle Management, announced a business
partnership with Decision Management Solutions. The new partnership will enable Assure’s customers to utilize decision modeling
and decision management technology as a part of the Assure TotalView product. Assure will leverage this unique partnership to
provide customers with a decision-centric, action-oriented dashboard. Additionally, it will offer a collaboration platform that extends
Assure TotalView with insights from data mining and predictive analytics, as well as actionable recommendations based on
configurable best practices.
“All analytic solutions should start by examining the decisions required to ensure successful business—what is the desired
business impact, how should we implement measurement to ensure we get there, and what roles are involved in making the
decisions? Assure TotalView comes with industry best practice dashboarding and analytical capabilities, which help customers start
using the product quickly, and the best possible outcomes are met when the business users’ decision making process is an integral
part of the solution,” says Samuli Rantala, CEO of Assure.
“Decision modeling is the most effective way to define requirements for any dashboard, independent of the balance between
decision support versus decision automation,” says Gagan Saxena, VP Consulting, Decision Management Solutions. “Decision
modeling also future-proofs dashboard design with clear integration points for exploiting patterns in data with data mining and
predictive analytics, as well as best practices and governance with business rules management systems, for actionable
“Companies today are struggling to act intelligently in the face of increasing data complexity and volume,” says James Taylor, CEO
of Decision Management Solutions. “Reporting-based business intelligence platforms no longer address these business challenges.
We are pleased to partner with Assure to deliver a next generation, decision-centric and action-oriented platform for TotalView.”
About Assure (
Since 2006, Assure has been providing large international customers with services around Application Lifecycle Management.
While working with customers, we noticed ourselves developing many innovations that would provide value for global Application
Lifecycle Management organizations. That's why we've productized many of our innovations into real software solutions. Today, we
serve tens of international enterprise customers across many different industries, each being committed to improving their business
by providing their decision makers with visibility and actionable insights. Our software enables an organization to improve the
quality and productivity of their software delivery chain.
About Decision Management Solutions (
Decision Management Solutions specializes in helping companies build decision-centric, action-oriented systems and processes
using an approach of decision management, business rules, and advanced analytic technologies. Our collaborative decision
modeling software, DecisionsFirst Modeler, is a cornerstone for developing requirements for these next generation systems and
For more information, contact:
Samuli Rantala, CEO
+358 40 540 7511
+1 919 827 1175
[email protected]
Decision Management Solutions
James Taylor, CEO
+1 650 400 3029
[email protected]