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On the Net for Your Business
Simon Bates, Project Advisor and Manager.
The DDC Group is on the Net,
creating content and mining
invaluable nuggets of information
for its clients.
Forming a dedicated near-shore or
offshore team for each application,
DDC populates websites with fresh
content or searches the web to pick
up vital information.
Teams offering diverse skills,
trainability, and excellent value for
money are based in the Philippines
and in Bosnia, covering most West
and East European languages.
Breakaway specialists online.
Weekendesk is the leading online
travel agent for weekends and short
breaks in France, Belgium, the
Netherlands, Spain and Italy.
It features the best hotels and
experiences available,
and its popularity is growing.
To assure stable, streamlined production
and management of its web content,
and thus guarantee through service
levels a consistently attractive product
at controllable cost, Weekendesk
sought a partner who could work with
it collaboratively and cost-effectively.
DDC set-up a multi-lingual team
to keep the Weekendesk website
constantly refreshed with pictorial,
descriptive and statistical content,
and to provide management reports
helping Weekendesk control its offering.
An open-minded and flexible approach
to service design, which typifies DDC
outsourcing, was applied.
A relationship of trust and mutual
benefit has flourished.
“DDC has been instrumental both
in the implementation strategy and in
the day to day execution through the
involvement of the team to deliver the
best quality in a tight budget.
DDC helps us optimizing the
processes using the latest collaborative
tool and provides us detailed reporting
to monitor our activity.”
“Weekendesk has
been working with
DDC to streamline
the content
management for
our product database
in 4 languages.”
David Ohayon, CIO & Content Director.
On the Net for Your Business
Simon Bates, Project Advisor and Manager.
“Being a small, international and thus
multilingual company, Weekendesk’s
editorial department has been relying
on DDC Central Europe's services for
several years now.
All of our text writing and data loading
has been detached to this Sarajevo
based office and therefore a strong
business relation has been built.
DDC works with intelligent, communicative,
well trained and hard working people,
which makes it possible for Weekendesk
to add real quality to its outsourcing
process. Furthermore, the advantage
is to have a team specially dedicated to
the Weekendesk project, which facilitates
day to day contact and allows us to
invest in specific trainings and keep
track of quantity, time and costs in
an efficient way.”
Anne Van Gemert, Head of Editorial
Department at Weekendesk
Online Community. Indirex is the online
community for the global unlisted real
estate fund market place. Its website
offers information about funds and their
performance, fund managers, and
related news and research material.
As a new company, with all the
expertise but limited resource, Indirex
was finding it tough to gather all the
information needed to populate the
database behind its site with fresh data
every day. The experts were working
long hours on this task as well as
launching Indirex’s service to the world:
they needed help to release
themselves from data gathering so they
could run the business! But, was it
possible for an outsourcing partner to
gather such industry-specific,
sometimes esoteric, data correctly?
DDC told them it was. Indirex transferred
knowledge, concepts and vocabulary
from the world of investment in property
and infrastructure projects to an offshore
DDC team that now accurately
populates the client’s database daily
with breaking news and updates to
funds. Doubts were expunged.
Indirex benefits both from the low cost
of creating content to power its products,
and from the release of its staff to focus
on building client relationships and
running the business.
On the Net for Your Business
Simon Bates, Project Advisor and Manager.
Award-winning specialists in career
development. Populating a database
is not always a knowledge-based task,
nor even a continuous back-office one,
but still requires consistently high accuracy
and a clear understanding of what is
and is not relevant: the data we deliver
forms part of our client’s reputation. is a social
platform where organizations build
talent communities around relevant
topics that attract, engage & develop
their next-generation workforce from
an external global audience and their
own internal talent ecosystem. Clients
include brands such as Microsoft, eBay,
Gates Foundation and Expedia.
The long term value is that
BraveNewTalent will map the Talent
Graph by knowledge, skills and potential
enabling organizations to increase the
efficiency of applying human capital.
Part of its offering online is a database
of global companies — the employers:
the people wanting to attract new talent.
BraveNewTalent began capturing
corporate profiles to feed its platform,
but realised this needed a larger,
dedicated team that could populate
a database quickly and accurately to
give the online offering momentum.
DDC’s solution was a four-month data
mining project that yielded profiles of
the 70,000 biggest employers across the
globe. Information extracted for each
employer included contact information,
size, logo, region and marketplace,
AboutUs and employee skills.
This involved accurate assessment
of the information available within
the corporations’ own sites in their
myriad forms.
DDC transformed, efficiently and
economically, a mountain of online data
into a reserve of high-grade information,
helping BraveNewTalent to realize its
start-up goals.
Pet insurance specialist. Buddies is a
well-known provider of insurance to pet
owners, and has been a client of DDC’s
for several years, through a regular
offline service to capture puppy and
kitten registrations.
To help review the market, Buddies
considered an exercise to garner
quotes from its competitors’ websites.
Realizing that this would be a potentially
costly and time-consuming task for
internal staff, Buddies turned to DDC
for assistance.
DDC had prior experience of such
work, having captured quotes for a
market research company. For Buddies,
we set up a temporary offshore team to
generate matrixes of insurance quotes
through the online forms of specified
competitor sites. Buddies provided
value lists for breed, postcode and pet
age, along with fixed values for fields
that were considered not critical to the
exercise. DDC sought for each site a
quote using each and every combination
of the three variable fields, copying and
pasting the quotes generated into a
deliverable spreadsheet.
The task for Buddies was done using
direct connection through the internet,
although connection via a UK proxy
server is also possible if identity of the
connecting IP address is ever an issue.
The task was completed in a few weeks
at an affordable cost, and Buddies
commissioned several such tasks
utilizing DDC’s online service.
Unearth the gems that make your business sparkle with the DDC Group.