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Volume Eleven, Issue Three
In This Issue of
Health & Wellness:
Health Views Q&A with D’Andra........3
Help Support Your Immune System.. 4
New Weight Loss Formula..........5
New ORAC Drink..............................6
Dear Friends,
Published by:
Ultimate Living International, Inc.
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D’Andra Simmons
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Look for exciting
Health & Wellness topics
in future issues
products and feel like they are a great addition to
Ultimate Living is excited, as we just
the Ultimate Living family of products. ORAC
celebrated our 13th year since we started
is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities
our nutrition company. At that time, I made
(potency) of different foods. The ORAC
one product, Green Miracle, which is and
examination measures the total antioxidant
will always be my very favorite supplement
capacity of a product. In other words, a high
available on the market. I must tell you the
ORAC score indicates a high
journey has not always been
total of antioxidant
easy. However, with hard
capacity. The Ultimate
work and determination I am
Living ORAC Drink
convinced Ultimate Living
was in development
ranks among the best nutrition
for two years, as I
companies in the world.
was committed to give you, our valued
Given the times we live in, it is
ORAC Drink
more important than ever that you maintain Item # 2045 $39.95 customer, the most effective, highest and
potent ORAC value. In other countries,
your health and well-being so you can take
care of yourself and those who depend on you. While people who consume 6,000 ORAC value each day
good health provides security in your life during the have extended their life span significantly.
Ultimate Living’s Weight Loss is a safe and
best times, it is even more important when times are
tough. Without good health, it is difficult to overcome effective all-natural appetite suppressant that burns
these difficult times. As a cancer survivor, I know it fat and increases metabolism. This formula includes
is critical to take the best nutrients, a proprietary blend that makes you feel full! It also
eat a healthy diet, exercise, and get helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well
at least 8 hours of sleep each night. as induces weight loss by burning fat, and it can help
Taking the right supplements is reduce cellulite.
I hope that you enjoy this edition of the Health
probably the easiest and best way
you can feel significantly better, & Wellness Quarterly. We have included lots of
have energy and stay healthy. information to help you take control of your health!
You must understand that when Make sure you check out our articles on our new
you’re missing vital nutrients your products, and when you call to place your order be
body will feel it. For example, sure to ask about our new catalog. As I always say,
Weight Loss (Capsules) you may lack energy, have
tomorrow’s health is built on what you do today.
Item # 2046 $39.95
trouble sleeping, feel tired or
Stay healthy,
depressed. When you give your body the right nutrition,
it will respond with vitality and strength.
Given the role and impact nutrition plays on your
health, I’m especially excited to introduce the new
products Ultimate Living recently launched – our
ORAC Drink (see page 6) and a new Weight Loss
formula (see page 5). We are thrilled about both these
Your ORAC Drink is right up
there with your Green Miracle.
Wow! I have been taking it for 2
weeks, and my energy has doubled.
My joints no longer ache when I get
up in the morning, and I go all day
without getting tired. Thanks for
such a wonderful product that does
all you say it does and more.
Your ORAC Drink
is right up there with
your Green Miracle.
ORAC Drink
Item # 2045 $39.95
S.G., Texas
chemicals (prescriptions) really
can cause harm to the human
body. Ultimate Living products
convince me more and more that
the body needs natural and not
chemical products. Praise the
Lord for your testimony on TCT
network. I viewed it via Direct
TV this morning.
S. F., Ohio
I received a bottle of your
Ultimate Living Weight Loss
The ORAC Drink is truly
capsules and have used them
amazing. Not only does it
every day since receiving the
taste delicious, but it has more
Between work and a busy
bottle. I have followed the
nutrients packed into the 1 oz serving
home life, I found myself
directions and made sure to
than you can believe, and what it has done
packing on the pounds. I was
take 2 capsules 2 hours before
for my energy level, my blood pressure
eating on the go, often grabbing
my 2 largest meals each day. I
and my cholesterol levels is miraculous.
fast food in between
have noticed it has suppressed
My joint inflammation is also
stops. When I started
my sugar cravings, as well as
greatly reduced, enough for
Green Miracle Powder
my all-around appetite. In
me to return to full workouts
Loss capsules, I
Item # 2010 $50
comparison to other products
and yoga, and I have not even
noticed immediately
I have recently tried, the Ultimate Living
consumed a whole bottle yet.
that my food cravings became
Weight Loss doesn’t make me feel shaky,
I feel fantastic. Thank you for
less frequent. In addition, I
light headed, or make my heart race.
making this product.
started to have more energy
Most importantly, I have noticed that my
and zest for life, resulting in
clothes fit better!! I also included Green
B.P., Texas
the loss of several pounds.
Miracle, Trace Minerals, and AloeWhen taken as instructed (2
Papaya into my daily regimen, which has
I am a huge fan of this ORAC
hours before mealtime) I find
made me feel the best I have felt in ages.
myself not overeating as I once Weight Loss (Capsules) Drink. It makes me feel
Thanks again for all your work!
maybe did, a habit I am thrilled Item # 2046 $39.95 fantastic – steady high energy
level all day, and I sleep like a
to have broken. These Weight
S.T., Texas
baby at night since taking this.
Loss capsules are exactly what
My mental clarity is noticeably
I needed to jump start my diet
increased, and my digestion
and exercise routine, and I can
is better. I no longer have
proudly say I am now leading a
food cravings or energy lags
much healthier lifestyle!
throughout the day-- amazing!
I have seen other ORAC drinks
G. G., California
and they only have a fraction of
what this one packs into a bottle.
I have been battling high
Pressure Formula Just one oz per day is making a
blood pressure for 20 years. I am Blood
Item # 2043 $40
huge difference in my life, and
thankful to say that since taking
it has a wonderful berry taste. I
the Blood Pressure Formula on May of
am on my 2nd bottle and look forward to
this year, my blood pressure has lowered
continued health and immunity from now
dramatically. I take medication for it, and
on!!! Thanks!
I hope someday I won’t need to do that. I
am upset when I hear and read about how
Weight Loss Health Pack
Item # 2071 $120.60
C.M., Texas
*Not all consumers should expect to experience the attested results.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Health & Wellness
ORDER LINE 1-800-360-0988 or
Ultimate Living International, Inc.
I have just been diagnosed
with Fibromyalgia. What
Ultimate Living products do you
recommend for my condition?
I am sorry to hear
about your diagnosis.
Fibromyalgia is a
condition characterized
by joint and muscle pain
with multiple places
on the body that are
tender when touched.
This condition can be
not only debilitating,
COQ10 Softgels
but also depressing. The
Item # 2020 $40
pain from Fibromyalgia
can wear down a person physically
and mentally as you also cope with
insomnia and fatigue. In addition, you
may experience bloating, abdominal pain,
headaches, joint stiffness, anxiety and
Ultimate Living makes several products
that would be beneficial for your condition.
1. The antioxidant COQ10 can increase
energy production in cells. I suggest a
dosage of 200 - 300 mg per day.
2. ORAC Drink 2oz per day will help to
reduce inflammation
in the body and will
protect against free
radical damage, which
leads to multiple disease
conditions in the body.
3. Sleep Formula People that suffer from
Fibromyalgia usually
suffer from insomnia.
Sleep Formula
Taking 2 capsules of
Item # 2042 $35
the Sleep Formula
before bedtime will ensure that you get the
rest you need to help repair your body.
4. Flex-Support formula - Start by
taking 6 capsules per day, and as your
condition improves you may lower the
amount of capsules to 4
per day for maintenance.
Flex-Support contains
green lipped mussel and
MSM, two ingredients
targeted specifically for
inflammation and pain.
Eating a diet that
emphasizes green
leafy vegetables and is
completely void of
Flex-Support Formula
white flour, refined
Item # 2021 $50
Lingual tablets per day will
help in reducing menstrual
cramps, fluid retention,
weight gain and fatigue.
When combined with
Ultimate Living’s Harmony
Cream, your PMS should be
greatly alleviated, and your
monthly cycle should be
more regular.
Harmony Cream
Item # 2033 $30
I have been diagnosed with
sugar, hydrogenated oils and trans fats is
osteoporosis. What can I do that
optimal while you are trying to regain
your health.
will help or reverse the situation?
5. Green Miracle is always
Proper diet and nutritional
recommended for anyone suffering
supplementation are the best insurance
from a degenerative disease.
policies for maintaining overall bone
In addition, exercise has been
health. Your diet must contain the proper
shown to be extremely beneficial
amounts of protein and nutrients to
for someone suffering from
ensure better health.
Fibromyalgia. Start slow by
Protein is a major building block for
walking and just do what you can.
bone and is needed for the intestinal
Yoga, stretching and breathing
absorption of calcium. However,
exercises are also helpful. The
Green Miracle Capsules excessive protein can lead to bone loss
goal is to get the blood and
Item # 2009 $55
by increasing the amount of acid in
lymph tissue moving in the
your body. This will force it to pull valuable
body, so that you will excrete toxins more
calcium and other alkalinity minerals from
efficiently and absorb nutrients.
your bones in order to bring the pH of your
blood and tissues back into balance. While
I recently went to your website
adequate protein intake is
and noticed your new ORAC
essential to bone health, your
body can only handle 40-60
Drink. Why would I need an
grams per day (for both men and
ORAC supplement in my daily
women). Women who are at
high risk for osteoporosis or low
bone density need to eat more
ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical
vegetable than animal protein. In
Absorbance Capacity. It is the method of
addition, taking 4 to 6 capsules
measuring the antioxidant capacities of
per day of Cal-Mag Plus,
Cal-Mag Plus
food and was developed by the National
which contains Hydroxyapatite Item # 2013 $30
Institute on Aging in the National Institutes
calcium (the most absorbable
of Health. Accurate measurement of
course of calcium), is an excellent way to
antioxidant activity serves as a good
maintain strong and healthy bones. Calcium
indicator of potential health benefit.
is not only important for bone health, but
Inflammation and oxidation are the leading
several studies have shown that calcium
causes of disease, premature aging
supplementation also helps
and even death. Including ORAC
reduce the risk of colorectal
in your diet could help reduce
cancer and precancerous
inflammation and prevent free radical
polyps. In addition, calcium
formation – the leading causes of
may bind to bile acid, reducing
many diseases.
the harm it causes to your
How does B-Complex help
with PMS?
B-Complex will help to regulate
estrogen levels and reduce menstrual
cramps. Taking 2 B-Complex
B Complex-Lingual
Item # 2029 $25
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Health & Wellness
ORDER LINE 1-800-360-0988 or
Ultimate Living International, Inc.
Help support your immune system today!
By D’Andra Simmons
Aloe-Papaya Drink
Item # 2028 $24
Green Miracle Powder
Item # 2010 $50
Ionic Trace Minerals
Item # 2016 $20
Better Health & Wellness
Aloe-Papaya Drink
Green Miracle
Ionic Trace Minerals
By combining Aloe & Papaya
into one drink, you are able to
see great benefits! Aloe aids in
healthy digestion, which ensures
that nutrients from the foods we
eat are absorbed into the blood
stream. Aloe juice has a natural,
detoxifying effect on our
bodies. When combined with
the Papaya, which assists the
digestion of proteins, it is a great
way to improve your digestion,
and it is loaded with Vitamin
C! Papaya fruit is also used to
support cardiovascular function
and a healthy immune system.
It is known for the enzyme
papain, which helps digest and
utilize important nutrients.
Green Miracle is nature’s
perfect superfood because it
contains the widest range of
essential nutrients available
in any single food source –
including potassium, all of the B
Vitamins, magnesium, zinc and
iron, 18 vital amino acids, beta
carotene and lutein. In fact, to
get the same amount of nutrients
at the grocery store, you would
have to spend more than $200
and carry home more than 20
pounds of food. Wouldn’t you
rather spend less and eat a mere
30 calories of Ultimate Living’s
Green Miracle? In addition,
toxins can be carried out of your
body through Green Miracle,
by including it in your diet
twice daily. Remember, Green
Miracle is like a health food
store in a can!
Ionic Trace Minerals are
26 times more concentrated
than colloidal minerals. Ionic
Minerals from the Great Salt
Lake are 99.5% sodium free.
They replace trace minerals
missing from your typical diet,
and they also provide over 50
minerals in nature’s perfect
With the combination
of all 3 products,
you are able to really
build up your immune
system and have a
healthier lifestyle.
Combine Green Miracle with
Aloe-Papaya and Ionic Trace
Minerals to better your health
and wellness.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Health & Wellness
ORDER LINE 1-800-360-0988 or
Ultimate Living International, Inc.
[ Weight Loss Formula! ]
ith new and improved ingredients,
Ultimate Living is pleased to
announce our new Weight Loss
formula. It is a safe and effective
all-natural appetite suppressant that burns
fat and increases metabolism. This new
formula helps act as an appetite suppressant
and supports increased lean muscle mass
and decreased fat. The product also helps
reduce your sugar and cholesterol levels and
helps fight sugar cravings. Not to mention,
it also boosts your metabolism and can help
reduce cellulite!
Of course, as with any weight loss
program, there are certain steps to follow
in order to achieve your desired long-term
results. By adding a few
activities to your day you
will find it easier to reach
your weight loss goals!
• Make sure to eat fruits
and vegetables as well as
protein – Green Miracle
helps solve this problem.
• Eating your last meal
before 7:00 pm allows
your body to cleanse
and detoxify during the
Weight Loss (Capsules)
• Drink a minimum of eight Item # 2046 $39.95
glasses of water a day.
• Try to reduce your calorie intake by
controlling portion sizes and eating more
• Remember that a serving of fruits and
vegetables is half a cup, while a serving of
meat or poultry should be about the size of
a deck of cards.
• Exercising 30-60 minutes per day will
help reach your goal. Activities such as
walking, jogging, swimming, biking
aerobics, and weight bearing exercises are
• Must sleep 7 – 8 hours a night so the body
can detox.
Ultimate Living’s New Weight Loss formula Ingredients include:
• Svetol Green Tea Coffee Extract regulates the blood sugar concentration and
induces weight loss by fat burning action.
• Cinnamon Powder improves glucose metabolism and regulation in skeletal
muscle tissue.
• Piper Longum Extract enhances metabolic rate and helps protect against
oxidative damage and aids in digestion.
• Green Tea protects against oxidative damage.
• Cha de Bugre acts as an appetite suppressant and helps maintain healthy
blood sugar levels. Promotes healthy cholesterol and lipid levels and may help
reduce cellulite.
• GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) Chromium supports blood sugar
metabolism. It is derived from organically bound, trivalent chromium yeast
with glucose tolerance factor. Provides the purest most nutritional chromium
possible. Reduces appetite and increases metabolism.
• Gymnnema Sulvestre reduce blood sugar levels and fight off sugar cravings.
Weight Loss Health Pack
Item # 2071 $120.60
For even more dramatic results, we encourage you to order
our complete Weight Loss Program, which contains Ultimate
Living Weight Loss, Green Miracle, Aloe-Papaya Drink, and
Ionic Trace Minerals.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Health & Wellness
ORDER LINE 1-800-360-0988 or
Ultimate Living International, Inc.
New OR AC Drink
(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
Ultimate Living is always on the cutting
edge of nutritional supplements, and our new
ORAC Drink really sets us apart from the
rest of the pack. Oxygen Radical Absorbance
Capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring
antioxidant capacities (potency) of different
foods. It was developed by the scientists at the
National Institute on Aging in the National
Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.
Research indicates that high ORAC foods
may slow the processes associated with
aging in both the body and the brain.
Ultimate Living’s ORAC value is 6,000
ORAC per serving, one of the highest on the
market today! Most of the active nutritional
components in fruits are antioxidants. An
accurate measurement of antioxidant activity
serves as a good indicator of potential health
benefit. Scientific opinion runs high that
ORAC will eventually become a government
standard of reference for measurement of
overall daily fruit and vegetable intake.
ORAC is important to include in your
daily regimen for many reasons. Studies
have shown that eating plenty of high ORAC
foods can help prevent some loss of longterm memory and learning ability. It also
helps maintain the ability of brain cells to
respond to a chemical stimulus, a function
that normally decreases with age. ORAC
foods also help protect blood vessels against
oxidative damage.
Studies have also shown that eating plenty
of high ORAC foods can help raise the
antioxidant power of human blood 10-25
percent. Superfruits like açai, goji berry,
coffee berry, cranberry, and blueberry
provide an array of antioxidants, including
Vitamins A, C and E. These ingredients
have been shown to reduce inflammation
and oxidation (which is the cause of disease),
and to help the aging process.
Ultimate Living’s
ORAC value is 6,000
ORAC per serving,
one of the highest
on the market
ORAC Drink
Item # 2045 $39.95
Inflammation and oxidation (free radical
damage to our cells) are the leading causes of
disease and premature aging. Inflammation
is one of the leading causes of pain, disease
and death.
Oxidation is a chemical reaction resulting
in the loss of electrons of an atom. This
causes what are known as free radicals.
Free radicals kill cells by corroding their
membranes, damaging DNA and altering
Free radicals have been scientifically
linked to:
• Premature aging
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular disease
• Stroke
• Arthritis
• Cataracts
• Parkinson’s disease
• Allergies
Ultimate Living’s ORAC Drink is a
powerful, convenient way to supplement
diets that do not include sufficient antioxidants. It offers consumers a way to supplement their diet with an all-natural, all-fruit
product that can help combat oxidative
stress and resultant oxidative damage
caused by free radicals. It is loaded with
potent fruit polyphenols, anthocyanins,
proanthocyanidin, chlorogenic acid, and
Vitamin C.
Extensive research suggests that excessive
free radicals may cause inflammation, heart
disease and cancer. The natural antioxidants
in Ultimate Living’s ORAC Drink promote
protection against free radical damage. From
athletes, who have increased levels of free
radicals in the blood from aerobic exercise,
to dieters, who may not be ingesting enough
levels of antioxidants, Ultimate Living’s
ORAC Drink is the solution. Ultimate
Living’s ORAC Drink should be provided
in combination with every diet program.
Start including ORAC in your diet today!
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Health & Wellness
ORDER LINE 1-800-360-0988 or
Ultimate Living International, Inc.
Ultimate Living’s
ORAC Drink Ingredients Include:
Açai Juice Concentrate
Comes from the Brazilian Rain Forest. Top 10
Superfoods- called it “the fruit of life.” Recently,
the açai “berry” has been touted and marketed
as a highly beneficial dietary supplement. Açai
provides increased energy levels, improved
digestion, detoxification, high fiber content,
high antioxidant content, improved skin
appearance, improved heart health, improved
sleep, and reduction of cholesterol levels.
Goji Berry
Originates from Southeast Europe and Asia.
These shriveled red berries, which resemble
red raisons, are rich in antioxidants, particularly
carotenoids such as beta-carotene and
zeaxanthin. Research has shown that daily
intake of goji berries increased plasma levels of
antioxidants. Goji berry consumption combats
cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases,
and vision-related diseases (such as agerelated macular degeneration and glaucoma).
Goji berries protect eyes and are an antiinflammatory.
Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
Pomegranates contain a diverse array of
tannins, particularly hydrolysable tannins. The
ORAC of pomegranate is higher than that of red
wine or green tea, traditionally suggested to be
high antioxidant food products. They are also
rich in antioxidants; one of the pomegranates
major benefits is to lower cholesterol.
Coffee Berry Extract
Coffee berries, which contain the coffee bean, are
produced by several species of small evergreen
bush. Coffee berries appear to reduce the risk
of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease,
heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, cirrhosis
of the liver, and gout. The antioxidants in coffee
berries prevent free radicals from causing cell
Cherry Concentrate
Cherries contain potent antioxidants that
target harmful molecules in the body called
free radicals - can help prevent cancer, heart
disease, stroke and aging. Great for relaxation
and sleep.
Grape Concentrate, Red Wine Extract, Grape
Seeds and Resveratrol
Antioxidants in grapes have been positively
linked to inhibiting cancer, heart disease,
lowering blood sugar, treating high blood
pressure, treating high cholesterol, reducing
inflammation and degenerative nerve disease,
viral infections and the mechanisms of
Alzheimer’s disease. Dietary resveratrol has
been shown to modulate the metabolism of
lipids and to inhibit oxidation of low-density
lipoproteins and aggregation of platelets. Helps
prevent against oxidative stress.
Cranberry Concentrate
Cranberries are loaded with antioxidants
and considered a “superfruit.” They have
moderate levels of Vitamin C, dietary fiber
and the essential dietary mineral, manganese,
as well as a balanced profile of other essential
micronutrients. Helps fight urinary tract
Wild Bilberries
Laboratory studies have provided preliminary
evidence that bilberry consumption may inhibit
or reverse eye disorders such as macular
degeneration. Bilberries contain dense levels
of antioxidants to lower the risk of heart and
cardiovascular system disease, as well as
degenerative diseases of the eyes and cancer.
Wild Blueberries
Blueberries have notably high levels of the
essential dietary mineral manganese, Vitamin
B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and dietary fiber.
Especially in wild species, blueberries contain
antioxidant components that may have a role
in reducing risks of some diseases, including
inflammation and different cancers.
Raspberries rank near the top of all fruits for
antioxidant strength; raspberries are a rich
source of Vitamin C, manganese and dietary
fiber, along with B Vitamins 1-3, folic acid,
magnesium, copper and iron. Contains ellagic
acid, which prevents mutation of genes.
Apple Concentrate
Research suggests that apples may reduce
the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and
lung cancer. The fiber content helps regulate
bowel movements and may thus reduce the
risk of colon cancer. Apples are loaded with
phytochemicals like quercetin, which may help
prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
Green Tea Extract
Evidence suggests that green tea drinkers
can lower chances of heart disease and of
developing certain types of cancer. Green tea
has also been claimed useful for weight loss
A strawberry is a “superstar” when it comes
to anti-oxidant power. Research shows that
these two flavonoids help keep “bad” (LDL)
cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging artery
Grapefruit is a good source of Vitamin C, pectin
fiber, and the pink and red hues contain the
beneficial antioxidant lycopene. Studies have
shown grapefruit helps lower cholesterol and
there is evidence that the seeds have high levels
of antioxidant properties.
Aloe Barbadensis Whole Leaf Gel
Aloe vera grows in tropical climates and is
widely distributed in Africa, Asia and other
tropical areas. In addition to topical use in
wound or burn healing, internal intake of aloe
vera has been linked with improved blood
glucose levels in diabetics. Also helps with the
digestive system and ulcers.
Stevia, commonly known as sweet leaf,
sugarleaf, or simply stevia, is widely grown
for its sweet leaves. Medical research has also
shown possible benefits of stevia in treating
obesity and high blood pressure. Stevia helps
to balance your blood sugar.
Prunes and their “juice” contain a natural
laxative, dietary fiber and a high antioxidant
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Health & Wellness
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Ultimate Living’s New Catalog
Ever wonder if a one-stop-shop for health and wellness
truly exists? From Green Miracle to Enriched Moisturizer
– The Ultimate Living catalog covers it all!
tomorrow’s health
is built on what
you do today!
You will be able to flip through the full line
of nutritional supplements right at your
very hands, making sure your health and
wellness is top priority! Also included
is Dee Simmons skin care line and Dee
Simmons cosmetics!
Make sure to ask about receiving Ultimate Living’s
catalog next time you call and place an order!
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