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February/March 2014
 Back To School: Keeping Kids Healthy
 Cholesterol Control
Optimal Digestion
Healthy and Happy!
My Hardy's February/March 2014
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• reduce Hunger levels and improve mood
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My Hardy's February/March 2014
Healthful Hints
Back To School Special:
Keeping Children Healthy
Control Cholesterol Naturally
Alkaline Diets:
Fact Or Fiction?
Peaceful Passionflower
A Special Ingredient
A stunning Kiwi
Summer is well and
truly here now and
even though most
of us have finished
holidays and are
back to reality,
life still has that sparkly Summer
As the kids transition back to
school, it doesn’t have to mean
back to bugs. In this issue, we’ve
got all the best ways to boost their
immunity, and give their little brains
the biggest and best start.
The world of natural health is
full of new discoveries, so in this
issue, we introduce you to miracle
enzymes, underrated vitamins
Vitamin K2: Give me a K, Give me a 2
18 Smooth And Soothe:
Achieve Divine
Addressing Skin
Redness and
Pigmentation Problems
Hardy's People
Lifestream: The
Superfood Experts
News and Events
Summer Savings
28 Store Directory
and your planted pal for achieving
If you’re feeling like the holiday
has left you, or your skin, a wee bit
worse for wear, check out our tips
to address skin redness, control
cholesterol and get your body’s
acidity back on an even keel after
over indulging.
Enjoy this issue and make sure
you send us your feedback or any
questions you have via
[email protected] or to PO Box
19004, Hamilton.
Until next time, happy and healthy
Editor: Christina Wedgwood
Design and Production: Tori Herries
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Christina Wedgwood
My Hardy's February/March 2014
It is easy to overindulge on rich foods during the holiday period. The liver, which works
as the major filtering organ in the body, is then under strain and ends up working extra
hard to detoxify everything you’ve consumed.
Aloe vera juice works as a natural tonic for the liver. It contains enzymes that promote
smooth digestion and soothe the lining of the stomach and intestines. Additionally, it
can work to support the immune system against allergies.
After drinking aloe vera juice, many find that they feel less bloated, while externally,
skin can become visibly clearer. If you don’t like the taste of natural aloe vera juice, try
Lifestream’s delicious aloeBerry.
The gorgeous weather marks
the perfect time to get on
your bike and February is
National Bike Wise Month,
so all the more reason. Not
only is biking good for the
planet (and your wallet as
petrol prices soar), but it also helps you get in
your daily exercise, as recommended by the
Ministry of Health and Sport New Zealand.
A recent study in the journal Psychotherapy
and Psychosomatics found that bike
riding improved energy levels by 20% and
decreased fatigue by 65%, triggering the
neurotransmitter dopamine. Another such
study found that riding at moderate to high
intensity three times a week for 30 minutes
lowered blood pressure and LDL cholesterol,
the top two risk factors in heart disease.
Increasing overall aerobic fitness and toning
pretty much every part of the body, cycling
is ideal for people of all ages and is gentle
on the joints. If you want to give it a shot this
month, get on your bike on February 13, the
country’s annual “Go by Bike Day”.
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Avocadoes are in season at this time of the
year and we think that not much could be
better. The Guinness Book of Records lists
avocado as the most nutritionally complete
fruit in the world.
Use it in the place of
butter and you’ll
be replacing less fa
vourable fats with
healthier options.
It’s also naturally cholesterol free, so is a
great way to help you reduce cholesterol
levels and fight against heart disease.
That said, avocado is still high in fat, so don’t
go crazy. Fat is still fat, even if it’s the good
kind. One cup of avocado contains almost
one third of your fat intake for the day
(23 grams, of the recommended
daily intake of 65 grams.)
They say the eyes are the window to the soul and, whether or
not you believe that, you’d have to agree that they’re pretty
vital to the things we are able to do each day. With this in mind,
we’ve put together some tips for healthy peepers…
 Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV
rays and make sure you pop on safety goggles during any
sports or activities that require protective eyewear
Take care of
your health with
our very best,
the brand that’s made
by specialists and
sold by specialists.
 Quit smoking! Smoking increases your risk of cataracts and
sight threatening diseases
 Exercise regularly for the best chance of delaying macular
degeneration (the leading cause of vision loss later in life)
 Eat your greens and foods rich in omega
3 fatty acids to reduce your risk of dry
eyes and glaucoma
 Stay hydrated, so you
can produce enough
tears to keep your
eyes moist and
 Schedule regular
eye exams
Receive a
Pill box
with any MICROgenics®
product purchased
Even for those of us who
like to get a gauge on what
is in the foods we eat, and
tend to look at the back of
packets for the nutritional
information, this is likely to
come as a shock. 4g sugar =
1 teaspoon. While grams is a
somewhat abstract measure
to most of us, teaspoons
are not and help us to put
this measure into tangible
Consider the (surely healthy)
cereal, Nutrigrain as an
example. With 9.6g of sugar
per 30g serving, that’s almost
2.5 teaspoons of sugar.
Or take a common muesli bar,
like Cadbury’s Brunch Bar.
This little slab packs in almost
3 teaspoons of sugar.
Sugar is hiding in all sorts
of places you might not
expect too. A 300g can of
Watties Spaghetti has almost
4 teaspoons of sugar in it,
despite being a so called
‘savoury’ snack option.
Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, please see your healthcare
professional. Vitamin supplements should not
diet. TAPS PP4679
as they head back to school
t's been a summer of
fun with Christmas, long
sunny days and sleep ins;
but the time has come to
pack up the books and head
back to school.
However, at this time it’s
also common to notice your
children catching coughs and
colds. The transition back to
school doesn’t have to mean
‘back to bugs’… The start of
the school year is the ideal
time to boost your childrens’
immunity and help them put
their best foot forward this
Immune improvements
To protect against the host of
bacteria and viruses that children
are exposed to at school and in
childcare, a healthy immune system
is vital. In these environments,
children are more susceptible to
infection and keeping them healthy
can seem like an impossible task.
While you can’t protect your
children from bacteria and viruses
completely, you can help to prevent
them from being made sick by them.
Whether you have a toddler or a
teen, preventing them from falling
victim to frequent infections, by
boosting their immunity, will help
to keep them strong and healthy
throughout the year.
your child has good levels of
probiotics, or “friendly” bacteria
is essential for building a strong
immune system.
Bacterial balance matters
The balance of good bacteria your
child has in their digestive system
plays an important role in the
development of their immunity,
providing the stimulus for the
immune system to mature into an
efficient infection fighting network.
It follows then that if an imbalance
occurs in the digestive system, and
there is more bad bacteria than
good, immunity gets compromised.
An imbalance in gut flora can be the
result of medications, high sugar
diets and a range of other factors,
lowering their immunity and
heightening their risk of infections
and allergies.
The good news is that probiotic
supplementation (a dose of good
bacteria) can help to restore
balance if your child’s gut flora
does become disturbed. The need
for probiotic supplementation is
increased when children are under
stress, or when their bodies and
immune systems are (like when they
transition back to school). It is also
important in the case of:
 A caesarean birth
 Formula feeding as opposed to
breast feeding
Good bugs can help keep the
bad bugs away
 Infections
A large proportion of the immune
system lives in and around the
gastrointestinal tract. For this
reason, healthy gut function is vital
for optimum immunity. Ensuring
 Constipation or diarrhoea
My Hardy's February/March 2014
 Antibiotic use
 A diet high in sugar, fat and
 A diet low in fibre
Other immune boosting tips
for your children
As well as keeping the body in
balance, there are important
dietary and lifestyle things that
you can do to support your child's
immune system and overall health…
 Boost with breakfast. A healthy
breakfast is the most important
thing to give your child the best
start to a day of learning. To
make the morning routine easier,
keep quick and healthy options
on hand, like wholegrain bread
with protein packed toppings,
porridge, cereals that aren’t
loaded with sugar, or fruit and
 Aim for low GI. A nutritious lunch
and low GI snacks for children
to nibble throughout the day are
vital. Opt for immune boosting
foods where possible, like
vegetable sticks, fruit, high quality
proteins, wholegrains and foods
containing essential fats (like oily
fish, nuts and seeds)
 Avoid sugar. The refined sugars
found in chocolates, cakes and
other types of junk food place
unnecessary demands on the
immune system.
 Exercise. Exerting the body
promotes general wellness
and health, and is essential for
maintaining the immune system.
Make sure your child gets 30
minutes of exercise every day
and limit time spent playing
computer games or watching TV.
 Sleep. Ensure children get 8
to 10 hours of sleep every
night for optimal health. Children
need adequate sleep to get
their mental faculties firing in
the classroom and protect their
immune system. Sleep habits
often change in the holidays,
so a week or so before the
term starts, ease back into
healthy habits around bedtime.
They say that a good offence is
often your best defense and this
is true in the case of immunity.
Doing what you can to protect your
children from nasty bacteria and
viruses, and helping their young
bodies to build strong defenses, will
give them a fighting chance at good
health throughout the year.
With a healthy, balanced lifestyle,
and some quality immune building
probiotics and supplements, you
can be comforted knowing that
your child can weather any bug the
school playground throws at them.
Inner Health Immune
Booster For Kids
50g $30.50
 Supports immune
system function
 Mix into water, juice,
milk, food or take
directly off the spoon
 Children aged over
two years: Take 1.2g
(1/2 level metric tea
spoon) daily
Radiance Kids Range
Priced from $13.40
Purchase any
Radiance Kids
product and
receive Radiance
Kids Bone FREE
(Worth $16.40)
Give little brains the
biggest and best start
We’ve all heard about the
benefits of omega 3 essential
fatty acids for healthy
skin and the battling of
inflammation and ageing.
More recently, researchers
have also been exploring
positive links between omega
3 and brain health and the
results are impressive.
Far from being just a mess of grey
stuff, our brains are made up of 60%
fat. Unsurprisingly then, essential fatty
acids (especially omega 3 DHA) have a
key role to play in brain health.
Our brains are amazing pieces of
equipment. Its care and making sure
its got all the essential nutrients it
needs should be at the top of our list,
especially for young, developing minds.
As a ‘good fat’ in the body, it is the job of
omega 3 DHA to go straight to tissues,
like those in the brain, to keep them
functioning at their best. Put simply,
DHA is brain nutrition; just as our bones
need calcium, our brains need DHA.
It’s never too late (or early) to start
thinking about your grey matter.
Before your child turns five, their brain
increases approximately 3.5 times in
mass. Further to that, during these
early stages of life, childrens’ eyes
and nervous systems (as well as their
brains) are growing and developing at
a rate unlikely at any other time in the
human lifecycle. Extra nutrients are
It is believed that
children nowadays
consume an average
of only 30 to 50mg of
DHA per day, which
is much less than
the optimal level.
A lack of DHA has
been linked to slower
learning and lesser
IQ, temper tantrums,
aggressiveness and
sleep problems and, in
some cases, dyslexia.
Dosing up on DHA
DHA, otherwise known as
docosahexaenoic acid, is a type of
omega 3 fatty acid which is vital for
brain development. Because it can’ t be
produced by the body, we need to get it
through our diet or in supplements.
DHA accounts for 97% of the brain’s
omega 3 fatty acids. Mainly found in
fish, eggs and meat, DHA is also present
in green leafy vegetables, nuts and
whole grains, however, oily fish has
been found to have 10 to 100 times
more of the nutrient than vegetarian
Recognising DHA’s crucial role in
neurological and visual development,
many manufacturers incorporate DHA
into formula and baby foods. Other
industry commentators claim that we’re
likely to see more DHA fortified food
and drink options coming to market, to
help people of all ages ensure that their
diet contains the right amount of this
essential nutrient.
DHA for Mummy and Daddy too
Although absolutely essential for
young, rapidly growing brains, don’t
underestimate the power of omega
3 DHA for adult brain health. A range
of studies have linked optimal omega
3 intake to a reduction in anxiety
and mood disorders, decreased
inflammation, reduced incidences
of fatal heart attacks and ischemic
strokes, improved vision, lowered risk
of Alzheimers and vascular dementia,
as well as more positive outcomes for
autoimmune diseases and improved
brain function.
Children’s DH
Nordic Naturals
n for children 12
and visual functio
t gels
 Sup
and chewable sof
awberry flav
ducts are rich in
 Available in str
from Arctic cod
 Made entirely
the omega-3 DH
Soft Gels
My Hardy's February/March 2014
espite often
being considered
a ‘dirty word’,
your body needs
some cholesterol to
work properly. Put
simply, cholesterol
is a fatty, waxy
substance carried
in the bloodstream.
Cholesterol plays an
essential role in how
every cell in the body
works. Your liver
and other cells in the
body make about 75
percent of your blood
cholesterol. The other
25 percent comes
from the foods you
choose to eat.
Too much cholesterol
in the blood can
create a fatty build up
in your artery walls,
narrowing arteries
and restricting blood
flow. This can put you
at risk of a heart attack
or stroke.
My Hardy's February/March 2014
How do you know if
you’re at risk?
The first step is to know your
‘number’. In other words, have your
cholesterol level checked.
A cholesterol blood test provides
information on blood lipid (fat)
levels, including:
 Total cholesterol, which combines
the amount of all the different
kinds of cholesterol in your blood
 LDL cholesterol or 'bad'
cholesterol, labelled as such
because it deposits cholesterol in
artery walls
 HDL cholesterol or 'good'
cholesterol, which transports
cholesterol back to the liver,
where it is broken down.
 Triglycerides, the most common
form of fat in our body, carried in
the blood alongside cholesterol
 HDL cholesterol/total cholesterol
ratio, which is used to calculate
your risk of a heart attack or
The facts
 Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
is the number one cause of
death globally, accounting for
approximately 40% of all deaths
 High cholesterol is prevalent
in developed countries and
contributes to a number of health
related issues
 New Zealanders have one of the
highest cholesterol levels per
capita in the world
 Cholesterol imbalances can be
due to a poor diet (high in
saturated and trans fats and
dietary cholesterol), physical
inactivity, obesity and genetics
What can you do?
We can battle cholesterol in a
number of ways: by eating a healthy
diet rich in fruits, vegetables,
wholegrains and fish, exercising
regularly and maintaining a healthy
weight, and through other lifestyle
techniques, medication and natural
Co-Enzyme Q10
If you have got high cholesterol,
your physician may prescribe
statins to help bring down your
‘numbers’. However, a relatively
common side effect experienced
from prescription statin
medications is muscle pain and
muscle weakness. The pain can be a
mild discomfort, or it can be severe
enough to make your daily activities
difficult, for example, you might find
climbing stairs or walking to be
uncomfortable or tiring.
New studies are finding that CoEnzyme Q10 may be able to help
with statin side effects. Statins
appear to deplete the natural levels
of Co-Enzyme Q10 in the body. It
is believed that when the body’s
Co-Enzyme Q10 levels decrease,
muscular pain and fatigue arise.
Taking Co-Enzyme Q10 supplements
can help to correct the deficiency
caused by statin medications,
without affecting the medications
positive effects on cholesterol
Lecithin is produced in the liver, just
like cholesterol. However, lecithin
taken in supplement form is derived
from soybeans. One of the functions
of lecithin is to support cholesterol
balance, and cardiovascular health,
by helping to facilitate the removal
of fats and nutrients in and out
of the cells, so this can also be a
solution worth trying.
There have been many studies that
have examined the cholesterol
lowering abilities of phytosterols.
Plant phytosterols are able to
block the absorption of dietary
cholesterol and help to reduce LDL
cholesterol levels. They also reduce
cholesterol absorption and thereby
decrease plasma cholesterol levels.
Clinical data shows a reduction in
cholesterol of 9% in 3 weeks when 2
grams per day is taken daily.
GO Cholesterol
GO Cholesterol
Shield is essential for
people wanting or
needing to support
ongoing cholesterol
heart health and
statin support. The
formula contains a
synergised blend of
three key natural
nutrients; Pinvita
plant sterols,
Lecithin and CoEnzyme Q10 and is
supplied in easy to swallow SoftGel
Capsules for superior absorption.
60 Capsules $55.40
+ FREE GO Fish Oil 1000mg
Ethical Nutrients
Cholestrienol contains specific
nutrients that have been shown
to improve cholesterol balance.
Tocotrienols complex (a member of
the vitamin E family) from sustainably
sourced palm, and a specific
bioflavonoid extract from sweet
orange have been shown to maintain
cholesterol and triglyceride levels
within the normal range in healthy
people. These nutrients work by
reducing the overall production of
cholesterol by the body, increasing
LDL clearance and improving HDL
production, thereby improving the
cholesterol ratio to healthy levels.
30 Capsules $42.50
"Cholesterol plays an
essential role in how every
cell in the body works."
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Alkaline Diets:
By Cliff Harvey ND
For many years, alkaline
diets have generated
significant interest in
natural and complementary
health circles. The basic
idea behind these diets is
that everything we eat ends
up as acidic or alkaline
compounds in the blood and
that, if we eat a diet that is too
acidic, we may be at risk of
a range of health conditions
from metabolic disorders,
diabetes, osteoporosis and
even cancer.
But are these concerns
Defining acid vs. alkaline
Defining what is acid and alkaline
forming is actually quite difficult
and there are several measures
for doing so, the best being the
‘Potential Renal Acid Load’ (PRAL)
and ‘Net Endogenous Acid Potential’
(NEAP). Both of these estimate
the amount of acid vs. alkaline
compounds being created during
the digestion and metabolism of
various foods. PRAL is perhaps the
more commonly used classification
and, in this system, a higher PRAL
value signifies more potential acid
creation within the body, while a
negative PRAL figure means that the
food is more alkaline.
My Hardy's February/March 2014
PRAL value>
Cheeses (more than 15g
protein/100g serving)
Meat and meat products
Cheeses (less than 15g
protein/100g serving)
White Flour
White Bread
Milk and other (non cheese)
dairy products
Fats and Oils
Fresh fruit and juices
*PRAL values provided in mEq per 100g edible portion
As the table above
shows, animal proteins
are major contributors
to blood acidity whereas
vegetables, fruits and
berries are alkaline
forming, and are the
base of an alkaline diet.
How do we become ‘acidic’?
The fact is that we probably don’t
become ‘acidic’ technically, but the
body needs to change blood pH to
keep it in a normal range if we are
eating a very high acid diet. The
usual ways the body preserves
normal acid and base balance is
via changes in respiratory rate
and volume, and by excreting acid
compounds via the kidneys and
reabsorbing alkaline compounds.
However, this may not be enough
to preserve a normal pH in people
eating a diet very high in animal
proteins and cereal grains. In this
case, the body may break down
bone to supply calcium (a highly
alkaline compound) and muscle to
free up glutamine (a highly alkaline
amino acid and the most abundant
amino acid in muscle tissue).
These factors may result in lower
levels of muscle mass, impaired
recovery and reduced glutamine
stores that may also play a role in
reducing immunity and impairing
gut health.
Benefits of an alkaline diet
When blood acidity is elevated,
even fractionally, there may be
additional effects of greater
inflammation and increased insulin
resistance, both of which are
factors in the development of heart
disease, diabetes, cancer and other
metabolic disorders. Meanwhile
an alkaline diet high in vegetables,
fruits and berries may reduce
muscle wasting, as well as mitigate
other chronic diseases such as
hypertension and strokes.
Surprisingly, at the present time
there doesn’t seem to be enough
evidence to recommend an alkaline
diet for improving bone health,
however there are some tangible
benefits suggested as a result of
alkaline diets:
Weight loss and metabolic
disorders: An alkaline diet may
lower cortisol levels and reduce
insulin resistance (a major
causative factor in obesity) and
reduce hypertension (high blood
Gout: An alkaline diet may also
be effective for removing excess
uric acid from the body, thereby
reducing symptoms for gout
Muscle gain and performance:
Increases in muscle mass have
been observed in women following
an alkaline diet rich in fruit and
vegetables. This can also increase
lean body mass in older adults.
Reduced muscle performance has
been demonstrated with chronic
ingestion of a highly acid forming
Kidney stones: An acidic diet is
considered formative for kidney
stones, with lower acid diets
and higher vegetable intake
recommended for those at risk of
kidney stones.
These are all very good reasons
to follow a diet that helps the body
to properly balance its internal pH
(acid and base balance).
Increase your vegetable
intake to 6 x fist sized
servings per day
Eat more berries!
Reduce your intake of
grains and sugar
Consider taking a quality
‘greens’ supplement (such
as NuZest Good Green
Moderate protein intake
(1 x palm sized portion of
meat, fish or chicken is
sufficient for most people
per meal.)
About Cliff Harvey ND
Cliff is a naturopath and clinical
nutritionist. He is one of the co creators of
the NuZest range of products (Good Green
Stuff and Clean Lean Protein). He currently
lectures on the topic of sports nutrition at
Wellpark College and is pursuing research
at AUT University in the area of nutritional
My Hardy's February/March 2014
top-to-toe natural healing remedy
12 powerful active ingredients
aloe vera / manuka / calendula / lavender / rosemary / rosehip /
vitamin E / echinacea / honey / neem / chamomile / apricot kernel
Made in New Zealand and trusted for over 10 years
To treat itchy bites from
those pesky bugs
To calm her dermatitis and
eczema that flares up every
winter in patches around her
body, including her eyelids
To soothe a major skin
rash caused by dyeing
her hair at home
To moisturise those scaly
ears so she can show off
her new earrings
To take the sting out of sunburn
after foolishly trying to get a tan
As an intensive hair
conditioning treatment
To treat roughened and
wind-burnt skin from
exposure to the elements
To use as a face cream
to soften wrinkles and
keep skin supple for her
National Geographic
cover shoot next month
To soothe carpet
burn after filming a
TV commercial for
the Carpet people
As reported by customers over the last 10 years
To calm and
moisturise skin after
shaving her legs
To repair damage
to areas of skin
after cancer
treatment and
removal of
To soothe her thrush
irritation which annoyingly
crops up from time to time
To heal her cracked
heals after running
around in sexy
sling-backs all day
To soothe her cracked
nipples after feeding her
baby. She also uses it to
treat her baby’s nappy
rash and dribble rash
To heal her
athlete's feet
As a hand cream
for her rough, dry
hands and good
for her elbows too
To soften and
soothe dry
chapped lips
To prevent her nose
peeling after being in
the hot sun all day
Contains 90% natural/organic ingredients
Ask for a free sample of this
amazing NZ-made product at
your local Hardy's store!
Rhino Repair was named by Oasis founder, Stephanie. She
formulated it to soothe and heal her mother's arm which
became thickened, lined and swollen after reacting to a plant
in her garden. The skin resembled a rhino's hide but the
cream completely healed it. Rhino Repair was born!
To read how Rhino has helped other people, visit
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Are you already feeling
like the serenity that you
found over the holidays
is slipping away? It
doesn’t take long to get
back into the busy swing
that comes with ‘back to
reality’. If finding more
peace or better ways to
cope in 2014 were some
of your resolutions,
you might like to take a
leaf out of our book and
develop a passion for
First discovered by Spanish
explorers in Peru in
1569, passionflower was
historically used to treat
insomnia, hysteria and
epilepsy, as well as being
revered for its analgesic
(pain relieving) properties.
The leaves and roots were
considered more potent
than the fruit or flower
itself and were made into
teas, or dried and smoked
for relief. Some forms were
even potent enough to be
considered ‘mind altering
Nowadays, it’s not used in
nearly those concentrations and
only the ‘above ground’ parts
(flowers, leaves and stems) of the
passionflower are used medicinally.
It is still used for insomnia and, in
the absence of a modern infliction
known as hysteria, passionflower
is also utilised in the treatment
of a myriad of other things,
including anxiety and stress,
ADHD, palpitations, high blood
pressure, asthma and symptoms of
Many more modern studies
have found the chemicals in
passionflower to have calming,
sleep inducing and muscle spasm
relieving effects. Scientists believe
passionflower works by increasing
levels of a chemical called gamma
aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the
brain, which lowers the activity of
some brain cells and helps people
to feel more relaxed.
Passionflower often appears in
supplements alongside other
calming herbs, like valerian, lemon
balm and chamomile flowers and is
particularly popular in sleep aids.
Although many variations contain
beta-carboline harmala alkaloids,
which have antidepressant
qualities and chrysin, a flavone with
confirmed anti anxiety properties,
the use of passionflower goes far
beyond just these applications.
The analgesic quality of
passionflower that was revered
historically remains valid in
today’s formulations and many
now also boast anti inflammatory
effects. Topical creams containing
passionflower are popular
for applying to the skin for
hemorrhoids, burns and swelling.
An accessible calming herb,
passionflower is becoming more
and more popular as a flavouring
in food and drinks, with special
cordials, cocktails and teas now
readily available.
Talk to a Hardy’s expert about
whether passionflower might help
you to embrace 2014 feeling cool,
calm and collected.
Promises of peaceful ness
Other top tips to help
you tackle
2014 feeling cool, ca
lm and
 Practice mindfulne
ss, being fully
aware of your surrou
ndings and
what you are doing at
all times
 Keep a gratitude jou
rnal, noting
down 3 things you ar
e grateful for
each day
 Resolve to impleme
nt some
calming rituals into yo
ur life,
whether that be a fav
ourite herbal
tea and no screen tim
e an hour
before bed, or a regu
lar soak in the
bubble bath, or thera
My Hardy's February/March 2014
ompared with modern
medicine, the natural
health industry tends to be
built on a legacy of ancient
wisdom, borrowing much from
age old traditions. However,
experts in the industry are still
learning and testing and, as
a result, discovering modern
One such discovery was
that of serrapeptase, which
Robert Redfern has hailed
‘The Miracle Enzyme’.
Previously sold in only Japan
and Germany as a medicine,
Robert Redfern, a nutritional
formulator, came across
the enzyme in 1999 and set
about bringing its amazing
health benefits to the rest of
the world. In many countries
nowadays, it is a standard
medicine commonly used by
An innovation in natural
healthcare, serrapeptase
has been referred to as “the
2nd gift from silkworms”, as
it is present in a silkworm’s
intestine. They use it for
cutting through their
cocoon and digesting hard
leaves. For human use, it
is manufactured through
fermentation, but don’t let
that put you off, the benefits
are varied and worthwhile,
effectively aiding a number
of common and serious
diseases that attack the
human body.
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Put simply, enzymes are large
biological molecules responsible
for thousands of the metabolic
processes that help us to sustain
life. Serrapeptase specifically
digests non living tissue, like
blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque
and inflammation in all forms. In
helping the body to break down
protein, it has also been found to
help decrease inflammation and
mucous build up.
As you can imagine, with these
claims to its name, serrapeptase
has more recently grown to
wide clinical usage, for almost
Cholesterol Control
Opti CoQ10
every condition that is affected
by inflammation or non living
tissue. These include: back pain,
sports injuries, osteoarthritis,
rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis,
fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel
syndrome, migraine headache and
tension headache.
It is also used for conditions that
involve pain and swelling including
sinusitis, laryngitis, sore throat, ear
infections, swelling after surgery,
swelling of a vein with the formation
of a blood clot (thrombophlebitis),
and inflammatory bowel disease
(IBD) including ulcerative colitis and
Crohn's disease. Some people also
use serrapeptase for heart disease
and “hardening of the arteries”
Coenzyme Q10
+ fish oil
• Cardiovascular health
• Energy levels
• Healthy ageing
• Healthy gums
• Offsets possible
depletion by some
medications, such
as Statins.
Joy for joints
One of the other significant
findings has been in the area
of joints. Optimum doses
of serrapeptase have been
shown to help stiffness in the
joints and severe joint pain
and inflammation, even in
cases where glucosamine
isn’t proving effective.
As well as non living
compounds, serrapeptase is
also effective in maintaining
the biosynthesis of cholesterol
in the body. Cholesterol, in
its pure state is used in our
body as an antioxidant and
is essential for our organs to
function properly. However,
often the medicines used for
the removal of arterial plaque
entirely block this process and
can lead to long term health
A super supplement choice
Instead, serrapeptase helps in
the digestion of cholesterol
and triggers actions in the
body that protect against the
elements that usually cause
arterial blockages, breaking
these down and clearing the
arteries. For many people, this
substantially reduces the need
for surgical processes, like a
bypass, making it an important
compound in cardiovascular
Because of the unique place
of origin of serrapeptase, it
doesn’t naturally occur in any
of the food we eat. (Unless you
make a habit of snacking on
silkworms, that is). Insect diet
aside, the best way to get your
dose of serrapeptase is through
a high quality supplement.
Nowadays, there are a number
of serrapeptase formulations
available. Ask your Hardy’s
expert about the one that
would be best for you.
19 .40
*Offer valid until 31 March 2014
Naturopathic advice line 0800 44 66 34
Always read the label and use only as directed.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Build and maintain bone mass with ActivK™, the natural source of Vitamin K2
We often think that the act
of preserving our bones is
something for the elderly to
consider, but bone health is
relevant at any age. No matter
how old you are, weak bones are
susceptible to fractures, which
can have severe consequences
for mobility and overall quality
of life. Weak bones can also be
related to the serious health
problem, osteoporosis, which
causes the bones to become so
porous and weak that they can
break from only a minor injury.
Today it is well known that
a sufficient dietary intake
of calcium and vitamin D,
alongside a healthy lifestyle, is
essential for the health of our
bones. However, more recent
scientific studies have revealed
that vitamin K2 also plays a
pivotal role in building and
maintaining healthy bones.
Specifically, studies have shown
that vitamin K2, is effective in
preventing bone loss, promoting
bone integrity and significantly
reducing the incidence of
My Hardy's February/March 2014
How does it work?
The vitamin K2 group comprises
a range of molecules of differing
chain lengths, called menaquinones.
Compared to vitamin K1 and other
short chain menaquinones, vitamin
K2 is the form with the highest
bioavailability, which ensures its
high efficacy.
Far from trumping the importance
of calcium to bone health, vitamin
K plays an important role in
increasing it. Vitamin K2 works by
activating K dependant proteins,
such as osteocalcin, which are
essential for the optimum binding of
calcium into the bones. The result
is that the body most effectively
utilises the calcium that it can
derive from your diet.
In supporting the binding of calcium
into the bones, vitamin K2 helps
to ensure bones stay strong and
healthy, and therefore less likely
to fracture and deteriorate. This is
particularly important for ageing
Vitamin K2 also helps to prevent the
accumulation of calcium deposits
in your arteries. When calcium
deposits form in your arteries, your
risk of heart disease increases.
Vitamin K2 removes calcium from
your blood, and moves it to the
bones and teeth. In this way, vitamin
K2 is essential for strong, healthy
teeth and bones, as well as a strong,
healthy cardiovascular system.
How do you get it?
Natural vitamin K2 is present in
small amounts in fermented foods,
milk products and cheese. A major
source of vitamin K2 is present
in natto, a traditional Japanese
fermented soya bean product. Natto
has been consumed in Japan for
centuries and numerous studies
have confirmed the link between
natto consumption in Japan, and
significant improvements in vitamin
K status and bone health.
Vitamin K2 can also be consumed
through supplementation. ActivK™
is considered the richest source
of bioavailable vitamin K2. A pure
and natural derivative, directly
from natto, ActivK™ is becoming
increasingly recognised for its
ability to optimise calcium utilisation
and greatly improve bone health.
Other tips for healthy bones
Check your hormones. Too much thyroid hormone
can increase bone loss, so get your thyroid tested, via a
simple blood test.
Hamish Bond
& Eric Murray
Olympic Champions
and World Record holders
Loss of bone mineral density has been linked to
tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, so if
you needed any other excuses to quit smoking, or ease
up on the drink, this could be it.
To build bone strength, exercise physiologists
recommend exercises that compress your bones,
for example: running, jogging, high impact aerobics,
dancing, stair climbing, tennis and basketball. If you
already have osteoporosis, try walking or using an
elliptical machine at the gym and be sure to check in
with your doctor.
New Zealand owned
Est. 1997
Gluten free
GMO-free ingredients
No artificial colours
or sweeteners
Whey Protein
GO K2 75mg ACTIV
30 Vege Caps
Soy Protein
Rice Protein
Pea Protein
My Hardy's February/March 2014
If you’ve ever felt a burning sensation in your gut after eating a greasy pizza or
devouring a bar of chocolate, you know that occasional heartburn is not easily
dismissed. Its occurrence offers a painful reminder of digestive distress and
typically demands immediate attention.
ccording to Western
statistics, occasional
heartburn may be more
widespread than you
know. Scientific data
suggests that in Western
populations, 25% of
individuals experience
heartburn at least once a
month, 12% at least once a
week, and 5% experience
My Hardy's February/March 2014
symptoms daily. Based on
the current New Zealand
population, these figures
would indicate over 1
million Kiwis suffer from
symptoms of acid reflux at
least once a month.
Although commonly attributed
to excessive acid production,
occasional heartburn is often a
symptom of impaired digestion.
While factors such as genetics
and environment can certainly
play a part, those who experience
symptoms of occasional heartburn
are encouraged to avoid certain
trigger foods in their diet, in
the hopes of minimising this
uncomfortable and often painful
Some of the most common trigger
foods include things like tomatoes,
garlic, onions, spicy foods, cheese,
nuts, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate,
and carbonated beverages. The
huge scope of the items on this list,
as well as the hundreds of items not
mentioned here, demonstrates that
it may be impossible to completely
avoid occasional heartburn just by
modifying one’s diet.
Many sufferers of
occasional heartburn
choose to take a
supplement or other
products to ease their
symptoms; options which
can work to various levels
of effectiveness. The
problem comes from
the fact that many, if not
most, of these products
are designed to address
only the symptoms of
occasional heartburn,
and may often mask the
underlying causes of the
proper breakdown, absorption
and utilisation of nutrients from
the foods we eat. Acid Soothe
contains calming ingredients such
as Marshmallow Root, which has
been known to relieve irritation
and inflammation of the mucous
membranes of the respiratory and
gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Papaya Leaf also features, which
contains a protein digesting
enzyme and has been studied for
its soothing benefits and cleansing
activity within the GI tract. Herbal
ingredients such as Prickly Ash
and Gotu Kola provide additional
support for soothing discomfort and
Zinc Carnosine, which is a potent
antioxidant and promotes a healthy
inflammatory response in the gut,
provides support to the digestive
tract by strengthening the mucosal
lining of the stomach and acting as
a buffer to gastric acid.
cid Soothe
Enzymedica A
30 Capsules
Now $14.10
Before banishing chocolate, pizza,
and those indulgent holiday treats
completely from your diet, you
have another option to consider:
enzymes! Enzymes can offer a
unique solution for improving the
body’s ability to digest a vast array
of foods, and can also help the
body digest food more efficiently,
making better use of the precious
nutrients in what we eat. (Although
the “precious nutrients” in a slice of
pizza can often be up for debate!)
Some suffers of occasional
heartburn have found solace in
Enzymedica’s Acid Soothe. Acid
Soothe contains natural digestive
enzymes that work with your body
to soothe indigestion and enhance
your body’s natural digestive
Enzymes produced by the human
digestive system play a vital role
in overall health. They ensure
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Sensitive Skin
Redness tends to occur in people
with sensitive skin, a genetic skin
type usually associated with fair
skin, which has a thinner epidermal
layer. Common environmental
aggressors such as cold weather,
pollution and excessive sun
exposure can aggravate sensitive
Sensitised skin results from
overexposure to harmful chemicals
over a period of time. Dryness,
flaking and sudden redness, in
response to a product, can also
occur. If you suffer from a skin
condition like psoriasis, contact
dermatitis or acne, watch out for
the flaring up of reddened skin
patches after using particular
skincare products. If this occurs,
stop using the product immediately
and turn to natural skincare.
pigmentation problems
When it comes to
our skin, the cultural
norm has always
been an aspiration
to evenness in
tone. Unfortunately
though, this isn’t
something many of
us have achieved
since childhood.
20 My Hardy's February/March 2014
The reality is that undesirable skin
redness and facial flushing, along
with pigmentation problems like
age spots, sunspots, darker skin
patches and freckling, affect many
of us in adulthood, and often from
the time we are in our teens.
Skin redness has a variety of
causes, such as dilated capillaries
in the lower skin layers in a common
condition called erythema. Many
New Zealand women are afflicted
by this skin inflammation, which can
be brought about by allergies, sun
damage or some medications.
Another cause of red facial skin is
rosacea, a chronic skin condition
featuring inflammation of the
cheeks, forehead, nose and chin due
to an enlargement of blood vessels
under the skin. Fair skinned women
who blush easily are more prone
to rosacea, which can be aided by
reducing stress, limiting spicy foods
and avoiding sun exposure.
Remember that your skin will be
more sensitive during hormonal
fluctuations, pregnancy, menopause
and winter, and while under some
medications. Take extra caution
during these periods to ‘patch test’
all skincare products, including
those you use regularly. Increasing
essential fatty acids in your diet
may also be beneficial.
People with fair skin are also more
prone to pigmentation problems.
Pigmentation refers to the level
of melanin in your skin, which is
responsible for its ability to tan.
Melanin is produced within the skin
in cells called melanocytes and is
the main determinant of the skin
colour of darker skinned humans.
No matter your skin’s natural
colour, anyone is susceptible
to pigmentation problems such
as patches of darker colouring
or freckling. In New Zealand,
prolonged exposure to our harsh
sunlight causes melanocyte skin
cells to overproduce melanin,
leading to undesirable darkening
in the form of sunspots or age
spots on your face and the back
of your hands. This is called
Skin Solutions
If you’re afflicted by skin redness
or pigmentation problems, take
heart; there are products available
to address both issues. Synthetic
skincare ingredients can potentially
aggravate skin redness, so more
and more New Zealand skincare
brands offer organic and natural
products. Antipodes is one
such brand that also features
scientifically validated bioactive
ingredients that help directly
address these skin troubles.
"Undesirable skin redness
and facial flushing,
along with pigmentation
problems like age spots,
sunspots, darker skin
patches and freckling,
affect many of us in
adulthood, and often
from the time we are in
our teens. "
he Antipodes Sensitive Skincare Collection is a
good place to start, with three specialist products that
help to restore your skin’s natural balance; mimicking the
body’s natural sebum production, restoring hydration, and
soothing irritated and inflamed skin.
Complex 3 6 7 9
Omega Complex is a unique
balance of the omegas
3 6 7 and 9 plus EPA, DHA
and GLA. With:
P Omega 3 from algal DHA
and krill oil
P Omega 6 from starflower
oil (borage oil), an essential
nutrient for the skin
P Omega 7 from sea buckthorn
with natural antioxidant
P Omega 9 from extra virgin
olive oil, a key feature of the
Mediterranean diet
The first is Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser, a soft emollient combining nutrient rich avocado
oil, manuka and marigold flower with revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Oxifend. This
compound, from sustainably harvested New Zealand pinot noir red grapes, is scientifically
shown to reduce inflammatory activity in skin cells, helping to decrease skin redness.
To follow on, Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner is the perfect hydrating toner for
sensitive skin; an infusion of pure 15,000 year old Waiwera artesian water enhanced with
Bulgarian rose and mamaku black fern.
Finish with Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream, a mild and moisturising blend of jojoba,
macadamia and antibacterial manuka flower that’s scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis
of Type I collagen by up to 59%.
You can also target pigmentation problems with the Antipodes Skin-Brightening Trio, a mini
range of three award winning products. Universal to all is revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza
Performance Plus® to help deliver the ultimate fresh faced beauty, every day. A combination
of sauvignon blanc grape seeds and New Zealand kiwifruit, it is scientifically shown to
improve skin elasticity by 16%, decrease skin redness (erythema) by 7%, and lighten skin by
3.5% (melanin content).
Be proactive in defending against further
hyperpigmentation by applying Immortal Natural
Sun Protection Face & Body Moisturiser daily. Sun
protection for the skin on your face and body
is vital and this one has
premium natural
ingredients that filter
damaging UVA rays
and block burning
UVB sunlight.
This fragrance
free product is
perfect for the
whole family and
suited to most
skin conditions,
sensitive and
irritated skin.
Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, please see your healthcare
professional. Vitamin supplements should not
replace a balanced diet. TAPS PP4679
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Maintain a healthy
cholesterol balance
May maintain cholesterol levels within the normal healthy range, by improving the ratio of good and bad cholesterol.
One easy to take capsule each night may help to:
• Maintain cholesterol within the normal, healthy range.
• Assist healthy cholesterol levels.
• Support the LDL:HDL cholesterol ratio.
• Maintain triglycerides within the normal, healthy range.
Each capsule contains:
Citrus bioflavonoids extract (PMF-source™)
Tocotrienols complex - palm* (TocoSource™)
270 mg
18 mg
*Sustainably sourced palm.
Have you had your IInner
nner H
ealth P
lus today?
If you have been taking a course of
antibiotics, an exclusive probiotic such
as Inner Health Plus may assist in
maintaining the levels of good bacteria
that may have been disrupted.
May support a normal healthy digestive
system and improve general wellbeing.
Dairy free and powder options available.
If your child has been taking a course of
antibiotics, Inner Health for Kids may assist
in maintaining the levels of normal healthy
bacteria that may have been disrupted.
Dairy and lactose free.
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
NZR1924 - 01/14
Many people assume that James
must take every health product
or supplement under the sun, but
James sticks to a few favourites
that he uses regularly. James often
includes coconut oil in his diet, as
it is good for the brain and heart.
He also takes Solgar's vegetarian
multivitamin, and swears by the
Nuzest 'Clean Lean Protein,’ as fuel
for all his exercise. In addition, he
takes Essential Greens Powder by
Lifestream every day, along with
their Spirulina and V-Omega.
Franchisee, Hardy's Northlands
It has been almost eight
years since James Styler
joined the Hardy's
Northlands Christchurch
store. Initially hired as the
manager, he has since taken
the plunge and purchased
the store and is now the
franchisee. James has
found that his passion for
working with Hardy's has
only increased, because he
is continually learning and
helps new people every day.
“We often get some really amazing
transformation stories from
customers. I've had numerous
people come back in to tell me
that they've lost over 20kg, and
one woman completely cleared
the eczema on her face that she
had suffered from for years. We
even managed to stop a man from
sleepwalking once - he's a lot
happier now that he wakes up in
bed rather than somewhere down
the end of his garden!”
James was first drawn to health
and fitness after working as a
bartender on a cruise liner for five
years. Although the job allowed
him to enjoy a great social life, it
wasn't a healthy lifestyle. Once
James settled back on dry land he
developed a passion for sports,
and since then he has taken up
powerlifting and competed in
marathons. More recently, James
has also started testing his mettle
in 'ultra marathons', enormously
challenging races that are
significantly longer than regular
Diet has always been important to
James' training. Three years ago,
James made the decision to cut
animal products out of his diet. “I
have been a plant fueled athlete
since 2010 and I honestly wish I
had stopped eating animal products
much earlier. The main benefits I
notice from a meat free diet are
faster recovery from training,
better digestion and a reduction
in stress. I am now a calmer, less
stressed version of my previous
self. My wife likes that part.”
A query that James gets asked
often in store is how to best look
after growing, active teenagers
and their changing bodies. James
advises that they follow a similarly
healthy diet: lots of raw, fresh foods,
washed down with plenty of water.
Caffeine and sugar intake need to
be limited too, and replaced with
more fruit and vegetables, so keep
the fast food out of the house and
help get your kids’ bodies in the tip
top shape they should be in. James
also suggests that teenagers who
are doing lots of sports may benefit
from taking a high quality teenage
multivitamin and a protein powder
(choose one with a delicious flavour
and they won’t even see it as a
health food!)
Ultimately, James feels that it is
important for people to “train
smarter, not harder.” Good nutrition
is vital for training, so he advises
people to think of food as medicine,
shaping their health. "Fuel your
body with the right things, and
you’ll find it much easier to train
and recover. Soon you too could be
running ultra marathons!"
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Clean, green and honest natural products
Lifestream International
was founded in 1980, when
an American personal
trainer and gridiron player,
Michael Hendrickson,
discovered the health
benefits of spirulina and
introduced the innovative,
new product to the
Australasian market.
Back at a time when ‘green
stuff’ was still considered
yucky, the innovative brand
committed itself to providing
ongoing health benefits with
products they knew worked.
That commitment remains today.
A trusted, New Zealand owned
company for over 30 years,
Lifestream has maintained its
original pioneering spirit by being
a continual innovator of new,
premium products. Back in 1985,
Lifestream launched their aloe vera
juice and although these original
two products remain the lifeblood
of the brand, the Lifestream team
have been doing anything but rest
on their laurels since.
With over 100 years of combined
experience, among just the
Directors alone, the Lifestream
24 My Hardy's February/March 2014
team believes in research led
innovation and, from here, comes
Lifestream’s point of difference…
Research has shown that
nutrients in whole foods are better
assimilated, digested, absorbed
and retained in the human body, so
Lifestream create nutritious, potent
products that are plant based and
include natural whole foods.
Doing their bit to preserve
New Zealand’s clean and
green reputation, Lifestream’s
philosophy drives them to use only
the best quality ingredients and
raw materials, which are sourced
from highly reputable suppliers
and certified organic, whenever
Going ‘right to the source’ is also
just part of the process for the
Lifestream team, who harvest
their omega products direct from
microalgae. A richer source of
omega than fish, which is the
industry norm, microalgae based
omega products are just another
example of the innovation that puts
Lifestream ahead of the pack.
The same goes for their advanced
probiotics, which according to
Sales and Marketing Manager,
Frank Gywnne, have achieved
“astronomical growth” due to their
high quality ingredients. “Our range
is also unique because it contains
so many different strains of
beneficial bacteria, that also have a
stable shelf life,” explains Frank.
Overall, Lifestream's focus is to
help maintain good health, and
prevent health issues before they
arise. “There has been a lot of
growth among people who want
to take control of their health and
eat better,” says Frank. “Previous
generations haven't always been so
conscious of maintaining a healthy
lifestyle, but nowadays people see
the importance of having good
health in their old age.”
In the maintenance of good health,
Frank recommends regular
detoxing as being essential to a
healthy lifestyle. “The Lifestream
Cleanse is an important part of our
product range,” adds Frank. “Toxins
and waste start to store in the body
if the liver, kidneys, and intestines
are not functioning at an optimum
level. The natural whole foods
present in the Lifestream Cleanse
support and encourage the body in
its own detoxification process.”
Algal source of vegetarian
DHA & EPA plus vitamin D
66% more DHA
than regular fish oil
Plant based,
sustainable source
No fishy smell
or after taste
At Hardy’s,
we love the
products and
commend the
organisation for
their continual
innovation. It is this that
has made our partnership
so strong for over 20
years. We’re proud to be
a Lifestream destination
store, trusted to give the
expert advice to accompany
their products.
Lifestream Cle
Lifestream Cleanse
contains Aloe vera
juice, BowelBiotics+
powder and Chlorella
tablets to gently
remove waste material,
heavy metals and
toxins that may be
stored within the body.
Buy 1 get 1 half price
Available at Hardy’s
stores nationwide
Lifestream v-omega3 is 100%
natural, derived from marine
microalgae. This high strength
DHA product with EPA and
plant based vitamin D
contains 66% more DHA per
capsule than standard fish
oils, without the fishy smell
or aftertaste!
Always read the label and use only as directed.
Supplementary to a balanced diet. TAPS PP2600
My Hardy's February/March 2014
Julia Trotter joins the team
at Lambton Square
News &
We’re thrilled to have Julia Trotter
(and her Bio Med degree!) join the
team. Needless to, say she is picking up the technical stuff quickly and
she is warm
and lovely with
our customers.
Julia says she
is most excited
about the huge
amount there
is to learn as
a new Hardy's
staff member.
to James Styler,
New Franchisee
of Hardy’s
Hardy’s Northlands
Celebrity Slim Evening
Join us for weight management tips
and advice amidst some healthy
drinks and nibbles. There will be
special offers on the night and free
goodie bags to all those who attend.
March 5th, 6.30pm at
Hardy's Northlands
 Free goodie bag for every
 Spot prizes
 Complimentary drinks & nibbles
(healthy of course)!
Congratulations to Kaye
Parkar – New Franchisee of
Hardy’s Pakuranga
Congratulations to James Styler, the
new owner of Hardy’s Northlands.
Having been the manager of the
store for almost eight years,
James recently bought it so that
he could continue to make a
positive contribution to the health
of the community. We’re thrilled
to continue having his passion
for health and knowledge about
nutrition on board and know many
local customers have already
benefitted from James’ expertise.
Congratulations to Kaye Parkar, the
new owner of Hardy’s Pakuranga.
Kaye has been with Hardy’s for over
10 years and during this time has
managed a number of the Hardy’s
stores in Auckland, including
Pakuranga most recently. Kaye
loves helping her customers to feel
better and has a very loyal customer
base at Hardy’s Pakuranga.
New Lifestream Natural B Complex
Lifestream Natural B Complex is a unique wholefood
product sourced from organically cultivated high
quality quinoa sprouts. This special patented formula
provides the full spectrum of bioavailable B vitamin
complexes to ensure optimum use and absorption
by the body. Each 2g serving provides over 100% of
the RDI for Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and biotin.
Suitable for the whole family.
"A fun, inspiring and success
sharing evening. We would love
you to come along and share
your success stories with us."
Odette Abrams joins
Hardy’s Feilding
Introducing Odette Abrams, our
newest team member at Hardy’s
Feilding. Odette has worked for the
last seven years at Curves helping
women with their health and weight
management goals. Odette comes
to us carrying qualifications from
Good Health NZ and enjoys helping
people with their health.
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Good Health Garcina Cambogia 4000 Plus
GO Glucosamine 1-A-Day
60 Capsules
180 Capsules
A multi action weight management formula
that is designed to help manage cravings
and appetite, healthy metabolism and
excess fat.
Contains glucosamine sulfate 1,500mg,
chondroitin, plus ginger and turmeric
to support joint comfort. Additional key
nutrients are also included to support
joints, cartilage and bone health.
$10! *
MICROgenics Liver Detox
$15! *
Solgar Vitamin B-Complex '100'
30 Tablets
50 Vegetable Capsules
Helps relieve symptoms related to poor
liver function, such as poor energy
levels, not waking feeling refreshed in the
morning, a weakened immune system,
digestive troubles and skin problems.
$5! *
A high potency formula containing all
the essential B vitamins. The B-Complex
vitamins are easily depleted during times
of stress and by poor dietary habits such
as high intake of refined foods, sugar or
$4! *
Lifestream Essential Greens
Martin & Pleasance Harmony Menopause
Just add water to enjoy this once a day,
easy to mix, great tasting super blend.
Taken regularly, this wholesome and
nutritious formula provides essential
nutrients to help support everyday energy
and vitality for a more healthful you.
120 Tablets
150g $45.40
300g $75.40
Harmony provides effective relief
from the symptoms of menopause and
premenstrual tension including hot
flushes, sleeplessness, mild anxiety,
abdominal bloating and fluid retention
and mood swings.
$10! *
Solgar Gentle Iron 20mg
Lifestream Aloe Vera Juice
90 Capsules
750ml (250ml FREE)
Clinically proven to have dramatically
superior absorption (approx 4 times better
than Iron Sulphate), without causing
gastrointestinal irritation or constipation.
This means you can take less yet absorb
A digestive tonic that is soothing to the
lining of the stomach and intestines and
supports smooth and natural digestion.
$5! *
Radiance Multi for Men and
Radiance Multi for Women
30 Capsules
New formulations, second to none for
addressing stress and increasing energy,
stamina and endurance. Also supports
reproductive and hormonal health while
providing antioxidant support.
Women’s 30 Tablets $24.00, Save $10.00
Men’s 30 Tablets $29.40, Save $10.00
*Offers valid until 31/03/2014 or while stocks last.
$3! *
Solgar L-Lysine 1000mg
50 Tablets
Lysine supplementation helps prevent
recurrence of, and speed recovery from,
herpes infection (including cold sores,
shingles, genital herpes).
My Hardy's February/March 2014
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