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Konstantine Petelava
Phone: +995 599 212018
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Tbilisi, Dumbadze av. #10, ft 38
Georgian Technical University (Bachelor, II year) 09-2011
Informatics and Managements Systems, Engineering Physics
Main subjects: Mathematics, Mechanic, Theoretical Physics, Molecular Physics, Electricity, Magnetism, Optic, Atomic Structure,
Solid Body Physics, Drawing, English.
Work Experience
“The Tribune of One Belletrist” 03-2011
Cover & book designer, IT support
„” – Radio show - “Trance In production” 2013
Sound engineer; Sound and polygraph designer
 „Amadeus“ basic course diploma 2012
 I was participating in “Electronauts” - sound designers competition 2011
 Competition finalist in Free thinking, held by „Free University“ 09-2010
Georgian - Native
English – Very good
Russian - Good
Sound engineering & audio hardware design
Vsti-Vst protocol virtual systems
Advanced Frequency behaviors on human body
Human brain
Magnetic fields in cosmos
Military engineering
Robot Technology
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