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EYFS Illness and Medical Emergency Policy
Stoke-on-Tern Foundation Stage unit consider the health and well-being of the children in
our care to be of paramount importance. Therefore, no child will be admitted onto the
premises who appears to be suffering from an infectious or contagious disease or illness.
Any child becoming ill during a session should be collected by parents as soon as possible for
the child’s own comfort and for the benefit of the other children. If a child becomes
seriously ill or injured during a session, the Head teacher reserves the right to call for
emergency assistance.
Medication should not be administered by nursery or school staff (this includes the
application of creams or ointments), unless the parent has completed a ‘Record of medicine
administered to an individual child’ form. In the event of administration of long term
medication a Contract of Care should be drawn up between school/parents/carers and any
relevant medical staff/organisations. (See Shropshire County Council’s Health and Safety
Documentation for information relating to drawing up Contracts of Care)
Staff medication will be kept in the staff room. Medication requiring refrigeration will be
stored on a shelf in the fridge, in the cookery room.
Information for parents regarding illness and exclusion
Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have an infectious illness and
inform the school as to the nature of the infection. This will allow Foundation Stage to alert
the parents, if necessary, and to make careful observation of any child who seems unwell.
A poster ‘Guidance on Infectious Control in Schools and other Childcare Settings’ is on
display on the Nursery notice board listing infectious illnesses, notifiable diseases and
exclusion periods. Any notifiable disease must be reported to Ofsted and the Local Health
Protection Authority.
If a child arrives in the Foundation Stage and the Nursery Lead or Reception Class Teacher
considers them not well enough to attend, the adult will be asked to take their child home.
If a child becomes ill whilst at Nursery
The Keyperson, if available, should offer comfort and reassurance to the child.
Ensure the child is comfortable.
If there are spills, i.e. blood, vomit, excrement, deal with in accordance with the
Foundation Stage Infection Control Policy.
Contact parent/carer to arrange collection of the child as soon as possible.
Move the child away from the main group.
Dealing with a Medical Emergency
Some Foundation Stage staff are paediatric first aid trained. Any injuries and
assessments should be dealt with by a member of staff.
If the Keyperson is available, ensure they remain with the child to provide
Contact parents/carers; if not available contact emergency carer.
If emergency hospital treatment is deemed necessary telephone the emergency
services. Otherwise await arrival of parents and advise them to seek medical
If parents/carer or emergency carer cannot be contacted, the Keyperson, if available,
should accompany the child to hospital. Ensure remaining staff ratios are met.
All accidents/incidents must be recorded in the appropriate books. Always include
name, date, and time where and when the accident happened and who dealt with it.
The following information is obtained on registration to Foundation Stage:
Any relevant past medical history
Emergency contact details
Emergency medical treatment consent.
This information is stored confidentially.
Any serious accident/injury/death must be reported to Ofsted and Shropshire Safeguarding
Children’s Section together with the action taken in respect of it. The Head teacher will do
this within, at most, 14 days of the incident occurring.
Named Paediatric Trained First Aiders:
Cerrie Brian
Lorraine Izaacs
Jessica Thomson
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