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Week 3
2/3/2014 Macbeth Writing Assignment
1. Macbeth Haiku
2. Short Essay Assignment
So, TP that tree
up ahaed?
2/4/2014 Lesson 2 Vocabulary 1-3
1. Virtuoso (n) a person who is supremely skilled in a fine
2. Aboveboard (adj) honest and unconcealed; forthright
3. Luminous (adj) giving off light
Act 4, Scene 1
Macbeth’s returns to the witches and demands more
information. They agree to reveal to him three
1. A helmeted head. This apparition warns: “Beware
Macduff; beware the Thane of Fife.”
2. A bloody baby. The second illusion delivers this
warning: “Macbeth cannot be harmed by any man
born of woman.”
3. A crowned child holding the branch of a tree. This
third apparition promises that “Macbeth will not be
defeated until Birnam Wood (a forest near his castle)
comes to Dunsinane hill (the hill on which Macbeth’s
castle is built).”
Act 4, Scene 2
Lady Macduff wonders why her husband has abandoned
her and gone so hastily to England. She observes that
“even when our actions are not traitorous, our fear
can make us look like traitors (lines 3-4).” Regardless
of her husband’s true intent, Lady Macduff tells her
friend Ross that he has betrayed her and his
children… and that he may, in fact be a coward.
Lady Macduff and all of her children are brutally
murdered in their undefended castle by Macbeth’s
Act 4, Scene 3
Macduff meets with Malcolm in England. Malcolm
confides in Macduff that he (Malcolm) is lustful and
greedy. Malcolm wonders if Macduff could support
his right to the throne knowing that his evils would
make Macbeth look “white as snow” and “innocent as
a lamb.”
At first, Macduff reassures Malcolm, suggesting that no
one can be as evil as Macbeth has been in his short
reign. Soon, though, Macduff admits that not only is
Malcolm not fit to be king, he’s not fit to live! (103-4)
Malcolm confesses that he was only testing Macduff’s
loyalty. Malcolm is pleased that Macduff has shown
himself to be loyal to Scotland, NOT JUST to whoever
happens to be on Scotland’s throne.
1. Witch 2 says,
"By the pricking of
my thumb,
Something wicked
this way comes."
Who comes?
Macbeth comes.
2. What is Macbeth's
attitude towards the
witches this time?
He is demanding,
trying to take charge.
3. What
four things did the witches
show Macbeth? What does each
show/say? What is Macbeth's
 an armed head (beware or
 a bloody child (not be harmed by
anyone born of woman)
 a crowned child with a tree in its
hand (Birnam Wood would come
to Dunsinane)
 eight kings followed by Banquo's
ghost (Banquo descendants =
4. Macbeth says (about the
witches), "Infected be the
air whereon they ride, And
damned all those that trust
them!" What is Macbeth, in
effect, saying about
 He is damned.
Where is Macduff?
 He is in England helping
6. Why does Macbeth have
Macduff's family and
servants killed?
 Macduff is not loyal to
Macbeth, and Macbeth is
7. Why does Lady Macduff's
son say liars and swearers
are fools?
 He implies that since
there are more of them
than honest people, they
should get together and
hang the honest folks.
They are foolish to leave
themselves in jeopardy
when they could
overcome the honest
8. Malcolm says, "Angels
are bright still, though the
brightest fell. Though all
things foul would wear the
brows of grace, Yet grace
must still look so." What
does that mean?
 The devil was, of course,
at one time the brightest
angel. The point is that
things aren't what they
seem. One can't judge the
book by its cover, so-tospeak.
Macduff says, "Oh,
Scotland, Scotland!" Why?
 Malcolm has just told him
what a horrid king he
(Malcolm) would be if he
were on the throne
instead of Macbeth. Given
a choice, then, between
Malcolm and Macbeth, he
gravely fears for his
country's future.
10. What news does Ross
bring to Macduff?
 Ross brings news of
Macduff's family's
Is this for
Vocabulary quiz is next…
Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz 1-3
1. Use the word virtuoso in a sentence.
2. Provide a synonym for the word aboveboard.
3. Use the word luminous in a sentence
Lesson 2 Vocabulary 4-6
4. Unctuous (adj) smarmy or greasy
5. Alcove (n) a recess or partially enclosed area connected
to a larger room
6. Misapprehend (v) to misinterpret; to understand
Act 5, Scene 1
Lady Macbeth’s maid has summoned a doctor to try to
cure Lady Macbeth of sleepwalking. The doctor
observes that Lady Macbeth’s seeming wakefulness
but absolute unawareness of anything happening
around her is quite unnatural (Remember: “Macbeth
has murdered sleep” – II, ii, 35).
Lady Macbeth mentions the murders of Duncan, Banquo,
and Macduff. All the while she scrubs her hands,
trying to wash away imaginary blood that her guilt
causes her to see. “Out, damned spot!”( V, i, 27). This
reminds us of what Macbeth says in Act II (Can all
great Neptune’s ocean wash [Duncan’s blood] from
my hands?” (ii, 58-9). Lady Macbeth replies
(ironically) that “A little water will clear us of this
[bloody] deed.” (II, ii, 66-7).
Act 5, Scene 2
English soldiers along with Malcolm and Macduff have
assembled near Macbeth’s castle.
Cool lines:
“Now [Macbeth] feels his hidden murders sticking to his
hands.” (Angus: V, ii, 17-8). Sticking… like drying
“His followers act only because they are commanded to
do so, not out of love.” (Angus: V, ii, 18-9).
“Now he feels his title of King draped loosely round him,
hanging like a giant’s robe upon a dwarf-like thief.”
(Angus: V, ii, 19-20).
Act 5, Scene 3
Macbeth’s men are abandoning him in droves.
Those who remain are terrified of the obviously superior
English force gathering near the castle.
Despite his professed confidence in the “safety”
guaranteed by the witches’ prophesies, Macbeth
seems to be giving-way to panic and fear.
Act 5, Scene 4
Malcolm orders the soldiers in the woods to “each hew
down a branch and carry it before him, thus to
conceal the size of our force and trick Macbeth’s
reconnaissance into making a false report of us.”
Birnam Wood will appear to be coming to Dunsinane.
Act 5, Scene 5
Macbeth hears the news that his wife is dead.
His reaction: “She should have died later.” Now is
inconvenient. (V, v, 17).
Act 5, Scene 6
The English forces under Malcolm, Macduff, and Siward
capture Macbeth’s castle.
Act 5, Scene 7
Macbeth kills Young Siward (“You’re obviously a man that
was born of woman!”) [V, vii, 12].
Outside, the English forces report that Macbeth’s few
remaining men do not even fight. Several have come
face-to-face with Malcolm himself and done nothing.
Act 5, Scene 8
Macduff confronts Macbeth (“Turn, hell-hound, turn!” [V,
viii, 3]). Macduff reveals to Macbeth the news that he
(Macduff) “was from his mother’s womb untimely
ripp’d.” (V, viii, 15-6).
Macduff kills Macbeth.
Siward ironically observes that they have been very
successful with almost no deaths.
Malcolm immediately assumes his rightful place as King.
The following information, from, explains how the
“sons of Banquo” went on to be kings of Scotland (as foretold by the
The Stewart family records its traditional descent from Banquo, Thane of
Lochaber, who makes an appearance as a character in William Shakespeare's
Macbeth. Historically, however, the family appears to be descended from an
ancient family who were senechals of Dol in Brittany.
They acquired lands in England after the Norman conquest and moved to
Scotland when David I ascended to the throne of Scotland. The family were
granted extensive estates in Renfrewshire and East Lothian and the office of
High Steward was made hereditary in the family.
It is through marriage with the daughter of Robert the Bruce that we can begin
to trace the descent of the Royal House of Stewart. The royal line of male
Stewarts continued uninterrupted until the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. As a
family, the Royal Stewarts held the throne of Scotland, and later that of
England, in the direct line until the death of Queen Anne in 1714. In fact, the
present Royal family still has Stewart blood links.
 1. What do the doctor and
gentlewoman see Lady
Macbeth doing? What do
they decide to do?
 She is sleepwalking and
talking about the murders.
The doctor decides his
best move is to not
mention that he heard
anything, and he tells the
woman to keep an eye on
Lady Macbeth.
 2. What does Macbeth
want the doctor to do for
his wife?
 He wants the doctor to
ease her suffering, to give
her something to make
her oblivious to her
weighty troubles.
 3. What trick does
Malcolm use to hide the
number of men in his
 He has his men cut off
tree branches and use
them as camouflage.
 4. Malcolm says, "And none serve
with him but constrained things
Whose hearts are absent,
 too." What does that mean?
 Macbeth's armies are there in
body only, not in spirit, and there
should not be any serious
 opposition.
 5. What is Macbeth's
reaction to Lady
Macbeth's death?
 He takes it very calmly,
saying she would have
died sooner or later,
 6. What is Macbeth's
reaction to the news that
Birnam Wood is moving?
 "Arm, arm, and out!" He's
going to fight to the bitter
end and take down the
whole universe with him,
if necessary.
 7. Who first fights
Macbeth? What happens?
 Young Siward fights
Macbeth and is slain.
 8. Macbeth says to
Macduff, "But get thee
back, my soul is too much
charged With blood of
thine already." To what is
he referring?
 Macbeth doesn't want to
fight Macduff; he has
already killed Macduff's
 9. When does Macbeth
know he's in trouble?
 He knows this is his end
when Macduff tells him
he was taken from his
mother's womb instead of
being "born of woman."
 10. How does Macbeth
 Macduff fights him and
beheads him.
 11. Who will be King of
 Malcolm will be king.
2/7/2014 Macbeth Movie day