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Assignment 1
What is data structure? Explain the types of data structures available.
Describe the various operations that can be performed on a data structure?
Define Array and its properties. Explain the types of array in C.
A two dimensional array x[5][6] is stored with base address 201. What is the address of x[2][4] in
i. In column major order
ii. In row major order
A two dimensional array of maximum size [20][15] with base address 1005 and word length is 5 calculate:
i. The address of [14,14] by row major operation
ii. The address of [2,3] by column major operation
Create the address of X[4,3] in a two dimensional array X[1- -5,1- -4] stored in a row major order in main memory.
Assume the base address to be 1000 and that each element requires 4 words of storage.
Design an algorithm that will allow you to insert a data item NAM in the position in a single dimension array NAMES
having an element (i<N)
Write short notes on
i. Triangular array and its applications
ii. Sparse array and its applications
What is a pointer? Define properties of pointer. What is its significance?