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Blue World Indonesia, PT
Blue World Indonesia PT
18th Fl. Cyber 2 Tower
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 13
Jakarta 12950
Joost Willem van Acht
(Managing Director)
Tel. : +65 6338 9411
Fax. :
Blue World Indonesia, PT
E-mail : [email protected]
Website :
Category : Consultant
Products :
Specification : Carbon trading and renewable energy
Company description :
Blue World Carbon (BWC) is the world's leading provider of services and solutions aimed at
combating climate change, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, GHG emissions
management and the use of carbon market mechanisms. Furthermore, Blue World Carbon is
the leading buyer of post-2012 CERs both from registered and yet to be registered projects and
fast growing energy asset development company. Blue World Carbon has offices in all major
carbon and renewable energy markets. The international management teams comprise of
international carbon and energy professionals with many years of experience in the field, and
are further supported by highly skilled local staff with backgrounds in engineering, law and
finance. Our staff members have prepared and got registered over 100 carbon projects and 7
PoAs aimed to cut GHG emissions worldwide under Kyoto Protocol mechanisms and other
carbon voluntary schemes, developed and implemented a number of corporate carbon and
energy management strategies. In the countries of the Former Soviet Union Blue World Carbon
is using its Climate Change Global Services (CCGS) brand.