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... to effective solutions
Omron at a glance
The Sysmac integrated platform can help reduce downtime in numerous areas of your machine
design, providing significant benefits to you and your customers. Our effective technology reduces
machine downtime in four key areas.
Reduced machine downtime
products ranging
input, logic and output
Advanced machine solutions
Sensing, Control Systems, Visualisation, Drives, Robots, Safety,
Quality Control & Inspection, Control and Switching Components
Integrated device monitoring
Visualisation assistance
Critical components such as servo axes,
actuators and sensors can all be monitored
and whenever their operation deviates from a
normal condition, a warning or alarm is raised.
Easy to use local information can be made
available via HMIs to provide operators and
maintenance staff with information on the issue
including embedded pdf and video.
Investment in Research & Development
Remote connectivity
Data analysis
Promptly providing the right person with
information relating either to potential
future issues or current machine status will
significantly reduce downtime.
Machine data is a vital part of any maintenance or
continuous improvement program. The Sysmac
platform ensures data is stored securely and we
support numerous leading vendors. The data can
then be analysed and compared to derive useful
information as part of a continuous improvement
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• Predictive maintenance
• Fast change-over & setup
• Failed component changeover
Reduced machine downtime - Advanced machine solutions
From customer needs ...
... to advanced machine design
Technology exists today that can significantly improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
of your installed machine by reducing downtime. In addition, service costs and disruption to your
company are also reduced.
1 Real time device level information that predicts issues within key
machine components before they become critical...
Continually monitor the position and torque response of
a servo axis against normal operation.
Monitor multiple sensors for deterioration in operation,
providing an alarm when a threshold is reached.
Against a measured time of travel, inform if the operation
time falls outside normal operation limits.
Let our innovation help you protect your brand and future sales...
Predictive maintenance
•A series of innovative Function Blocks for the NJ series controller to
warn about potential future issues, avoiding downtime.
•Database functionality within the Sysmac platform allows fast and
secure data storage.
•Event based information can be shared remotely to inform others
of potential issues.
•A user can be provided with information via the NA series HMI in
numerous forms including text, graphics, PDF or video.
2 SD card
Complete backup of machine programs and device parameter
sets, ensures a machine can be quickly reprogrammed in the
event of a device failure.
3 Database functionality
•All data, both performance and maintenance related is easily
made available for analysis.
•In the event of a communications loss to Database server,
Sysmac controllers simply continue to store data internally
until the link is re-established.
•Sysmac operates with Databases at high speed, so there is
no limitation in processing of machine data to aid predictive
maintenance and continuous improvement programs.
•Database connections for all major Dbase products such as
SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and Firebird.
•An in-built Troubleshooter provides accurate information
on the machine component fault and remedial actions
•Troubleshooter also provides detailed information on safety
•The NA provides the user functionality to create Intelligent
Application Gadgets [IAGs] with embedded code that can
provide valuable machine data and visualisation options.
5 Tablet viewer
The NA viewer app provides a mimic of the NA HMI on a third
party device, ensuring current machine status and monitoring
is available anywhere, anytime.
Every product in the machine can play a role in reducing
Safety switches
D40 series are non-contact types and eliminate a potential point of
failure when compared to traditional tongue types.
Power supplies
S8VK-R provides redundancy backup when used with switching
power supplies.
S8BA UPS protects against voltage drop and power loss.
Big Data
Fast change-over & set up:
•All key components can be easily reset with the touch of a button
to suit the product required. This includes sensors, vision, servo,
inverters, temperature control and even robots. Automation
potentially allows a machine to be configured via inputs from
devices such as RFID, vision or barcodes.
Failed component changeover
•Monitor all EtherCAT connected devices via the in-built
Troubleshooter on the NA series HMI.
•Complete machine programs and parameter sets can be restored
via an SD card.