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Dc machine lecture#34
Generator: it is a machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical
energy is called generator.
Classification of dc generator:
Dc generator
Separately excited dc generator:
A dc generator whose field magnet winding is supplied from and independent
external source (e.g. a battery etc) is called a separately excited dc generator .fig
shows the connection of a separately excited generator .the voltage output
depend upon the speed of rotation of armature and the field current ( Eg 
P N
).The greater the speed and field current, greater is the generated emf. It may be
noted that separately y excited dc generator are rarely used in practice .The dc
generator are normally of self-excited type.
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Dc machine lecture#34
Self-excited dc generator:
Self-excited dc generator whose field magnet is supplied current from the
output of dc generator itself is called a self-excited dc generator .There are
three types of self excited dc generators depending upon the manner in which
the field winding is connected to the armature, namely;
i. Series generator;
ii. Shunt generator;
iii. Compound generator
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