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pontine tegmentum
pontine reticular formation
superior olive
major blood vessels
parabrachial nuclei
Human Brain Tissue Bank, Semmelweis University
Dissected nuclei and areas
paratrigeminal nucleus
pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus
nuclei lemnisci laterales
paralemniscal nucleus
dorsal tegmental nucleus
median/paramedian raphe nuclei
B9 5HT cell group
Kölliker-Fuse nucleus
lateral parabrachial nucleus
medial parabrachial nucleus
pontine reticular nucleus, pars oralis
dorsomedial tegmental area
laterodorsal tegmental area (Barrington)
pontine reticulotegmental area
motor trigeminal nucleus
locus coeruleus
pontine nuclei
ventral tegmental nucleus
rostral periolivary area
subcoeruleus area (A7)
principal sensory trigeminal nucleus
parvicellular reticular nucleus, pars α
gigantocellular reticular nucleus, pars α
nucleus of the trapezoid body
pontine reticular nucleus, pars caudalis
lateral vestibular nucleus
nucleus raphe pontis
A5 CA cell group
lateral superior olive
medial superior olive
ventral periolivary nucleus
medial periolivary nucleus
nucleus abducens
spinal trigeminal nucleus, pars olivaris
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