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SAMPLE General Zoology Test SAMPLE
Please answer a total of 10 questions from the options listed below.
Note: You must answer the questions that have an asterisk (*).
1. What is Cladistics?
2. *Why do cladists require that a lineage be monophyletic to be part of a single taxon?
3. *Why do cladists insist that the reptiles are not a legitimate taxon?
4. Does DNA sequencing provide a more objective method for classifying organisms?
Give pros and cons.
5. *Describe two ways in which antibiotics work against bacteria. Why don’t these
mechanisms Eukaryote cells.
6. Describe the two major ways that antibiotic resistance is spread through populations
of bacteria.
7. What features allow prokaryotes to reproduce so much more rapidly than
Eukaryotes? What advantages does this give to bacteria?
8. Why can’t we become immune from colds?
9. *What factors have contributed to the rise in resistance of bacteria to antibiotic drugs?