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Electrical Engineering
September 2016
Year 2:
Term A
AM 2270a
CS 1037a
ECE 2205a
ECE 2277a
ECE 2240a
ES 2211f
Applied Mathematics for Engineering II
Computer Science Fundamentals II
Electric Circuits I
Digital Logic Systems
Electrical Laboratory
Engineering Communications
Term B
AM 2276b
ECE 2231b
ECE 2233b
ECE 2236b
ECE 2241b
MME 2234b
Applied Mathematics for Elec. & Mech Eng. III
Introduction to Electronics
Circuits and Systems
Magnetic Circuits and Transmission Lines
Electrical Laboratory II
Heat Transfer and Dynamics
Technical Elective List:
Year 3:
Term A
AM 3415a
Applied Mathematics for Electrical Engineering II
ECE 3330a
Control Systems
ECE 3332a
Electric Machines
ECE 3337a
Electronic Circuits
SS 2141a
Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers
0.5-course non-technical elective from the approved list (either a or b term)
Term B
ECE 3331b
ECE 3333b
ECE 3336b
ECE 3370b
ECE 3375b
Introduction to Signal Processing
Electric Power Systems I
Electromagnetic Theory
Communication Electronics I
Microprocessors and Microcomputers
Year 4:
Term A
Bus 2299e
Business for Engineers
ECE 4416
Electrical/Computer Engineering Project
ECE 4429a
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ECE 4437a
Communications Theory
Two 0.5-course technical electives from the approved list
Term B
Bus 2299e
Business for Engineers
ECE 4416
Electrical/Computer Engineering Project
ES 4498g
Engineering Ethics, Sustainable Development and the Law
Three 0.5-course technical electives from the approved list
Some technical electives may not be offered in a given academic year.
Consult the department for accurate listing.
ECE 3349a/b
ECE 3380a/b
ECE 4430a/b
ECE 4431a/b
ECE 4432a/b
ECE 4433a/b
ECE 4436a/b
ECE 4438a/b
ECE 4439a/b
ECE 4445a/b
ECE 4451a/b
ECE 4455a/b
ECE 4456a/b
ECE 4457a/b
ECE 4460a/b
ECE 4464a/b
ECE 4468a/b
ECE 4469a/b
MME 4452a/b
MME 4473a/b
MME 4482a/b
MME 4487a/b
The official version of the academic calendar can be found at:
Introduction of VLSI
Advanced Digital Systems
Selected Topics in Electrical Eng. I
Selected Topics in Electrical Eng. II
Radiation and Propagation
Digital Communications Systems
Networking: Principles, Protocols and
Adv. Image Processing & Analysis
Conventional, Renewable and Nuclear
Intro. to Digital Image Processing
Advanced Topics in Wireless
Biomedical Systems Analysis
Power Systems Protection
Power Electronics
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Electric Power Systems II
Systems Optimization
Applied Control Systems
Robotics and Manu. Automation
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Fundamental of MEMS
Mechatronic System Design
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