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Topic 1: Marketing Functions
Marketing activities support
Business Orientations to Marketing
a. Production Orientation
A production orientation to marketing means that the
business is concerned primarily with
The business does / does not consider the wishes of the
Henry Ford said of his Model T car: “You can have it any
colour you want so long as it is _____________!”
For years Coca Cola produced ____________________.
b. Selling Orientation
A selling orientation to marketing means that the
business can produce a ____________ number of goods
and needs to __________________________________.
_________________ sales and face-to-face sales
methods are used to ______________________ to buy
the goods.
The needs and wants of consumers are /are not
considered with this approach.
See Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, and Alan
Arkin in the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” to understand
the pressures a selling orientation places on consumers
of aluminum siding.
c. Consumer Orientation
A consumer orientation to marketing acknowledges the
______________ of the consumer and focuses on
________________________________ by producing
____________________________, and by providing a
high/ low level of _______________________before and
after the sale.
“The customer is always right” philosophy is integral to
____________________________ orientation.
Today, most businesses, even very small businesses, are
expected to have a consumer orientation to marketing.
d) Societal Orientation
A societal orientation to marketing promotes goods and
services that are in line with
Examples: Children’s toys must meet strict __________
The production of food products must
Package labels must _________________________, and
often how the product is to be _______________.
Businesses often try to provide for consumer special
needs, such as ____________________ in restaurants
and automatic door-openers that provide
______________________ to commercial properties.
e. Relationships Orientation
A relationships orientation to marketing means that the
business _______________ its consumers throughout
their lives, adapting products to suit their needs and
working to keep them ________________________.
Example: Financial institutions recognize that if they can
attract a customer to their bank early in life then the
customer is more likely _________________ the bank
throughout their adult lives. The bank can then sell the
customer ______________________ as the customer
TASK: Do Activity 2 on page 161
a) societal marketing orientation –social benefit
b) production marketing orientation – concern is growth
of production, increase size of business, output
c) consumer marketing orientation – business seeks
knowledge of consumer needs and is willing to fulfill
those needs
d) relationship marketing orientation – after sales service
e) selling marketing orientation – business objective is to
increase sales of coffee, could be relationship orientation
if customer has to become a member of a club
f) production marketing orientation – consumer
preferences not considered