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Dmitry Reznitskiy
Loretohöhe 1, 6300 Zug, Switzerland • +41788677190
[email protected] •
A challenging position in financial institution allowing me to apply and grow both
technical design and project management skills to contribute to a product relating to
banking, trading or finance.
Over 11 years software developer with extensive expertise in object oriented
programming. Especially skilled at source code analysis and debugging to build timeeffective, rock-stable and market-competitive solutions. Real team worker with
excellent analytical and creative skills. Seeking a challenging position within dynamic
software development environment.
2008 – p.t.
08.2004 – 01.2008
IMC Trading. Zug Switzerland. Software Engineer, Front Office in Algorithmic
Trading Group. (Started in Amsterdam, Netherlands, relocated to Zug, Switzerland in
Working on automated trading agents and various tools in front office. My day-by-day
duties include requirements gathering from traders and midoffice, providing design
and implementation; providing core team requests and proposals on software;
interviewing candidates (Java developers). Programming is mostly for Linux (server
side and clients), Windows as not a main production target. Mainly Java, some parts in
C++ and C#.
DeutscheBank, Moscow R&D, software developer, senior developer, associate.
Development and support of Arina Execution system. Arina is an electronic order
execution system that is used by traders. It provides Deutsche Bank traders with a
standard platform that is used by all the first-and-second tier markets across the globe
for different types of market trading (Cash Trading, Program Trading, DMA and
Algorithmic Trading). Server-side processes run on a wide variety of different
hardware ranging from powerful Solaris boxes to relatively small PCs working under
Linux or Solaris. The system is able to support hundreds of concurrent users operating
from a single location. Arina comprises components written in C++ (server),Java
(server) and Java Swing(GUI), C# (GUI), Oracle (database).
Effectively from 02.2007 working on implementing new generation algorithmic
trading engine, including market data access, exchange connectivity, etc.
Programming for Solaris: C++, Sun Workshop; TIBCO Rendezvous; FIX protocol.
Part of software is ported to Linux platform. First-, second- and third- line support,
including installation and support for software updates for the latest RegNMS and
MiFiD regulations.
I was also involved in interviewing candidates (C++ developers)
10.2002 – 07.2004
Epicor|Scala (Scala Business Solutions NV), Moscow R&D, software developer
ERP, ERP II systems.
R&D of the core of large ERP software. R&D of core of next generation ERP software
(ERPII) based on .net, xml and web services technologies.
Programming for MS Windows: C++ Win32 API, MFC, COM, ATL.; .Net, C#
2002 – 2005
MSIEM(TU), Dept. of Cybernetics., part time lecturer.
Dept. Lecturer (“Operating Systems” and “Computer Networks” courses).
Operating Systems course was divided into two parts: Unix environment and Windows
internals. Computer networks course consisted of two parts - common network model
and system-specific network applications implementation. I was responsible for
lectures and practical classes for 2 groups of students (approx. 30 persons) for each
course. At the same time I was also responsible for administrating and support of dept.
network (FreeBSD, Windows), consulting users, and installing new clients.
01.2000 – 09.2002
R-Style Software Lab, technological dept., software developer, programmer.
R&D of core of banking and accounting software: 3-tier application framework,
including standard data, business and application layers, set of administration utilities,
application level programming language, IDE and RAD. Most of work was done for
MS Windows (C++, MFC, COM, Win32 API, ATL), though some parts were ported
to Sun Solaris and IBM AS/400.
1998 – 2000
Self-employed for different companies and startups
1. Magnat Telecom, Startup. Technical supervisor.
I was responsible for technical requirements specification preparation
(software, hardware, communication), partially business plan of a town-wide
(Narofominsk , approximately 75000 inhabitants) internet service provider
(dialup and dedicated line access, LAN, voice over IP, users support, call desk,
Internet-cafe, computer store, etcetera)
2. Tunnel Online, project supervisor
I was responsible for technical requirements specification preparation
(software, hardware) for a .com project. The idea was to create a web service
where users can buy everything: flowers, computer parts, food, services,
everything, paying with prepaid cards. Those prepaid cards should have been
available in all public stores, kiosks, small shops. My responsibility included:
requirements specification preparation (software, call desk, businesscommunications), software implementation management (I had a group of four
programmers), communication with business-level managers.
3. Various companies: system administration:
 installation and support of server-side software (Unix: FreeBSD, SCO;
mail services; network services: Samba, Apache, Squid)
 installation, support of client software (Windows, Office, etc)
 working on technical and business requirement specifications
 Programming for Windows and Linux, C++
2002 – 2005
1996 – 2005
Profound knowledge of C/C++ : misc. platforms: MS Windows - win32 api,
MFC, COM, ATL, WTL, etc.; Unix (Sun Solaris, Linux) – Sun Studio, GCC.
Strong skills of source code analysis, debugging
Object-oriented programming technology, design patterns
Programming languages: C, C++, java, C#, VB, LISP, Pascal, ADA, Prolog
Basic knowledge: vbs, rdbms, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, HTML, XML
Messaging API: Tibco Rendezvouz, IBMMQ, MSMQ, Active MQ
Network technologies and internet: administration of Windows NT, UNIX
(FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, SCO, Ultrix) network systems
Source control Systems: SVN, Perforce, CVS, home-driven software
Bug tracking systems: Jira, Sourceforge, home-driven software
Institution : Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical
Title : Post graduate study
Institution: Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical
Title: Full time student
Faculty: Applied Mathematics
Department: Cybernetics
Spec. : Mathematical and software support of information systems
Degree : MS
Graduation: 2002
GPA: 4.15/5.00
Transcript: Higher Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Programming (Pascal, Prolog,
LISP, Smalltalk, C, C++, Assembler), Methods of Optimization, Operational Systems,
Computer Architecture, Methods of Knowledge Representation and Processing, etc.
Master C++ Programmer, BrainBench
Microsoft C# course 2349, "Programming with MS .NET Framework (MS Visual
Certified Unix Programmer, BrainBench
Certified C Programmer, BrainBench
Certified Unix Administrator, BrainBench
Social status
Russian – native, English – fluent, French – educational, Dutch – beginner-beginner
Photography, cycling, fly-fishing, hiking