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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
About Me:
My name is Adolf Hitler and I am going to bring Germany back
to it’s place in the world. I am a dictator who is only looking out
for the best interests for the GERMAN citizens.
I refuse to be held accountable for my so-called
crimes. I will live in infamy forever!
Posted in 1945 near Germany
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Eva Braun
Hometown: Leonding, Austria
Joseph Stalin You know what? America will not
always be number one, the Soviets will forever
remain a proud communist nation!
Posted in 1945 near Russia
Winston Churchill You went too far man, we had to
stop you….
Adolf is now friends with Benito Mussolini
Adolf checked into Führerbunker in Berlin on April 30th 1945
Posted in 1945 near England
FDR I am sending all of the troops in to get you
now. You’re time of chaos is OVER Hitler.
Posted on June 6th 1944 in USA
Winston Churchill It’s about time FDR, we’ve been
waiting for what feels like forever! We almost lost it
back there…
FDR Hey Hitler, thanks a lot for starting this war that we
didn’t want to get into. The Japanese bombed us. Now
you’re in for it!
Posted on December 7th, 1941 in USA
Rosie the Riveter We will support our fellas over there!
the women of the USA will help the war effort!
Posted in 1941 in USA
Posted in England in 1944
Truman Good thoughts, Rosie. Here’s what Japan may be
in store for: Manhattan Project. But keep it on the downlow….
Posted in USA in 1941
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
I have never been one to brag, but my method of
taking over weaker countries is working great! Here’s
what it looks like:
Only the TRUE Germans have the right to be in this
country. Who do we have to blame for our horrible
situations in this country? The Jews! We need to
remove this problem. Help your country and report to
an officer any people of Jewish heritage. We will send
them to a camp!
Posted in Germany in 1939
Birkenau Boys The Warsaw Ghetto has been sealed off
and Jews are being forced to wear the Star of David.
What is to come of the Jewish population?
Posted in Warsaw in 1939
Adolf checked into Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in
Oswiecim, Poland
Adolf posted two photos his album “Germany Rocks”
We will earn our place in the sun! Reoccupy the
Rhineland and unite the German people!
Posted in Germany in 1936
Winston Churchill It’s fine Hitler, we really don’t feel like
starting anything with you. Just don’t do anything
else. Right?
The Treaty of Versailles as ruined our lives!
Germany is a powerful nation that should NOT
be ignored.
Posted in Germany in 1920
Woodrow Wilson I tried to tell everyone to take it
easy, man..
Posted in England in 1936
FDR We are totally staying out of this issue, man. The
USA is just going to focus on its own issues. But
Winston—let me know if you need anything dude,
I’ve got your back!
Posted in USA in 1936
Posted in Washington, USA in 1920
Adolf Hitler Dude, check out what they did to us:
Germany after WWI
Adolf Hitler
The results of the Treaty of Versailles on our country. Absolutely unfair!
Posted in Germany in 1920
Germany Rocks
The tanks are on their way!
Germany Rocks
Germany Rocks
Air forces coming to represent Germany!
Germany Rocks
Manhattan Project
Those Japanese don’t even know it’s coming..
Manhattan Project