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To further promote Chinese brands and products and enhance Sino-US trade and
economic relations, Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) shall hold the China
Brand Show 2013 during ASD in the Las Vegas Convention Center on August 4-7,
2013. It’s the 11th consecutive year for MOFCOM to hold China Brand Show in U.S.
With the acceleration of the economic globalization, the Chinese manufacturing
enterprises gradually play an important role in the world-wide manufacturing industry.
Chinese enterprises focus more and more on the international integration, cultivating
their own brands and corporate culture, conducting scientific research and
technological innovation and constantly improving the technological level of products.
Meanwhile they continue to develop the traditional crafts, establish the authentication
systems to maintain a high level of product quality and environmental protection, and
enhance the product safety supervision mechanism, with the aim to provide customers
with better after-sale services and promote their images and products.
In order to support the Chinese enterprises to cultivate their own brands, MOFCOM
has been making effort to promote Chinese famous brands, and stimulate their
awareness of brand as well as innovation and intellectual property. The United States
and China are important trade partners, so promoting Chinese brands in the United
States shall help to facilitate the trade of brand products, optimize the further bilateral
trade structure and promote the sound development of bilateral economic and trade
With an exhibition area of about 5400 square meters, 300 booths, Chinese delegation
brings 250 Chinese enterprises covering the fields of light manufactured products and
household electronics. The diversified range of the commodities demonstrates the
latest Chinese economic achievements, providing the visitors with a rare opportunity
to know and get familiar with both china and Chinese brand products.
Want to know more about China?
Want to talk to Chinese enterprises face to face?
Come and join us in North Hall!
Satisfy yourself in China Brand Show!