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Medieval World
 Founding of Benedictine Order (530)
 Monasteries founded during Saint Benedict’s rule.
 Saint Benedict came up with many rules for the monks to
 First Crusade (1096-1099)
 Emperor of Byzantium sent for help against the Turks to
take back Jerusalem
 Rise of Universities (1150)
 Teachers were contracted by students
 Hundred Years War (1337 – 1453)
 French vs. English over land
 Invention of Printing Press (1440)
 Johannes Gutenber, Germany – goldsmith
Codification of
Early Chants (600)
 Example pg iii
 Beginning of Troubadour
Period (1100)
 Early troubadours
traveled from village to
 Elite troubadours were
nobles and knights who
joined crusades
 Development of
Rhythmic Modes (1200)
 Church modes small
versions of scales
 Saint Gregory before becoming Pope. He opened 7
churches in Rome and 6 in Sicily .
 Known for his contributions to liturgy and mass
 One of Four great doctors of Latin Church
 Last part of the 12th
 Not much is known
about his actual life
 Notre Dame
 Not much known about
his life
 Worked with Leonin
 Traveling groups outside
of the church.
 Troubadours – S. France
 Trouberes – N. France
 Poet musicians that
catered to the nobel
 Simple love songs to
polital tunes, war to
 Jongleurs were versatile
 Instruments, danced,
juggled, showed
animals, performed
 To common folks
 Traveling newspaper