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Jesus in the New Testament: Sem. Final – Study Guide
Study your previous tests and notes.
The Incarnation –
Purposes of the Incarnation Christ/Messiah Titles Attributed to Jesus –
Chapter 1:
Historical Evidence for Jesus Existence (non Biblical)
1. Tacitus
2. Suetonius
3. Pliny the Younger:
4. (Flavius) Josephus: Jewish historian [37-101 CE]:
New Testament: Our major source of material about Jesus –
Scriptures as Inspired Writing Canon of the New Testament – types of books in the Canon,
Dates they were written
3 Criteria for choosing New Testament Books The Formation of the Gospels: 3 Stages;
3 Reasons the Gospels were eventually written –
Types of Biblical Criticism –
Synoptic; Sources (Q, M, L)
Key Terms: Evangelist, Catholic, Gospel, Epistle,
Testament, Disciple, Beelzebul, Emmanuel
Chapter 2:
Physical World of Jesus Palestine – Geography, Important regions and cities
Language and Dialect - Common Semitic Speech Forms
Religious Feasts and Practices – Sabbath
Synagogue –
The Temple –
Jewish Feasts – Passover
Political Climate –
Jewish Beliefs and Practices – Pentateuch, Covenant
Important People and Groups – Zealots, Publicans,
Pharisees, Sadducees, Sanhedrin, women, common people,
Chapter 4:
Background of Mark’s gospel –
Sources –
Gospel at a Glance –
Gospel Focus –
Prologue, Jesus’ Galilean Ministry, Jesus the Authoritative
Teacher, Parables of the “Kingdom of God”
Jesus the healer and miracle worker –
The Messianic Secret –
Son of Man –
Suffering Servant –
Way of Discipleship –
Paschal Mystery –
Historical Background Theological Background –
Chapter 5:
Background of Matthew’s gospel –
Themes in Matthew’s Gospel
Son of David
Overall view of Matthew’s Gospel – Contains infancy
narrative and genealogy
Comparing Matthew and Mark –
Jesus the Teacher – Importance of Beatitudes
Jesus Challenges Judaism –
The Seven Woes –
Chapter 6:
Background of Luke’s gospel – Theophilus
Parable Themes and Reflections –
Luke’s gospel and Acts of the Apostles are parallel: Note
chart on p. 166.
Common Themes in Luke and Acts –
Jesus fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah –
The Church Continues Jesus Prophetic Mission –
Role of the Holy Spirit in Salvation History –
Stages of the Church –
Prayer; Joy and Peace; Special Role of Mary and Women –
Jesus: Compassionate Messiah and Universal Savior –
Martyred Jesus –
Resurrection Stories –
Overview of Acts of Apostles –
Key Terms: master, lawyer, savior, martyr
Chapter 7:
Background of John’s gospel –
Outline of John’s Gospel – Beloved disciple
Themes in John’s Gospel –
Word of God –
The Book of Signs –
The Book of Glory –
Last Supper Discourses –
Importance of love
Jesus passion, death, and resurrection –
Meaning of the Resurrection –
Good Luck Gentlemen; I’ll see you on test day.
Answers below must meet the following standards for full credit:
- must make direct reference to Scripture, the textbook, and/or class
- responds fully to all parts of the question;
- adequate length (a few thoughtful sentences for short answer portion; at
least 4 paragraphs of at least 4 thoughtful sentences for the essay);
- demonstrates knowledge of course material;
- demonstrates insight into the meaning of the Gospel message that goes
beyond the basics.
SHORT ANSWER On loose leaf paper, answer 2 of the short answer
questions: They are worth 10 points each.
MANDATORY QUESTION: (5 points) What will it be? 
ESSAY Choose one of the following questions to answer. (It is worth 25
points) [review the standards at the top of the page before answering the
essay.] Put this answer on the loose leaf paper as well.