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The Journal of Modern History
2008 – 80:1
Before Democracy: The Production and
Uses of Common Sense
Sophia Rosenfeld
Transnational Culture War: Christianity,
Nation, and the Judeo-Bolshevik Myth
in Hungary, 1890–1920
Paul Hanebrink
The Fate of the Nineteenth Century in
German Historiography
H. Glenn Penny
Logics of History: Social Theory and
Social Transformation.
David A. Hollinger
A Crooked Line: From Cultural History
to the History of Society.
Jeremy D. Popkin
History Out of Joint: Essays on the Use
and Abuse of History.
Carolyn J. Dean
The Idea of the Self: Thought and
Experience in Western Europe since the
Seventeenth Century.
Johnson Kent Wright
The Case for the Enlightenment:
Scotland and Naples, 1680–1760.
Paul Cheney
Nathan Mayer Rothschild and the
Creation of a Dynasty: The Critical
Years, 1806–1816.
Lisa Moses Leff
Musical Encounters at the 1889 Paris
World's Fair.
William Weber
Origins of the Other: Emmanuel
Levinas between Revelation and Ethics.
Richard Sugarman
Assuming the Burden: Europe and the
American Commitment to War in
Edward Miller
The King's Reformation: Henry VIII and
the Remaking of the English Church.
Richard Rex
Queenship and Political Discourse in
the Elizabethan Realms.
Paul E. J. Hammer
Power, Knowledge, and Expertise in
Elizabethan England.
Stephen Pumfrey
London and the Restoration, 1659–
George Southcombe
The Scandal of Empire: India and the
Creation of Imperial Britain.
Andrew Sartori
Nature and the Godly Empire: Science
and Evangelical Mission in the Pacific,
David Arnold
Madness at Home: The Psychiatrist, the
Patient, and the Family in England,
Roger Smith
Warfare State: Britain, 1920–1970.
Martin Ceadel
Allies in War: Britain and America
against the Axis Powers, 1940–1945.
Paul W. Doerr
Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story
of Britain's Gulag in Kenya.
Tabitha Kanogo
Sacred Boundaries: Religious
Coexistence and Conflict in EarlyModern France.
Hilary J. Bernstein
Revolutionary Acts: Theater,
Democracy, and the French Revolution.
Jeffrey S. Ravel
The Family and the Nation: Gender and
Citizenship in Revolutionary France,
Rachel G. Fuchs
Le Parlement des Huguenots:
Organisations et synodes réformés
français au XIXe siècle.
Steven C. Hause
Police Stories: Building the French
State, 1815–1851.
Stéphane Gerson
The Invention of the Model: Artists and
Models in Paris, 1830–1870.
Patricia Mainardi
Reading and Riding: Hachette's
Railroad Bookstore Network in
Nineteenth-Century France.
Christine Haynes
Consuming Visions: Mass Culture and
the Lourdes Shrine.
Lisa Tiersten
Theatre, Politics, and Markets in Finde-Siècle Paris: Staging Modernity.
Jean Elisabeth Pedersen
Catholic and French Forever: Religious
and National Identity in Modern France.
Carol E. Harrison
Pyrrhic Victory: French Strategy and
Operations in the Great War.
John Horne
A Holocaust Controversy: The
Treblinka Affair in Postwar France.
Maud S. Mandel
Lorenzo de' Medici and the Art of
Susannah F. Baxendale
Love and Death in Renaissance Italy.
Carole Collier Frick
The Scarith of Scornello: A Tale of
Renaissance Forgery.
Kenneth L. Feder
Mussolini's Intellectuals: Fascist Social
and Political Thought.
Jonathan Steinberg
Sex Crimes, Honour, and the Law in
Early Modern Spain: Vizcaya, 1528–
Julie Hardwick
Milieux de presse et journalistes en
Belgique, 1828–1914.
Janet L. Polasky
The Social Roots of Basque
Stanley G. Payne
Religion and the Rise of Nationalism:
A Profile of an East-Central European
Roland Spickermann
A Nation in Barracks: Modern
Germany, Military Conscription, and
Civil Society.
Holger Afflerbach
Bach in Berlin: Nation and Culture in
Mendelssohn's Revival of the “St.
Matthew Passion.”
George S. Williamson
Kunst und Identitätspolitik: Architektur
und Bildkünste im Prozess der
tschechischen Nationsbildung.
Cate Giustino
Berlin Electropolis: Shock, Nerves, and
German Modernity.
Ann Goldberg
Oil Empire: Visions of Prosperity in
Austrian Galicia.
Laurence Cole
Hitlers Vätergeneration: Die Ursprünge
des Nationalsozialismus in der k. u. k.
Evan B. Bukey
Von links gegen Weimar: Linkes
antiparlamentarisches Denken in der
Weimarer Republik.
Eric D. Weitz
Caviar and Ashes: A Warsaw
Generation's Life and Death in Marxism,
Robin Okey
Reading Germany: Literature and
Consumer Culture in Germany before
Shelley Baranowski
Bevölkerungswissenschaft in Österreich
in der Zwischenkriegszeit, 1918–1938:
Personen, Institutionen, Diskurse.
Jill Lewis
In Pursuit of German Memory: History,
Television, and Politics after Auschwitz.
Robert G. Moeller
Russian Conservatism and Its Critics:
A Study in Political Culture.
David L. Ransel
Gesellschaft als lokale Veranstaltung:
Die Wolgastädte Kazan' und Saratov
Jörg Hackmann
Maximilian Voloshin and the Russian
Literary Circle: Culture and Survival in
Revolutionary Times.
Christopher Read
Russian Baptists and Spiritual
Revolution, 1905–1929.
Edward E. Roslof
Russia in a Box: Art and Identity in an
Age of Revolution.
Karen L. Kettering
Worker Resistance under Stalin: Class
and Revolution on the Shop Floor.
Matt Payne
Friends or Foes? The United States and
Soviet Russia, 1921–1941.
Bertrand M. Patenaude
Governing Soviet Journalism: The
Press and the Socialist Person after
Catriona Kelly
The Journal of Modern History
2008- 80:2
Continuity, Long-Term Service, and
Permanent Forces: A Reassessment of
the Florentine Army in the Fourteenth
William Caferro
Religion and the Age of “Patriot”
Dale K. Van Kley
Empire, Religious Freedom, and the
Legal Regulation of “Mixed” Marriages
in Russia
Paul W. Werth
Women, Gender, and the Enlightenment:
A Historical Turn
Anthony J. LaVopa
The History of Everyday Life: A Second
Paul Steege, Andrew Stuart Bergerson,
Maureen Healy, and Pamela E. Swett
Time's Visible Surface: Alois Riegl and
the Discourse on History and
Temporality in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
Michael Gubser, David Lindenfeld
War and the Law of Nations: A General
History Stephen C. Neff
David A. Bell
“Historia”: Empiricism and Erudition
in Early Modern Europe
Gianna Pomata and Nancy G. Siraisi,
eds., Paula Findlen
The Science of Describing: Natural
History in Renaissance Europe Brian W.
Ogilvie, Ann Blair
Family Capitalism: Wendels, Haniels,
Falcks, and the Continental European
Model Harold James,
Michael S. Smith
Bursting the Limits of Time: The
Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age
of Revolution Martin J. S. Rudwick,
Daniel Rosenberg
Academic Charisma and the Origins of
the Research University William Clark,
Suzanne Marchand
Terrible Fate: Ethnic Cleansing in the
Making of Modern Europe Benjamin
Lieberman, Norman M. Naimark
Imperialism and the Corruption of
Democracies Herman Lebovics,
Mary Dewhurst Lewis
Feminism and Motherhood in Western
Europe, 1890–1970: The Maternal
Dilemma Ann Taylor Allen,
Gretchen R. Galbraith
Remembering War: The Great War
between Memory and History in the
Twentieth Century Jay Winter,
Sven Oliver Müller
Britain, Soviet Russia, and the Collapse
of the Versailles Order, 1919–1939
Keith Neilson, Ian D. Thatcher
The Papacy, the Jews, and the Holocaust
Frank J. Coppa, David I. Kertzer
America and the Return of Nazi
Contraband: The Recovery of Europe's
Cultural Treasures Michael J. Kurtz,
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted
Among Empires: American Ascendancy
and Its Predecessors Charles S. Maier,
Harold James
Witchfinders: A Seventeenth-Century
English Tragedy Malcolm Gaskill,
Stuart Clark
Birthing the Nation: Sex, Science, and
the Conception of Eighteenth-Century
Britons Lisa Forman Cody,
Elizabeth Foyster
Women in Business, 1700–1850 Nicola
Phillips, Ingrid Tague
1715: The Great Jacobite Rebellion
Daniel Szechi, Bruce P. Lenman
Ireland: Social, Political, and Religious
Gustave de Beaumont, David W. Miller
sThe Challenge of Affluence: SelfControl and Well-Being in the United
States and Britain since 1950 Avner
Offer, Frank Trentmann
Écrire les coutumes: Les droits
seigneuriaux en France, XVIe–XVIIIe
siècle Martine Grinberg,
P. M. Jones
The Conversion of Imagination: From
Pascal through Rousseau to Tocqueville
Matthew W. Maguire,
Dennis L. Sepper
Sunspots and the Sun King: Sovereignty
and Mediation in Seventeenth-Century
France Ellen M. McClure,
Katherine Crawford
Gilles Caillotin, pèlerin: Le “Retour de
Rome” d'un sergier rémois, 1724
Dominique Julia, ed.,
Tamara Griggs
L'exécution publique à Paris au XVIIIe
siècle: Une histoire des rituels
judiciaires Pascal Bastien,
Paul Friedland
Les tribunaux criminels sous la
Révolution et l'Empire, 1792–1811
Robert Allen, Carla Hesse
Ending the French Revolution: Violence,
Justice, and Repression from the Terror
to Napoleon Howard G. Brown,
Anthony Crubaugh
The American Enemy: A Story of French
Anti-Americanism Philippe Roger,
Herrick Chapman
The Fabric of Gender: Working-Class
Culture in Third Republic France Helen
Harden Chenut, Gay L. Gullickson
The French Imperial Nation-State:
Negritude and Colonial Humanism
between the Two World Wars Gary
Wilder, Frederick Cooper
The Unfree French: Life under the
Occupation Richard Vinen,
Donald Reid
Fire in the City: Savonarola and the
Struggle for the Soul of Renaissance
Florence Lauro Martines,
Maria C. Pastore Passaro
Echoes of Women's Voices: Music, Art,
and Female Patronage in Early Modern
Florence Kelley Harness,
Thomasin LaMay
Making Trieste Italian, 1918–1954
Maura Hametz, Cathie Carmichael
Between Christians and Moriscos: Juan
de Ribera and Religious Reform in
Valencia, 1568–1614 Benjamin Ehlers,
Mary Halavais
The Collapse of the Spanish Republic,
1933–1936: Origins of the Civil War
Stanley G. Payne, Antonio CazorlaSanchez
From Assimilation to Antisemitism:
“The Jewish Question” in Poland,
1850–1914; Joanna Beata Michlic,
Poland's Threatening Other: The Image
of the Jew from 1880 to the Present
Theodore R. Weeks, Keely StauterHalsted
A Twentieth-Century Prophet: Oscar
Jászi, 1875–1957 György Litván,
Peter Haslinger
Auch Bildungsbürger: Katholische
Studierende und Akademiker im
Kaiserreich Christopher Dowe,
Benjamin Ziemann
Jewish Identities in German Popular
Entertainment, 1890–1933 Marline Otte,
Tobias Brinkmann
In Defense of Christian Hungary:
Religion, Nationalism, and Antisemitism,
1890–1944 Paul A. Hanebrink,
Árpád von Klimó
Sketches from a Secret War: A Polish
Artist's Mission to Liberate Soviet
Ukraine Timothy Snyder,
Katherine R. Jolluck
The Clash of Moral Nations: Cultural
Politics in Piłsudski's Poland, 1926–
1935 Eva Plach, Marci Shore
The Wages of Destruction: The Making
and Breaking of the Nazi Economy
Adam Tooze, Peter Hayes
The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda
during World War II and the Holocaust
Jeffrey Herf, Helmut Walser Smith
Homecomings: Returning POWs and the
Legacies of Defeat in Postwar Germany
Frank Biess, Timothy Vogt
The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, 1963–
1965: Genocide, History, and the Limits
of the Law Devin O. Pendas,
Claudia Koonz
The Three Yugoslavias: State-Building
and Legitimation, 1918–2005 Sabrina P.
Ramet, Gale Stokes
Serfdom, Society, and the Arts in
Imperial Russia: The Pleasure and the
Power Richard Stites,
Cynthia Hyla Whittaker
How St. Petersburg Learned to Study
Itself: The Russian Idea of
“Kraevedenie” Emily D. Johnson,
James T. Andrews
Na beregakh russkogo nila: Istoriia
izucheniia territorii Simbirskogo
Povolzh'ia Vladimir Gurkin,
Lutz Häfner
The Lena Goldfields Massacre and the
Crisis of the Late Tsarist State Michael
Melancon, Charters Wynn
The Foe Within: Fantasies of Treason
and the End of Imperial Russia William
C. Fuller Jr., Joshua Sanborn
Revolution on My Mind: Writing a Diary
under Stalin Jochen Hellbeck,
Brigitte Studer
The Journal of Modern History
2008- 80:3
When Peter I Was Forced to Settle for
Less: Coerced Labor and Resistance in a
Failed Russian Colony (1695–1711)
By Brian J. Boeck
Human Rights Activism in Occupied
and Early West Germany: The Case of
the German League for Human Rights
By Lora Wildenthal
Eastern Europe as the Site of Genocide
By Omer Bartov
The Holocaust and the Knowledge of
By Peter Fritzsche
Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth-Century
Muslim between Worlds. Natalie Zemon
Davis, Ahmet T. Karamustafa
Jewish Dogs: An Image and Its
Interpreters; Continuity in the CatholicJewish Encounter. Kenneth Stow,
Ronald Schechter
The Forging of Races: Race and
Scripture in the Protestant Atlantic
World, 1600–2000. Colin Kidd,
Fredrik Albritton Jonsson
Iselin contra Rousseau: Sociable
Patriotism and the History of Mankind.
Béla Kapossy, John Christian Laursen
Liaisons dangereuses: Sex, Law, and
Diplomacy in the Age of Frederick the
Great. Mary Lindemann, Hamish Scott
Agrarian Elites: American Slaveholders
and Southern Italian Landowners, 1815–
1861. Enrico Dal Lago, Filippo Sabetti
Gender History in Practice: Historical
Perspectives on Bodies, Class, and
Citizenship. Kathleen Canning,
Mary Jo Maynes
Dreams of Peace and Freedom: Utopian
Moments in the Twentieth Century. Jay
Winter, Peter Fritzsche
Victory through Coalition: Britain and
France during the First World War.
Elizabeth Greenhalgh, Leonard V. Smith
Universities under Dictatorship. John
Connelly, Dietrich Beyrau
The Unfinished Peace after World War
I: America, Britain, and the Stabilisation
of Europe, 1919–1932. Patrick O. Cohrs,
Carole Fink
Häresie und “Mythus des 20.
Jahrhunderts”: Rosenbergs
nationalsozialistische Weltanschauung
vor dem Tribunal der Römischen
Inquisition. Dominik Burkard,
Derek Hastings
Das belagerte Leningrad, 1941–1944:
Die Stadt in den Strategien von
Angreifern und Verteidigern. Jörg
Ganzenmüller, Dennis Showalter
Crises of Memory and the Second World
War. Susan Rubin Suleiman,
Richard J. Golsan
John Goodwin and the Puritan
Revolution: Religion and Intellectual
Change in Seventeenth-Century
England. John Coffey, Jason Peacey
The Social Life of Money in the English
Past. Deborah Valenze, John Smail
Hard Men: The English and Violence
since 1750. Clive Emsley,
George K. Behlmer
Faith, Duty, and the Power of Mind: The
Cloughs and Their Circle, 1820–1960.
Gillian Sutherland, Frank M. Turner
Poison, Detection, and the Victorian
Imagination. Ian Burney,
Jennifer Tucker
Imagined Orphans: Poor Families,
Child Welfare, and Contested
Citizenship in London.
Lydia Murdoch, John D. Ramsbottom
Death, Grief, and Poverty in Britain,
1870–1914. Julie-Marie Strange,
Thomas W. Laqueur
Neville Chamberlain: A Biography.
Robert Self, Larry L. Witherell
Steady the Buffs! A Regiment, a Region,
and the Great War. Mark Connelly,
David French
The Church in the Republic:
Gallicanism and Political Ideology in
Renaissance France. Jotham Parsons,
Dale K. Van Kley
Blood and Violence in Early Modern
France. Stuart Carroll, James R. Farr
Hiérarchies sociales et ennoblissement:
Les commissaires des guerres de la
Maison du roi, 1691–1790. Samuel
Gibiat, William Doyle
A Field of Honor: Writers, Court
Culture, and Public Theater in French
Literary Life from Racine to the
Revolution. Gregory S. Brown,
Lauren Clay
Historiographie de la France et
mémoire du royaume au XVIIIe siècle:
Actes des Journées d'Étude des 4 et 11
février, 4 et 11 mars 2002, Collège de
France. Marc Fumaroli, Orest Ranum
The Political Economy of Virtue:
Luxury, Patriotism, and the Origins of
the French Revolution. John Shovlin,
Thomas E. Kaiser
The Path Not Taken: French
Industrialization in the Age of
Revolution, 1750–1830. Jeff Horn,
John Shovlin
Sacred Bonds of Solidarity: The Rise of
Jewish Internationalism in NineteenthCentury France. Lisa Moses Leff,
Philip Nord
Lost Worlds: The Emergence of French
Social History, 1815–1970. Jonathan
Dewald, Patrick H. Hutton
Curing the Colonizers: Hydrotherapy,
Climatology, and French Colonial Spas.
Eric T. Jennings, Alice L. Conklin
An Empire Divided: Religion,
Republicanism, and the Making of
French Colonialism, 1880–1914. J. P.
Daughton, Mary Dewhurst Lewis
Native Sons: West African Veterans and
France in the Twentieth Century.
Gregory Mann, Clifford Rosenberg
Policing Paris: The Origins of Modern
Immigration Control between the Wars.
Clifford Rosenberg, Tyler Stovall
A Question of Balance: How France and
the United States Created Cold War
Europe. Michael Creswell, Irwin Wall
Sacrilege and Redemption in
Renaissance Florence: The Case of
Antonio Rinaldeschi. William J. Connell,
James R. Banker
La circulation des biens à Venise:
Stratégies patrimoniales et marché
immobilier (1600–1750).
Jean-François Chauvard, Maria Fusaro
Behind the Scenes at Galileo's Trial:
Including the First English Translation
of Melchior Inchofer's “Tractatus
syllepticus.” Richard J. Blackwell,
Maurice A. Finocchiaro
Imperial City: Rome, Romans, and
Napoleon, 1796–1815. Susan Vandiver
Nicassio, Christopher M. S. Johns
Divas and Scholars: Performing Italian
Opera. Philip Gossett, Jane F. Fulcher
The Jews in Mussolini's Italy: From
Equality to Persecution. Michele
Sarfatti, Aaron Gillette
Fascism's European Empire: Italian
Occupation during the Second World
War. Davide Rodogno,
H. James Burgwyn
Marte contra Minerva: El precio del
Imperio español, c. 1450–1600.
Bartolomé Yun, J. B. Owens
Muslims in Spain, 1500 to 1614. L. P.
Harvey, A. Katie Harris
Puritan Conquistadors: Iberianizing the
Atlantic, 1550–1700. Jorge CañizaresEsguerra Tamar Herzog
The Conquest of History: Spanish
Colonialism and National Histories in
the Nineteenth Century. Christopher
Schmidt-Nowara, Mauricio TenorioTrillo
Surrealism and the Spanish Civil War.
Robin Adèle Greeley, C. Brian Morris
Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of
Prussia, 1600–1947. Christopher Clark,
James Van Horn Melton
Die Habsburgermonarchie 1620 bis
1740: Leistungen und Grenzen des
Absolutismusparadigmas. Petr Mat'a,
Franz A. J. Szabo
Germany as a Culture of Remembrance:
Promises and Limits of Writing History.
Alon Confino, William W. Hagen
Österreichische Geschichtswissenschaft
im 20. Jahrhundert: Ein biographischbibliographisches Lexikon. Fritz Fellner,
Paula Sutter Fichtner
Kameradschaft: Die Soldaten des
nationalsozialistischen Krieges und das
20. Jahrhundert. Thomas Kühne,
Raffael Scheck
Royals and the Reich: The Princes von
Hessen in Nazi Germany. Jonathan
Petropoulos, Eckart Conze
Jewish Forced Labor under the Nazis:
Economic Needs and Racial Aims,
1938–1944. Wolf Gruner, Wendy Lower
Hitlers Heerführer: Die deutschen
Oberbefehlshaber im Krieg gegen die
Sowjetunion, 1941–42. Johannes Hürter,
Thomas Kühne
In the House of the Hangman: The
Agonies of German Defeat, 1943–1949.
Jeffrey K. Olick, Devin Pendas
Hungary from the Nazis to the Soviets:
The Establishment of the Communist
Regime in Hungary, 1944–1948. Peter
Kenez, Robert Nemes
The People's State: East German Society
from Hitler to Honecker. Mary
Fulbrook, Anna Saunders
NS-Verbrecher und Staatssicherheit: Die
geheime Vergangenheitspolitik der
DDR. Henry Leide, Gary Bruce
Nationalist Politics and Everyday
Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town.
Rogers Brubaker, Mark Pittaway
Latvia in World War II. Valdis O.
Lumans, Andrejs Plakans
School for Citizens: Theatre and Civil
Society in Imperial Russia. Murray
Frame, Louise McReynolds
Epic Revisionism: Russian History and
Literature as Stalinist Propaganda.
Kevin M. F. Platt, Evgeny Dobrenko
The Legacy of the Siege of Leningrad,
1941–1995: Myth, Memories, and
Monuments. Lisa A. Kirschenbaum,
Mark Edele
Failed Illusions: Moscow, Washington,
Budapest, and the 1956 Hungarian
Revolt. Charles Gati, Mark Pittaway
The Journal of Modern History
2008 – 80:4
King Leopold's Imperialism and the
Origins of the Belgian Colonial Party,
By Vincent Viaene
Geographies of Power: The Tunisian
Civic Order, Jurisdictional Politics, and
Imperial Rivalry in the Mediterranean,
By Mary Dewhurst Lewis
When Argentina Was “French”:
Rethinking Cultural Politics and
European Imperialism in Belle-Époque
Buenos Aires
By J. P. Daughton
Simon Gunn, History and Cultural
By Lloyd Kramer
Liam Matthew Brockey, Journey to the
East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579–
By Andrew Ross
Robert Descimon and José Javier Ruiz
Ibáñez, Les ligueurs de l'exil: Le refuge
catholique français après 1594.
By Mack P. Holt
David A. Bell, The First Total War:
Napoleon's Europe and the Birth of
Warfare as We Know It.
By William Mulligan
“Going for an Indian”: South Asian
Restaurants and the Limits of
Multiculturalism in Britain
By Elizabeth Buettner
Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey G.
Williamson, Global Migration and the
World Economy: Two Centuries of
Policy and Performance; Leo Lucassen,
David Feldman, and Jochen Oltmer,
eds., Paths of Integration: Migrants in
Western Europe (1800–2004).
By Aristide R. Zolberg
Book Reviews
Anthony Grafton, What Was History?
The Art of History in Early Modern
By George Huppert
Wolfgang Curilla, Die deutsche
Ordnungspolizei und der Holocaust im
Baltikum und in Weissrussland, 1941–
By Thomas Kühne
Laura Lee Downs and Stéphane Gerson,
eds., Why France? American Historians
Reflect on an Enduring Fascination.
By Robert Gildea
Tony Judt, Postwar: A History of Europe
since 1945.
By Bernard Wasserstein
John Krige, American Hegemony and
the Postwar Reconstruction of Science in
By Dominique Pestre
Judith Surkis, Sexing the Citizen:
Morality and Masculinity in France,
By Jean Elisabeth Pedersen
Jeffrey R. Collins, The Allegiance of
Thomas Hobbes.
By Johann Sommerville
Patrick Cabanel and Jean-Dominique
Durand, eds., Le grand exil des
congrégations religieuses françaises,
By Carol E. Harrison
Jeremy Black, George III: America's
Last King.
By James J. Sack
Billie Melman, The Culture of History:
English Uses of the Past, 1800–1953.
By Stephanie Barczewski
Kate Fisher, Birth Control, Sex, and
Marriage in Britain, 1918–1960.
By Lesley Hoggart
Ronald Hyam, Britain's Declining
Empire: The Road to Decolonisation,
By Nicholas J. White
Hervé Leuwers, L'invention du barreau
français, 1660–1830: La construction
nationale d'un groupe professionel.
By Michael P. Fitzsimmons
Jay M. Smith, ed., The French Nobility
in the Eighteenth Century:
Reassessments and New Approaches.
By David Garrioch
Martha Hanna, Your Death Would Be
Mine: Paul and Marie Pireaud in the
Great War.
By Susan Grayzel
Adam Rayski, The Choice of the Jews
under Vichy: Between Submission and
By Richard I. Cohen
Andrea L. Smith, Colonial Memory and
Postcolonial Europe: Maltese Settlers in
Algeria and France.
By George R. TrumbullIV
Tommaso Astarita, Between Salt Water
and Holy Water: A History of Southern
By John A. Marino
John A. Davis, Naples and Napoleon:
Southern Italy and the European
Revolutions, 1780–1860.
By Girolamo Imbruglia
James Casey, Family and Community in
Early Modern Spain: The Citizens of
Granada, 1570–1739.
By Tamar Herzog
Diane L. Wolf, Beyond Anne Frank:
Hidden Children and Postwar Families
in Holland.
By Tara Zahra
H. C. Erik Midelfort, Exorcism and
Enlightenment: Johann Joseph Gassner
and the Demons of Eighteenth-Century
By Susan R. Boettcher
Benjamin Maria Baader, Gender,
Judaism, and Bourgeois Culture in
Germany, 1800–1870.
By Jonathan M. Hess
Tomasz Kamusella, Silesia and Central
European Nationalisms: The Emergence
of National and Ethnic Groups in
Prussian Silesia and Austrian Silesia,
By James Bjork
Nancy R. Reagin, Sweeping the German
Nation: Domesticity and National
Identity in Germany, 1870–1945.
By Annette F. Timm
Norbert Kunz, Die Krim unter deutscher
Herrschaft (1941–1944):
Germanisierungsutopie und
Besatzungsrealität; Wendy Lower, Nazi
Empire-Building and the Holocaust in
By Elizabeth Harvey
Norman J. W. Goda, Tales from
Spandau: Nazi Criminals and the Cold
By Rebecca Wittmann
Geneviève Zubrzycki, The Crosses of
Auschwitz: Nationalism and Religion in
Post-Communist Poland.
By Janine Holc
Serhii Plokhy, The Origins of the Slavic
Nations: Premodern Identities in Russia,
Ukraine, and Belarus.
By Serhy Yekelchyk
Scott W. Palmer, Dictatorship of the Air:
Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern
By Jonathan Coopersmith
Geoffrey Roberts, Stalin's Wars: From
World War to Cold War, 1939–1953.
By Jonathan Haslam
Aleksandr Fursenko and Timothy
Naftali, Khrushchev's Cold War: The
Inside Story of an American Adversary.
By James Richter
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