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Mythology 1/4
Myth- stories
Ology- study or theory
Mythology- the study of cultural stories
Myths- stories about supernatural beings passed down by word of mouth.
Myths explain:
Nature (where did the earth come from?)
Man (where did man come from?)
The gods (How many? What do they do?)
Modern references to ancient mythology:
Avertising: “Ajax” soap, “Nike” shoes, “Apollo” shuttles
Language: “Martial” Mars, “Museum” Muses, “Janitor” Janos.
Greek Mythology 1/5
Ancient Greeks valued:
*Major gods and goddesses inherited these traits*
Zeus- King of gods, weather god, keeper of oaths, patron of hospitality.
-Married to Hera, goddess of marriage
-Father of many.
Athena- goddess of wisdom and war, patron of craftsmen.
-Daughter of Zeus
-Never married
Poseidon- god of the sea, god of horses, creator of earthquakes.
-Second in strength to his brother, Zeus
-Known for his temper and greed.
Aphrodite- goddess of love, beauty, and procreation.
-born from the sea
-mother of many.
Egyptian Mythology 1/6
Ancient Egyptians valued:
Just like in Greek mythology, these values are shown in their gods.
Ra/Re- god of the sun
Had 5 children (including the rain and wind deities)
Was viewed as a creator god.
Was Patron of the Pharaoh.
Hathor- goddess of love, beauty, music, and fertility
Daughter of Ra
Her “evil side” is called Sekhmet (goddess of fire and war)
Has the power to bring laughter
Ma’at- goddess of law, morality, and justice.
(pronounced muh-aht)
Used her feather of truth to decide the purity of a heart before the journey into the afterlife.
The Chief judges in ancient Egypt were called the priests of Ma’at.
While she only had one temple, she was worshipped in ALL Egyptian temples.
Osiris- god of life, death, rebirth, and Nile floods
Was killed by his brother, but brought back to life. He is shown as being green to represent rebirth.
Egyptians viewed him as a gentle, wise king who brought them law and order.
Many images represent him as a mummified pharaoh.