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F# is a succinct, type-inferred, expressive, efficient, typed functional and object-oriented
language for the .NET platform. F# brings you type safe, succinct, efficient and expressive
functional programming language on the .NET platform. It is a simple and pragmatic language,
and has particular strengths in data-oriented programming, parallel I/O programming, parallel
CPU programming, scripting and algorithmic development. It lets you access a huge .NET
library and tools base and comes with a strong set of Visual Studio development tools. F#
combines the advantages of typed functional programming with a high-quality, well-supported
modern runtime system.
This combination has been so successful that the language is now a first class language in Visual
Studio 2010, and can also be used on Mac, Linux and other platforms. F# originates from
Microsoft Research Cambridge, and the MSR F# team, led by Don Syme, continues as partners
with the Microsoft Developer Division. We seek to continue to break new ground in
programming language design and implementation by making F# even better in upcoming