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Quantum Mechanics and the Faithful
Quantum Mechanics was a tool used by physicists to describe the weird phenomenon of the atomic world. Even though
physicists do not have any explanation of why or how Quantum Mechanics works, Quantum Mechanics has passed
every devised experiment that was used to verify, and to measure it.
Some of the most important Quantum Mechanics can be summarized in the following 3 principles:
1. Duality nature of quantum particle (i.e. electron): (it can be wave like or particle like)
2. Measurement of the quantum particles momentum or position will change their values. Only probability, not
deterministic measurement on quantum particle property is possible.
3. If two quantum particles are created with “entanglement and linked” (i.e. such as electron spin), the spin information
can be exchange between them instanteniously across space. (The information travel much faster than speed of light Bell Theorem. Einstein theory on maximum speed c is no longer valid here)
It turns out that a lot of miracles and phenomenon that happen among the Faithful can be explained by these 3 basic
principles of Quantum Mechanics, such as:
1. Faithful Prayer to God is a quantum phenomenon.
2. Faithful need faith in God to “see” Him.
Faithful Prayer to God is a quantum phenomenon:
With the third principle of quantum mechanics, we see that in the distance future, if we can link and then communicate
the state of the linked quantum particles, we can create a real time communication channel between any two starships
regardless the speed of the starships and the starships location. Thus the real time subspace communication in the TV
Science Fiction "Star Trek" between earth and Enterprise crews can become reality in the future space flight, when we
learn how to "entangle" the quantum state of our communication equipment between earth and the starship.
In the same way Jew, Christians and Muslims have been praying to God for centuries. For the faithful, we know that He
is able to communicate with us when we pray to Him. The faithful also know that God can exist as spirit and He fill the
Cosmos with his present. In the spirit form, God know every corner of the Cosmos property because he is part of it.
It is interesting to know that first principle of Quantum Mechanics states that God can be fill space as energy (wave) or
as a physical entity. Therefore the faithful knowledge of God is in full agreement of first principle of Quantum
As a scientist, an engineer, and a faithful, I have been wondering what mechanism in prayer that allows us to
communicate with God. After years of wondering, I finally found one possible physical ways that God and his angels can
use: the third principle in Quantum Mechanics. It is similar to subspace communication in "Star Trek" except that angel
is used to set up the quantum link between human and God. How the angel setup the quantum link is a complete
mystery to us at the present time. Since God is in spiritual form and in physical form (as descripted in several occasions
in Bible) simultaneously, God can physically comfort, sense us anywhere and communicate with us using quantum link at
the same time.
Faithful need faith in God to “see” Him:
Faith is the most important common identity of Jew, Christian, and Muslims. My understanding that faith is believing
and trusting something to be sacred only after hearing it, and without visual proof. For example, it is like after hearing
the Gospel, and without seeing Jesus, one takes a leap of faith and accepts Jesus as one's savior.
Why a lot of scholar, well-educated and financial secured individuals has no faith in God, because they demand visual
proof of existence of God. Some of they even pool their resource together to disproof the existence of God. In the world
today, the Bible becomes the main target for every special interest group of the intellects to attack. (Koran is fiercely
defended by Muslims and is spared by such attack).
Attacking some details of the Bible really does not proof anything meaningful since no one can be sure that Bible is
properly interpreted anyway. Issues such as “6 days of creationism versus billions of year evolution on earth”, and
“Adam and Eve versus monkey as our ancestor” are examples that invited endless debate for years.
People actually think trying to disproof the existence of God is a task that is possible in this real world. It is my opinion
that such task is foolish because our real world is composed of trillions and trillions and trillions of quantum particles.
The logic is:
1. We cannot even understand how the three principles of Quantum Mechanics work in the atomic level, which is
God nature manifested in the atomic level.
2. We cannot corner God in the atomic world (quantum world is a complete mystery) and yet we hope we can
corner God in the Macro world. Remember that the complexities and hidden factors in the Macro world is so
much that it is not measureable. The real world actually masked the effect of all the interaction of the quantum
particles. All scientists know that in a complex system (Macro world), we only can understand the syndrome but
not the underlining causes of the problem because we cannot isolate all the unknown variables.
Using Quantum Mechanics, we can attempt to understand God physical nature better. From the principle of Quantum
Mechanics, God exist in two different physical forms simultaneously, non-deterministic (only measurable in probability),
can communicate with us in real time from anywhere while travelling at any speed in this cosmos. Thus deterministic
visualize proof of God existence is really not possible according to Quantum Mechanics. Therefore faith is the way and
only way to understand and “see” God. Such characteristic of God actually fit the description of Jehovah and Ali in Bible
and Koran.
It is interesting to see that only three principles of Quantum Mechanics could let the faithful to understand the physical
nature of God. We also see that there is no conflict between the Bible and Koran description of God and the physical
nature of God derived from the three principles of Quantum Mechanics mentioned here.
One of the most interesting discoveries in this paper is that God can communicate with His faithful in real time no
matter where He is and no matter speed He is travelling. This is a direct contradiction to Einstein theory of general
relativity where he stated that time is a function of speed a person travel (under his theory, people travelling at different
speed close to light speed cannot communicate at real time because of limitation of light speed). God can avoid the time
problem and talk to us in real time because of the weird quantum link phenomenon in the third principle of Quantum
Mechanics (Two distance future spaceships using the third principle Quantum Mechanics mentioned previously also
have no trouble communicate in real time).
I hope this paper can illustrate to the faithful again the infinite wisdom, intricate power, and elegant method God has in
his disposal (a few simple rules in Quantum Mechanics).
No science can corner God.
Frank L K Wan (
Aug 26, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
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