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Do Now
What is the difference between isolationism
and intervention
What war caused America to turn into a
superpower among the nations and how does
this relate to imperialism?
FOCUS: Stranger Danger!
How do you think your parent would
react if a stranger trespassed on your
Unit 1 Part 2: A
stranger violates The
Monroe Doctrine
OBJECTIVE: Explain the influence of
the Spanish-American War on the
emergence of the United States as a
world power, including reasons for
America’s declaring war on Spain.
World Developments
Developments in other countries contributed
to the United States’ emergence as a world
Competition existed among European nations
and a continuing movement for liberation in
Latin America (especially Cuba)
The problems in Cuba and the desire to
expand capitalism led to the SpanishAmerican War
By the early 1900s, the US entered a
period of imperialism or expansionism
Isolationism was a thing of the past
Ch. 10
Section 1
The Trouble with Cuba
By the late 1890’s, Cuba was still controlled by
Despite rebellions, Spain kept a tight leash on
In the US, newspapers used yellow
journalism- exaggerations and untrue stories,
to talk about what was happening
EQ: How did yellow journalism cause many
Americans to support US expanisonism??
“A Splendid Little War”
De Lôme Letter – Spanish Ambassador from
Spain sends a letter to a friend stating that “the
president is weak and a bidder for the admiration
of the crowd”
This embarrasses and angers McKinley who
responds by sending a warship to Havana harbor.
The Spanish-American War officially started when
a U.S. battleship, the USS Maine mysteriously
Some say terrorism, some say accident
Congress declares war and the first place hit was
the Philippines
With coordinated attacks in Cuba and the
Philippines, the war with Spain was fast
Teddy Roosevelt, who at this time was
a part of the Navy, said we needed to
get involved
Roosevelt lead a group, known as the
Rough Riders, in the war
The US forced Cuba to amend its new
constitution to include language that
allowed the US extended supervision in
Cuban affairs.
This became known as the Platt
It established the Navy base at
Guantanimo Bay
It also gave the US military the right to
intervene if Cuba was threatened by a
foreign power.
Unit 1 Part 3
Objective: Understand why the United
States had interests and expansion in
the South Pacific; the debates between
pro- and anti-imperialism over
annexation of US Guam, Puerto Rico,
and Philippines, and changing
worldwide perceptions of the United
Other US Acquisitions
The US gained Puerto Rico as a
territory, not a state, in the Caribbean
We also gained Guam in the Pacific
Because of these acquisitions, the world
opinion of the US changed from
champion of liberty to colonial power.
The Philippines
Why go here?
This was apart of expansionism
Some felt we did not need to invade this
country and joined the Anti-Imperialist
Despite arguments, the Philippines
became an ‘unorganized territory’ under
US control until 1946
What does this say
about expansionism?
What was the effects of
U.S. expansionism into
other nations?