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 On Board Imager
The On-Board (OBI-kV) Imaging System is
technology used through the Linear Accelerator
system for tracking target movement and/or setup
variations before each treatment. If the Radiation
Oncologist wants images taken daily or weekly,
this technology is designed to meet that patient’s
treatment needs. It only takes a matter of
minutes, because image acquisition can be
achieved remotely while the radiation therapists
are outside the room.
Mechanical arms attached on both sides of the
linear accelerator take images of the body from
several different angles depending on the mode.
One arm contains the x-ray tube, and the other
arm holds the detector. After both arms are fully
extended, the imaging of choice can begin.
Minute adjustments can be made to ensure the
prescribed dose of radiation is delivered to the target
The OBI system also allows for several images to be acquired as the arms rotate 360° around the
patient. The images are reconstructed to show a three-dimensional view of the internal anatomy.
Because certain tissues in the body are more radiosensitive than others, this type of imaging is
pertinent to ensure those areas don't receive any or very little radiation.
Without a doubt, this technology allows us to give our patients the best treatment possible -- every
single time.